Fight For My Way

fight for my way kdramaSummary: Ko Dong Man and Choi Ae Ra are childhood friends who are both there for each other during difficult times. As they failed to fulfill their childhood dreams, they’ve tried to do unexciting jobs to feed themselves which left both of them unhappy and discontented. So when the chance came to do it right, they grabbed the opportunity.

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Episodes: 16
Stars: Park Seo Joon as Ko Dong Man
Kim Ji Won as Choi Ae Ra
Ahn Jae Hong as Kim Joo Man
Song Ha Yoon as Baek Sul Hee

Likes: Although it’s a typical bestfriend-love kind of story, I can’t hide the fact that I like these 2 bestfriends! They’re super good looking, great in acting and the chemistry is super top! The 2 complemented each other in acting and looks. And they were very comfortable with each other’s company.

Park Seo Joon is sexiest in this role! Hands down. Just look at that body! Who says Korean men can’t be buffed. I like his role here, the not so smart Ko Dong Man but a martial arts genius.

Kim Ji Won  is super good! Very pretty and when it comes to acting, she’s a natural. She’s one of those very promising female leads in Korean TV. Her role as Cho Ae Ra, although didn’t match her pretty face, she simply did it with ease.

Very good supporting couple story! I was always interested as to what will happen to our Joo Man and Sul Hee as much as I was looking forward to our Dong Man and Ae Ra. The supporting couple had a very well-done, one of the most elaborated supporting story in my history of kdrama addiction :).

I love the friendships, the bromance and (womance)? Is there such a word? Ae Ra has Sul Hee, Dong Man has Joo Man. The 4 are really close friends. But wait, we also have Dong Man and coachinim! The latter even threatens our top leads’ romance :).

Dong  Man’s command in the English language was awesome! Tap! Tap! No Tap! Yes Tap! Lol! Oh well, as long as John Karellas understood everything.

BTS’s Fire as Dong Man’s intro music whenever he would enter the ring. I thought that was cool!

I love the flashbacks when they were still young. It gives clarity to some loose ends.

I like it that our Nam Il villa’s ahjumma ended up as someone very important. Give’s the story a nice twist.

I thought the scene of both fathers hiding inside the ahjumma’s cabinet was the funniest :)).

I was missing some wedding scenes but the proposal was lovely! It will do, it will do.

Dislikes: I just didn’t get the thing with the flippy cellphone. And the ahjumma had cellphone already at that time. When was that 25 years ago?

Nam Il 2 is too handsome to have a very small role. I was expecting more.

My Rating: 8 stars! (10 as highest)

This drama made it to the Top 15 Kdrama in 2017. Watch video…

Top 15 Kdrama 2017

2 thoughts on “Fight For My Way

  1. It would be 10 if they didn’t rush the ending and bring more stories and more chemistry between seojoon and jiwon. We always see long episodes in historical drama. FFMW can do more than that! There are a lot of stories to tell from ordinary people living in an extraordinary dream. I really really really love the character so much. Dongman and AeRa are the most beautiful yet realistic and lovely character I love so much. AeRa is fierce, funny, and strong. She wants to protect her friends and even the man she loves. Jiwon did a great job to bring wonderful charm to AeRa’s character. DongMan is a very special guy in our lives. I love the way he treated his ladies: SeolHee, Hyeran, and AeRa. Dongman gives his all in love and he is protective, loyal, and passionate. He is down to earth but when it comes to relationship, he is our boyfriend goals. Dongman cares about SeolHee. He protects her even though they didn’t have romantic relationship. He made sure her boyfriend takes care of her well and even try to find a right person for her. He knew Jooman is good for her but he even helped Jooman to see Seolhee in better perspective. I love the way he told Aera not to be bad influence to SeolHee. Hehe. Hyena took Dongman’s love for granted. He is really special when it comes to love and protecting woman he loves. He is loyal and straightforward. Because of his innocence, AeRa loves him like oxygen. She won’t live if he is not around. That happens to when AeRa refused to let him fight competitively. The breakup was heartbreaking but you understand AeRa’s love and the price of the dream. I love the bickering between AeRa and the Coach. This never ends. Every episode is special and memorable. The kissfest makes the whole drama even more special. We cannot get enough of it!! I love this drama so much!

    1. Very well said :). I gave it an 8 (which is already high for a romcom) because it was pretty straightforward, writers didn’t dilly-dally with the story and of course because of the good performances of the top and supporting leads, they were all very natural!

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