Best Action Thriller Mystery & Crime Kdramas


Lots of crossovers across these four genres so I decided to just put them into one “best” page. Best in action, thriller, mystery and / or crime kdramas will be added to this collection over time so don’t forget to check it out regularly.

the spy who loved me kdramaThe Spy Who Loved Me – rated 7.5 stars

with Eric & Yoo In Na

Kang Ah Reum is a wedding dress designer who used to be married to Jun Ji Hoon, who disguised himself as a travel writer but actually a spy. Kang Ah Reum never knew the true identity of her first husband. She then later marries Derek Hyun, who works as a diplomatic official but actually also a spy.

zombie detective kdramaZombie Detective – rated 8 stars

with Choi Jin Hyuk & Park Joo Hyun

Kim Moo Young had been living in a village as a zombie for the past two years and learned how to move and act like a real live person. He moves to the city and takes over the identity of a dead detective. While starting his detective work, he meets Gong Sun Ji, who takes an interest working as a detective assistant.


flower of evil kdramaFlower of Evil – rated 9 stars

with Lee Joon Ki & Moon Chae Won

Cha Ji Won is a competent detective who is married to Baek Hee Sung, a metal craftsman who hides a dark secret. They have been living together peacefully with an adorable daughter. Cha Ji Won is clueless what kind of person her husband truly is but after a couple of incidents that involved him, she is slowly able to put the puzzle pieces together.


The-World-of-the-Married kdramaThe World of the Married – rated 8.5 stars

with Kim Hee Ae & Park Hae Joon

Ji Sun Woo is a successful doctor and she seems to have everything including a happy marriage and family but she realizes that all around her is full of lies and she painfully discovers one after the other including her husband’s infidelity. “Just watch the first episode and you’re all set to watch the show until the end”

tell me what you saw kdramaTell Me What You Saw – rated 8 stars

with Jang Hyuk & Choi Soo Young

A lady constable from the countryside, Cha Soo Young, tries to join RIU using her special ability to memorize what she sees in detail, as her passport to get a job as a detective. She starts working with the lady head of RIU after her ability was being noticed. She is then introduced to a famous profiler, Oh Hyun Jae and gets her skills tested. “Nerve-racking thriller of the year!”


vip kdramaVIP -rated 8.5 stars

with Jang Na Ra & Lee Sang Yoon

Park Sung Joon is the team leader of the VIP department that caters to the needs and wants of the VIP clients of the department store he is working for. His wife Na Jung Sun works under him. Everything is going well until Na Jung Sun suspects him of having an affair with someone from the same team. “Highly thrilling melodrama!”


when the camellia blooms kdramaWhen the Camellia Blooms – rated 8 stars

with Gong Hyo Jin & Kang Ha Neul

Dong Baek starts a new life with her son in a small town, opening a bar called Camellia. She is being criticized and bullied by her neighbours for the kind of livelihood she is having but that doesn’t stop a few people to admire and respect her. One of them is Hwang Yong Shik, a constable. His persistent character makes Dong Baek consider falling in love again. “Superb acting by the top leads!”

memories of the alhambra kdramaMemories of the Alhambra – rated 9 stars

with Hyun Bin & Park Shin Hye

Yoo Jin Woo, a CEO of an investing company travels to Spain for a business and gets hold of a mysterious game worth investing millions but little did he know that he’ll get suck into the game. He finds help from Jung Hee Joo, a hostel owner who happens to be the sister of the game developer. “Super thriller with Hyun Bin!”


Terius Behind Me kdramaTerius Behind Me – rated 8 stars

with So Ji Sub & Jung In Sun

A former NIS agent, Terius, who is in hiding is trying to shed light to his failed operation in Poland years ago. In order to connect the dots, he approaches his neighbour Go Ae Rin whose husband’s murder is related to the case he is investigating. Terius becomes the babysitter of Ae Rin twin kids. “A light-hearted top agent kdrama!”


Are-You-Human-Too kdramaAre You Human Too? – rated 9 stars

Seo Kang Joon & Gong Seung Yun

Nam Shin 3 is a very advanced robot created by the brilliant scientist Dr. Oh to replace her son the real Nam Shin whose been separated from her since he was young. When Nam Shin falls into coma, Nam Shin 3 has to replace him to act on his behalf as the director of the company the real Nam Shin will have to inherit. Nam Shin 3 is doing fantastic in his job and he even gets close to the lady bodyguard, Kang So Bong. “The most good-looking robot!”


Black kdramaBlack – rated 7.5 stars

with Song Seung HunGo Ah Ra

Grim reaper #444 is after an apprentice who wants to live again using someone else’s body. The only way to capture the runaway apprentice is also possessing someone’s dead body. Grim reaper suddenly has a new identity and after meeting a girl who sees shadows of death, he’s becoming more and more human. “So handsome grim reaper!”

reunited-worlds kdramaReunited Worlds – rated 7.5 stars

with Lee Yun Hee & Yeo Jin Goo

Sung Hye Sung died when he was in high school and his special friend, Jung Jung Won blamed herself for that. 12 years later Sung Hye Sung comes back to the living world and looks for his family and friends who have all aged 12 years older. He is reunited with Jung Jung Won who is now working as an assistant at a restaurant.


suspicious partner kdramaSuspicious Partner – rated 8 stars

with Ji Chang Wook & Nam Ji Hyun

Noh Ji Wook is a prosecutor who lost his position for helping a former lawyer intern, Eun Bong Hee acquitted from her case of killing her boyfriend, son of the District Attorney. The two then work together run a private law firm and get to defend a guy who would be the answer to all puzzles and capturing him would put everything back in place. “Lawyers in action!”

man to man kdramaMan to Man – rated 7.5 stars

with Park Hae Jin & Kim Min Jung

Ghost agent Kim Sul Woo is on a mission to get all three wooden carvings which each hides a key that will unlock a secret room owned by the deceased chairman of the powerful Songsan Group. To get the first carving, he has to go undercover as the bodyguard of a Hallyu star Yeo Woon Kwang whom later becomes a good and trusted friend. “Action like James Bond!”


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – rated 8.5 stars

with Park Bo Young & Park Hyung Sik

Do Bong Soon possesses super power that is only passed down the women in her family. She has the strength to stop moving vehicles or move heavy obstacles, can crush and bend anything with her bare hands, can fight strong and trained gangsters but  doesn’t have the ability to control her powers until she meets Ainsoft CEO, Ahn Min Hyuk. With her desire to work as a game developer at Ainsoft, she takes the offer to be the bodyguard of the CEO.
 “Full action with this pretty heroine!”

Defendant kdramaDefendant – rated 9 stars

with Ji Sung & Uhm Ki Joon

Park Jeong Woo is a Seoul prosecutor who is after one of the twin sons of the chairman of Chamyung group, Cha Min Ho. In order to avoid arrest, Cha Min Ho kills his brother Cha Seon Ho and disguises to live as the latter. With Cha Min Ho’s power and connection, he frames Park Jeong Woo and sends him to prison. While trying to recover his memory in prison, Park Jeong Woo meets inmates who help and join him eventually escape prison to prove his innocence. “As usual, Ji Sung never disappoints!”

tunnel kdramaTunnel – rated 8 stars

with Choi Jin Hyuk & Lee Yoo Young

Park Kwang Ho, a detective in the 80’s tried to solve a series of murder cases in his hometown but when he was about to catch the culprit in a tunnel where the last murder took place, he was transported 30 years later where he still tried desperately to solve the case with the hope of getting transported back to the past. “Absolute intriguing!”

the k2 kdramaK2 – rated 9 stars

with Ji Chang Wook & Im Yoon Ah

Kim Je Ha, a former soldier who is on the run after being framed, crosses path with the powerful Choi Yoo Jin, the wife of a presidential hopeful, Jang Se Joon. Je Ha witnesses one of Jang Se Joon’s affair thus ordered to be killed by Choi Yoo Jin but survives. Impressed by that, the latter then hires him to be one of her trusted bodyguards and gets an assignment to look after the secret daughter of Jang Se Joon. “Action-packed with top chemistry!”

W kdramaW – rated 10 stars

with Lee Jong Suk & Han Hyo Joo

Our surgeon heroine, Yun Joo went into the webtoon world to save the gorgeous and super rich Kang Chul of W webtoon series that her own father created. She was able to return to the real world but would always be summoned back especially when Kang Chul needed her. “A brilliant kdrama, must watch!”

neighborhood hero kdramaNeighborhood Hero – rated 8 stars

with Park Shi Hoo & Jo Sung Ha

A former agent, Baek Shi Yoon who just came out of prison is trying to find out who was responsible for the death of his close friend and colleague while doing their last operation together in Macau. While plotting his revenge he’s become the protector of his current neighborhood and befriended with ex-agents so as with other people who later become a big help to realizing his goal.

moorim school kdramaMoorim School – rated 8 stars

with Lee Hyun Woo & Hong Bin

Moorim school is not an ordinary school. It’s hidden and protected by a seal in the depth of the forest so not just everyone could enter. But one day, someone broke the seal and the person who was deemed responsible is a famous idol seeking to cure himself from a physical suffering. He then meets other students and developed a close relationship to them. “Quite the school drama but packed with action!”

yong pal kdramaYong Pal – rated 8.5 stars

with Joo Won & Kim Tae Hee

To pay back his credit, Kim Tae Hyun, a resident surgeon at Han Shin hospital does house calls for injured gangsters which earned him the name Yong Pal. With the intention to get a secure position in the hospital, he gets himself involved in a big secret on the 12th floor which houses the sleeping chaebol heiress beauty, Han Yeo Jin. “Kim Tae Hee’s beauty is so mesmerizing!”

sensory couple kdramaSensory Couple – rated 7.5 stars

with Yoochun & Shin Se kyung

After a tragic accident, Choi Eun Sul later known as Oh Cho Rim lost her memory but gained something extra-ordinary in return. Her one eye turned colourful and she could see smell through it. She later crossed paths with the young policeman Choi Moo Gak and helped him solved crime cases using her ability to see smell. “Crime-solving with sniffing around!”


kill me heal me kdramaKill Me, Heal Me – rated 10 stars

with Ji Sung & Hwang Jung Eum

A third-generation chaebol, Cha Do Hyun suffering from multiple personality disorder seeks help to deal with his illness and met a young psyciatrist, Oh Ri Jin in the process. As they try to work together, grim secrets from the past started to get unraveled while also discovering that they both originally knew each other. “You won’t be disappointed by this masterpiece.

healer kdramaHealer – rated 9 stars

with Ji Chang Wook & Park Min Young

Healer is known in the business as the best night courier. Partnered with the best hacker, he was able to finish some difficult jobs including getting the real identity of a young reporter whom he later liked. He pretended to be a reporter himself to be on her side and together with their new boss, a famous newscaster, they work hard to divulge the illegal activities of a group lead by the so called Elder. “Ji Chang Wook in full action!”

you're all surrounded kdramaYou’re All Surrounded –  rated 8.5 stars

with Lee Seung Ki & Cha Seung Won

Four newly hired young detectives at Gangnam Police Station are making waves with solving difficult and excitingcases. They’re under a very hard-working team leader who’s grooming them to be great detectives. “Awesome cast!”

3 days kdrama3 Days – rated 7.5 stars

with Park Yoo Chun & Son Hyun Joo

After saving the President of South Korea from an assassination, Han Tae Kyung, a secret agent is finding out more dirty secrets of the people behind the assassination. Together with some others who remained loyal to the President, they’ll all work to have the master mind captured.


my secret hotel kdramaMy Secret Hotel – rated 7.5 stars

with Yoo In Na & Nam Goong Min

After her failed marriage in Las Vegas, Nam Sang Hyo got back on her feet working as a wedding planner for the wedding department of Secret Hotel, a well known hotel in Korea. She unfortunately bumped into his ex-husband who was a groom-to-be to a wealthy heir and an important client of the hotel.


god's gift kdramaGod’s Gift – 14 Days – rated 7.5 stars

with Lee Bo Young & Cho Seung Woo

2 people went back in time exactly 14 days before the death of their loved ones. One is a mother who will try to save her daughter from getting murdered and the other one is the brother of a prisoner who’s going to be hung.


i hear your voice kdramaI Hear Your Voice – rated 8 stars

with Lee Bo Young & Lee Jong Suk

Park Soo Ha, a high school student is looking for the woman who once helped him put the man who killed his father into jail. He then realized she became a lawyer and went to meet her. With his ability to read people’s mind, he’s trying to protect her from now newly released killer of his dad. “Cute pair!”


secret kdramaSecret – rated 9.5 stars

with Hwang Jung Eum & Ji Sung

A story of a woman who tries to keep a secret to save the man that she loves but ended up being unwanted by him in the end. “Highly recommended!”



city hunter kdramaCity Hunter – rated 8.5 stars

with Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young

After being highly trained and educated, city hunter went back to Korea, his home country, to fight injustice and corruption. He met a girl who made his heart beat but he has to hide his true identity. “Action-packed with Lee Min Ho!”



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