Jul 042019

perfume kdramaOngoing drama. Still watching.

Preview: Min Jae Hee is busy trying to end her life when a mysterious box with a perfume inside was delivered to her home. She tries the perfume on and voila she turns into a young, slender and beautiful woman far from the overweight, old and depressed person that she was. She takes the chance to re-live her dreams of becoming a model and meets fashion designer Seo Yi Do who is not the easiest person to deal with. “So far so good. Love watching another fantasy drama these days and Shin Sung Rok in a lead role is exciting!”

Trailer: Perfume

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Fantasy
Episodes: 32
Stars: Shin Sung Rok as Seo Yi Do
Go Won Hee as Min Ye Rin
Ha Jae Sook as Min Jae Hee
Cha Ye Ryun as Han Ji Na
Kim Min Gyu as Yoon Min Suk