Park Min Young Kdramas

Park Min Young probably holds the record of having the best collection of leading men. You’ll find out soon. She is mesmerizingly pretty and her characters in dramas are normally bubbly. She always picks a drama with a good script so something from her is worthwhile to watch.

i'll find you on a beautiful day kdrama

I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day – rated 8.5 stars

together with Seo Kang Joon

A heart-warming drama where Park Min Young takes the role of Mok Hae Won who goes back to the countryside where she used to study and meets and old classmate, Im Eun Sub who always admired her in the past.


Her-private-life kdramaHer Private Life – rated 7.5 stars

together with Kim Jae Wook

Park Min Young took the role of an art gallery curator who has a secret life of a kpop fanatic. She then met the handsome new director of the gallery who found out what her secret is.

what's wrong with secretary kim kdramaWhat’s Wrong With Secretary Kim8.5 stars

together with Park Seo Joon

A must-watch romantic comedy where Park Min Young acted as the workaholic secretary of a young and handsome businessman. When she wanted to quit to start a new life, her boss tried his best best to keep her even if that would mean courting her.

healer kdramaHealer9 stars

together with Ji Chang Wook

Another action-filled drama where Park Min Young portrayed a journalist who worked with the healer, a guy who independently solved crimes. She later discovered that the clumsy guy at work was Healer himself.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal – rated 8 stars

together with Park Yoochun

A sageuk drama where she portrayed a young woman who desperately wanted to be a scholar so she pretended to be a man. Park Yoochun wasn’t the only top male actor in this drama, Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In are here too.

city hunter kdramaCity Hunter – rated 8.5 stars

together with Lee Min Ho

She had a lady bodyguard role in this action-filled drama with Lee Min Ho! Beautiful and fierce but vulnerable in love. The chemistry between the two was top that they were even rumoured to be dating after the filming.