Recommended Fantasy / Romance Dramas


Fantasy Romance drama is my new favourite genre. Why? Because it makes me imagine a bigger world, makes me see an impossible love story, makes me experience fascinating scenes and makes me fantasize awesome heroes and heroines! They will all exist in a romantic fantasy drama! So enjoy this collection…

angels last missionAngel’s Last Mission: Love – rated 7.5 stars

Shin Hye Sun & L

An angel meddles with the life of a girl who is on a brink of her death. As a punishment, the angel became human and is left with a mission to make the girl he saved fall in love with someone. Hoever, she falls in love with him.


abyss kdramaAbyss – rated 8 stars

with Park Bo Young & Ahn Hyo Sup

After an untimely death, Cha Min gets resurrected with a new face through the help of a magic ball called Abyss. He then revives a good friend, Go Se Yun who was murdered and together tries to resolve the murder case.


memories of the alhambra kdramaMemories of the Alhambra – rated 9 stars

with Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye

Yoo Jin Woo, a CEO of an investing company travels to Spain for a business and gets hold of a mysterious game worth investing millions but little did he know that he’ll get suck into the game. He finds help from Jung Hee Joo, a hostel owner who happens to be the sister of the game developer.


the last empress kdramaThe Last Empress – rated 8 stars

with Jang Na Ra and Choi Jin Hyuk

Present day Korea monarchy with the emperor marrying a commoner, Oh Sunny, to hide his flaws and crimes. Oh Sunny, a small-time musical actress and a huge fan of the emperor, becomes the empress and suddenly gets in the middle of the chaos inside the palace.


a-korean-odyssey kdramaA Korean Odyssey rated 8.5 stars

with Lee Seung Ki & Cha Seung Won

Son Oh Gong, the monkey king is being held by the power of  Geumganggo bracelet. He falls in love with the person who gives it to him and he has to protect that person with all his might.



Black kdramaBlack rated 7.5 stars

with Song Seung Hun & Go Ah Ra

Handsome Grim Reaper 444 has to get into someone’s body to go after a runaway apprentice. He then meets Kang Ha Ram who can see death. As they help each other and spend time with each other, our grim reaper is becoming more and more human.



while-you-were-sleeping kdramaWhile You Were Sleeping rated 8.5 stars

with Lee Jong Suk & Bae Suzy

Hong Joo sees the near future through her dreams. She is desperate to stop unfortunate events to happen. He then meets Jae Chan, a prosecutor, who shares the same ability like her.


reunited-worlds kdramaReunited Worlds rated 7.5 stars

with Lee Yun Hee & Yeo Jin Goo

Hye Sung comes back to life after 12 years. He has the chance to meet the family he left behind and the girl he liked a lot at school. However, they’re all 12 years older now and he still the same 12 years ago. How can he make up to everyone?


bride of the water god kdramaBride of the Water God rated 7 stars

with Nam Joo Hyuk & Shin Se Kyung

The mighty Water God comes down to the human world to search for some important stones but he actually meant to meet his bride, who’s a descendant of the servants of the gods.


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon rated 8.5 stars

with Park Bo Young & Park Hyung Sik

Super strong woman Do Bong Soon is long lost heroine of our CEO Min Min and she seems to be doing fine being his current heroine as well. Funny with some serious mystery solving.



tomorrow-with-you kdramaTomorrow With You rated 8 stars

with Lee Je Hoon & Shin Min Ah

A time-traveler makes all his fortune and even meets his wife by time traveling, but can he also save her life by going back and forth.


goblin kdramaGoblin rated 9.5 stars

with Gong Yoo & Lee Dong Wook

Our Goblin seems to be in misery by not dying and just doing his petty task of granting people their wishes. However, the god pities him and gives him a bride so he can end his misery and die peacefully. But what if our dear Goblin falls in love with his bride and doesn’t want to leave her anymore?


the legend of the blue sea kdramaThe Legend of the Blue Sea rated 8.5 stars

with Jun Ji Hyun & Lee Min Ho

Mermaid Shim Chung is looking for a guy who could love her so she can stay on land forever. The task seems to be hard if the guy is busy trying to survive himself. But if it’s destiny, it will happen.


W kdramaW rated 10 stars

with Lee Jong Suk & Han Hyo Joo

Our handsome and rich cartoon hero comes to life and meets the daughter of his creator. Awesomely thrilling drama, great story with perfect leads. Another 10star-rated drama. Not to be missed!


sensory couple kdramaSensory Couple rated 7.5 stars

with Yoochun & Shin Se kyung

Eun Sul has the ability to see smell. She then helps detective Moo Gak find criminals. Later, they would crack a mystery together that would give answers to Eun Sul’s family tragedy.



Blood kdramaBlood rated 7.5 stars

with Ahn Jae Hyun & Koo Hye Sun

A surgeon vampire in the house! And very handsome as well! Well, his colleagues specially the hospital heiress couldn’t help but admire him.



mr back kdramaMr. Back rated 7.5 stars

with Shin Ha Kyun & Jang Nara

Old guy got hit by a meteor and became a young man. He fell in love of course with a young lady but at the same time has to prove he owns all the riches that his old self owned.



i hear your voice kdramaI Hear Your Voice rated 8 stars

with Lee Bo Young & Lee Jong Suk

How are you going to hide your feelings from someone who can hear what you are thinking? This young guy is trying to protect his lady love through his special ability. Can he win her over through that as well?



you who came from the stars kdramaYou Who Came from the Stars rated 9 stars

with Jeon Ji Hyun & Kim Soo Hyun

What happens if an alien who doesn’t age falls in love with a human? She dies, he’ll be left alone and of course wait for her to be reborn! That’s some alien love!



marry him if you dare kdramaMarry Him if You Dare rated 7 stars

with Yoon Eun Hye & Lee Dong Gun

A lady travels back to the past to meet her future husband and stop it from happening. Hm, a lot of you perhaps will love to do this but is it possible? Find out!





the master's sun kdramaThe Master’s Sun rated 8 stars

with So Ji Sub & Gong Hyo Jin

The lady who can see ghosts is helping a very handsome chaebol talk to his dead girlfriend. Do you think these two have a chance together?



big kdramaBig rated 7 stars

with Gong Yoo & Lee Min Jung

A young man trapped in an older guy’s body. How is he going to impress his lady love in someone else’s body. Would his personality outshines how he looks.



love rain kdramaLove Rain rated 8.5 stars

with Jang Geun Suk & Im Yoon Ah

Beautiful love story of the past meets the present. I would say, it was one of these lovely dramas I ever watched. And Jang Geun Suk was most handsome here.



49 days kdrama49 Days rated 7 stars

with Lee Yo Won & Nam Gyu Ri

What would you do if you’re given 49 days as a ghost to be with your family. Warning, this is a melodrama so prepare some tissues. It’s a good one though, I promise.



secret garden kdramaSecret Garden – rated 10 stars

with Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won

A handsome chaebol falls in love with a stuntwoman but when the two went to the secret garden, magic happened and their bodies switched! This is one of my classic favourite, my top kdrama, rated 10! It can’t be missed.




my girlfriend is a gumiho kdramaMy Girlfriend is a Gumiho rated 7 stars

with Lee Seung Ki & Shin Min Ah

Cha Tae Woong released a Gumiho from being trapped for a very long time. Now this gumiho is following him wherever he goes. But how can he resist a very pretty nine-tailed fox?

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