Brain Works

brain works kdramaOngoing drama. Still watching.

Preview: Shin Ha Ru is a well-known neuroscientist who just got fired from Brain Hub because of illegally acquiring a brain from a criminal. He starts working with the police to solve crimes. He meets Geum Myung Se, a detective, whom he oftens misunderstood and the hard-working team captain, Seol So Jung, who has a personality change due to an accident.

Brain Works Trailer

Genre: Detective, Medical, Crime, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Stars: Jung Yong Hwa as Shin Ha Ru
Cha Tae Hyun as Geum Myung Se
Kwak Sun Young as Seol So Jung
Ye Ji Won as Kim Mo Ran


island kdramaSummary: Won Mi Ho is the only daughter of Daehan Group. She gets involved in a scandal and is sent by his dad to Jeju Island to lie low. When she arrives in Jeju, monsters start chasing and try to kill her. She is saved by a mysterious guy named Van thus she hired him as her bodyguard. She also meets Jo Han who is a priest and an expert in exorcism. Together, they will try to fight demons and evil spirits.

Island Trailer

Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Action, Horror, Supernatural
Episodes: 6
Stars: Kim Nam Gil as Van
Lee Da Hee as Won Mi Ho
Cha Eun Woo as Father Jo Han
Sung Joon as Goong Tan

This is a short season with only 6 episodes, nevertheless action-packed and full of thrills. I love the back story, the past lives of our characters, how Van and Gong Tan became half demons and how Van is somehow forever connected to Won Mi Ho. Van and Mi Ho have particularly strong chemistry and in this season, even with only 6 episodes, I like how the two’s chemistry is fast building up.

Character introduction. We’ve got the basic covered here. Who’s who and who’s connected to whom.

Van is a half human and half demon who was created by the monks to fight demons. Van has been living for a very long time. He’s finally meeting the reincarnation of Won Seong (Won Mi Ho in present life), whom he killed in the past.

Won Mi Ho is the reincarnation of Won Seong, a protector of the island. Won Mi Ho is the only daughter of Daehan Group, so she’s rich and has everything but once she’s in Jeju Island, all the demons and evil spirits started chasing here. Of course, she doesn’t have any idea what her true power is, so for the time-being she’s being protected by Van.

Father Jo Han is a priest from Italy who has Korean roots. He is skilled in exorcism. He’s sent to a mission to Korea to protect  Won Mi Ho, who is believed to be the lady saint that would protect the world from evil.

Goong Tan is also another half demon. Van and him were transformed into half demons by the monks when they were still young by incorporating the blood of a pure demon into their blood streams. Goong Tan seems to have a different plan than his half-demon brother Van.

Action-packed. I love the fighting scenes. Van always came out cool with his dagger. Lots of leaping. Even Father Jo Han can leap like a spider. The chases were impressive. I love Lee Da Hee doing this. She’s very energetic and can run real fast.

History not repeating. Van apparently killed Won Mi Ho in the past. However, in the present, when he turned into a demon and attacked Won Mi Ho, he wasn’t able to stab her but stabbed himself instead. So, is this a hint of a happy ever after? I hope so! I really like these two together.

Hanging ending. Honestly, it’s hard to get a grasp of the story with just watching the first season. Too many questions left unanswered. We ended with the death of Father Jo Han’s long lost brother, who was controlled by Goong Tan to kill Won Mi Ho. The brother-turned-demon was killed by Van, once again saving Won Mi Ho from near-death. On the other hand, Goong Tan has plans for the future, and he seems eager to get rid of Won Mi Ho. I hope season 2 is just around the corner, can’t wait!

My Rating: 8 stars! (10 as highest)

The Forbidden Marriage

the forbidden marriage kdramaOngoing drama. Still watching.

Preview: King Lee Heon of Joseon put a ban on marriage in the entire country. No one is allowed to get married and would face consequences if get caught. The king lost the crown princess when he was still a crown prince, and since then he didn’t get married again. On the other hand Ye So Rang gets caught by violating the ban on marriage, and in order for her to avoid punishment, she pretends to get possessed by the crown princess’ spirit. The king, who’s not yet over the crown princess decides to keep So Rang next to him.

The Forbidden Marriage Trailer

Genre: Period, Kings & Princes, Comedy
Episodes: 12
Stars: Kim Young Dae as King Lee Heon
Park Ju Hyun as Ye So Rang
Kim Woo Seok as Lee Shin Won

Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow

alchemy of souls season 2Summary: After getting stabbed by Mudeok, who was Naksu,  in the previous season, Jang Uk came back to life by the help of the ice stone, which is now residing in his body. It’s been three years since the incident. Jang Uk has become powerful because of the ice stone, but remained in grief and pain. One day, Jang Uk meets Jin Bu Yeon, who is still having Naksu’s soul inside her, and decides to take her as his wife.

Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow Trailer

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Kings & Princes, Flower Boys, Magic
Episodes: 10
Stars: Lee Jae Wook as Jang Uk
Ko Yoon Jung as Jin Bu Yeon
Hwang Min Hyun as Seo Yool
Shin Seung Ho as Go Won (the crown prince)

Likes: I really love the fact that there is season 2 as we were all left hanging by the ending of the first one. The Daeho world was just too good, I wanted to stay and linger around for a while. The colours of the sets, the costumes, the beautiful sceneries, the fantasies we never had in the past, they all came together, and it was just beautiful. I think, one reason why Alchemy of Souls is successful is because of the experience we get to have when watching the series. It felt like you’re travelling to a far far land, different from ours, with dragons and what not and most of all, the most good-looking mages who are impressive with their magics and fighting skills. What an experience, a magical journey for us all.

The twist. What had become of Mudeok who had Naksu’s soul? Mudeok, who was actually Jin Bu Yeon, the heir of Jin family, was saved from the lake and by the help of Master Lee, regained her body but with the real Naksu’s face, because she still got Naksu’s soul inside. Naksu lost her memory and Jin Bu Yeon lost her divine power, but as the latter was recovering her power, Naksu’s memory slowly came back to her as well. A bit confusing but I like the intrigue.

Our dear Cho Yeong. As Master Lee would put it, Naksu who resides in Jin Bu Yeon’s body and have lived as Mudeok, can be called as one of these names, but in the end she preferred the name she was born with, and that was Cho Yeong. She was born Cho Yeong, the daughter of the former Gwangju of Cheonbugwan who first knew about the King’s star which appeared on the very day Jang Uk was born. In the end, Cho Yeong, who became Naksu, resided in Mudeok, who was actually Jin Bu Yeon, became Cho Yeong again and married our Jang Uk. What a journey!

Ko Yoon Jung or Jung So Min. Who do you like better? I honestly like both. I have invested so much in Jung So Min in the first season that I have really missed her in the second one. Jung So Min is cute and pretty while Ko Yoon Jung is blindingly beautiful. I like it that Ko Yoon Jung tried to keep Mudeok’s accent thus she sometimes sounded like Jung So Min when she spoke. But if there was something that Ko Yoon Jung was better of, it was her chemistry with Lee Jae Wook who played Jang Uk. I love their kissing scene. You can feel the attraction, it was believable.

Favourite Quotes…

“My wife can not sleep.” – Jang Uk after smashing that ball that controls the sewn thread on his wife’s shoulder. I so like him in this scene, protective and sexy but still cold!

“As you can see, my beauty is unmatched. But I am not the brightest.” Jin Bu Yeon talking to Seo Yool on how similar they are. Laughed so hard on this! She didn’t even bat an eyelid 😂.

My other favourite love team. Park Jin and Kim Do Joo always lit up the mood, so just imagine my grief when I thought they would both die! I just loved these two. They were so cute and looked good together, the chemistry was strong! Their courtship is that of the past, very traditional. They had this misunderstandings, jealousy but then they would make up. The “who would you save question” is something I can relate with. When you’re in love, you’re not supposed to be blinded but more understanding. And as what Kim Do Joo said, “I understand that you have a world to save.” She loved Park Jin and the responsibility that came with him. My heart would have been broken into pieces if not for Master Lee who saved the couple.

The wedding scene. Oh how pretty was our bride! I thought, I would never see them wed. I was mesmerized with that scene when Jang Uk stole Jin Bu Yeon when she was about to get married. She was carried by a boat and it was leading to Jang Uk who was at the bank of the lake. That was such a beautiful scene. But getting wed officially by no other than Master Lee himself, it was fantastic! Our bride wearing a flower wreath on her head was gorgeous and Jang Uk looked so handsome in his black robe!

Light and Shadow. How I wondered! Thanks to Master Lee again for making things clearer. So why light and shadow? Jang Uk is a bright light (because of the ice stone inside his body), that protects the world, and she is a shadow that protects him, by embracing the darkness surrounding him.

Epic Ending. I just loved the very last scene when Jang Uk and Cho Yeong were after the last relic that escaped Jinwoyon. The unsheathing of his sword was just too cool!

The First Season vs The Second Season. The first one was definitely more complete. It introduced every character, and it could have really ended with Mudeok stabbing Jang uk. A sad ending and we would have cursed the writers for that 😉. The second season, on the other hand was darker, it started where we left off on the first one, but it gave us a lot of explanations that couldn’t be squeezed in the first one. Dark like Avengers Infinity War, when anyone important could die! Honestly, I was getting ready for it! But thankfully, we got a happy ending, and I couldn’t be any happier!
My Rating: 9 stars! (10 as highest)

Under the Queen’s Umbrella

under the queen's umbrella kdramaSummary: Queen Hwa Ryeong does everything in her might to protect all her children from the predators in the palace. After the tragic death of her eldest son, the crown prince, she tries her best to keep her position as queen to protect the remaining grand princes who are in danger of getting killed once a different prince will become the new crown prince.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella Trailer

Genre: Period, Kings & Princes, Family, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Stars: Kim Hye Soo as Queen Im Hwa Ryeong
Choi Won Young as King Lee Ho
Kim Hae Sook as Queen Dowager
Bae In Hyuk as Crown Prince
Moon Sang Min as Grand Prince Seongnam
Yoon Sang Hyeon as Grand Prince Muan
Yoo Seon Ho as Grand Prince Gyeseong
Park Ha Joon as Grand Prince Ilyoung

Likes: What a beautiful drama! I can totally relate as a mum myself. The story tells about a powerful woman, the queen, that inspite of her position, she was challenged by all sorts of things surrounding her duty as a mother to a nation and most importantly as a mother to her five sons. I love every bit of it, the plot, the mixed genre of period and comedy, the directing, the cinematography, the well-defined characters, the twists, the moral of the story and of course the meaningful representation of the Queen’s Umbrella – just so beautiful.

The Plot. How interesting. It started with all these mums, the queen and the consorts, competing who’s son is the best. It just started with a usual competition between princes, but then it suddenly turned into a serious one when the crown prince died. It got darker when the crown prince was later found to have been murdered. The search for justice and the struggle to get the most coveted position heated up. I liked the complexity of the story. We had several interesting stories (past and present), merged into one.

The well-defined characters. Although I’ll be going more into detail on the queen and princes’ characters, there were a lot of undeniably great characters in the story. The consorts, the queen dowager, the King, the new crown princess, the doctor who was actually a former prince. They had all their own stories.

Cinematography. Impressive camera movement and cinematic scenes. I love the scenes when the two princes went to an island. It gave us a lot of glimpses of that era’s beautiful countryside setting.

The symbolic umbrella. Oh how I love how they used the umbrella to symbolize the queen’s protection. That beautiful scene of the queen outside the place sharing an umbrella with Prince Gyeseong after she let him dressed up for a painted portrait. She let her son be himself while protecting him! And at the end when the Crown Prince Seongnam held the umbrella for her symbolizing it’s now his turn to protect her. How beautiful!

The Queen. She was of course the star of the show. I love how they introduced her as a totally energetic queen, running here and there making sure everything is in order and becomes frantic when it concerns her 4 grand princes who are a bit unruly. I just loved her energy! However, the queen wasn’t just energy, she was also wisdom, perseverance, strength, resilience, tolerance and I think above all, protection.

  • The wise queen. She always had a plan and counter plans. She needed to be wise to outdo all the consorts, to challenge the queen dowager and the officials, to be a support to her king and a protection to her children.
  • The queen persevered. The way she continuously guided her kids to a safer path paid off in the end.
  • The strength of the queen. She was unrelenting in her research and investigation with regards to the death of the crown prince, her son.
  • Resilient queen. For a mother who lost her son, she didn’t stay in a slump for long, as she got other kids in her care. Such an admirable strong person, the queen was.
  • The tolerating queen. She did not tolerate wrong doings but she was willing to understand and sympathize situations that deserves her tolerance. I love how she embraced Prince Gyeseong femininity, but made sure he won’t be caught. Or how she accepted Prince Muan’s out of wedlock baby. She was a mum who tried to let her children grow.
  • The Queen as a shield. The whole meaning of Under the Queen’s Umbrella is protection. The queen protected everyone she loved and cherished, and that’s not just her children but everyone, from her servants, her court, princes, the King and even the lowly ones outside of the palace walls.

Kim Hye Soo as Queen Im Hwa Ryeong. She was awesome in her role. I love her facial expressions, her voice, she was full energy, even her eyebrows were speaking. She was so motherly to the grown-up princes. She really connected so well with them.

The Princes. Same parents but every prince was different.

  • The Crown Prince – he was perfect in so many ways, handsome, good in studying, he loved his younger brothers and he was even able to produce a grand heir. He was such a dutiful son.
  • Grand Prince Seongnam – manly and handsome but can be a bit cold. I loved his journey in becoming the next crown prince. He was so determined to get it. And man, his chemistry with the future crown princess was sooo good!
  • Grand Prince Muan – the brazen one! He was full of himself but in a funny way. There’s always one person in the family who’s like this prince.
  • Grand Prince Gyeseong – a woman trapped in a prince body, but got to give him that, he was so beautiful in Hanbok and with makeup!
  • Grand Prince Ilyoung – the baby! I loved how he went to the queen to get a cuddle. He was just really a baby.

Different Mums. The ways may have differed but all just wanted the best for their own sons.

  • The Queen to her 5 sons – she was tough on them but she also tried to be tolerant for their own good.
  • Consort Hwang to Prince Uiseong – she would do anything for his success.
  • Consort Ko to Prince Simso – she was such a tiger mum!
  • Consort Tae to Prince Bogeum – very supportive but no powerful background.
  • Consort Ok to Prince Hodong – she just wanted to make sure his son is always well-fed.
  • Queen Dowager to the King – she would kill for her son to ascend to the throne.

Favourite Quotes from our Queen…

“Even if one of my grand princes ascends the throne, I will make sure you keep your position. I need the Third Senior Consort, the Fourt Junior Consort, the First Junior Consort to let my position as the queen shine even brighter.”

“The duty of a parent is not to lead the way but to show their child the path they have walked.”

The new Crown Prince and Crown Princess. Their love story was just so cute! I love how they made connection in that island on a beautiful sunrise and having the symbolic pair of shells. The aggressive crown princess was so well suited with the timid and cold crown prince. And how the first night went, oh well, good thing there was a second try.

Cute cameo. I didn’t expect Rain to show up! What a treat!

Bitter, sweet and meaningful ending. Bitter because the kids are all grown up and one by one they left the palace. I personally dread this moment too 😢. However, one day we need to let go and give them more space to grow. I admire the queen for being so cool to let go of her kids. I wish I would be that cool too. And I wish that umbrella we’ve been always trying to shield our kids from rain will be returned to us, just like that adorable scene of the Crown Prince finally holding the umbrella for his queen mum.

My Rating: 9.5 stars! (10 as highest)

Reborn Rich

reborn rich kdramaSummary: Yoon Hyun Woo has worked for Soonyang group for a long time but was accused of embezzlement and got shot while on his trip abroad. He wakes up as the youngest Soonyang grandson, Jin Do Jun. He decides to take revenge and works to become the owner of Soonyang Group.

Reborn Rich Trailer

Genre: Family, Revenge, Chaebol
Episodes: 16
Stars: Song Joong Ki as Yoon Hyun Woo / Jin Do Jun
Shin Hyun Bin as Seo Min Young
Lee Sung Min as Jin Yang Cheol

Likes: The plot is really good, but I think the best thing in this drama is the acting, and that being said, I have to give credit to Lee Sung Min who portrayed Jin Yang Cheol, who was the founder of Soonyang Group and the grandfather of Jin Do Jun, portrayed by Song Joong Ki. Lee Sung Min was clearly the star of the show, hands down (sorry SJK). His role Jin Yang Cheol is believed to have been inspired by the founder of Samsung, Lee Byung Chul. He was even wearing similar pair of glasses. The character Jin Yang Cheol was strict, tough even to his own kids, smart and a visionary. I love how realistic the role was. Jin Yang Cheol was so great, you get shivers when he spoke. And the accent was so ridiculously good! That must have been the way these powerful people talk and do business back then. They ruled! The character arc of Jin Yang Cheol was very well thought of. He was this scary, difficult leader and businessman, but then within he was a father and a grandfather making sure the next in line will have what they got to lead. I love how they ended him as someone who could still get what he wanted. Salute to that admirable character, Jin Yang Cheol, our unforgetable Soonyang founder.

The Yoon Hyun Woo and Jin Do Jun Story. That was the biggest mystery and I was more than curious to know how these two beings were connected. Honestly, I was so immersed with Jin Do Jun’s character, well because for once, chaebol is more interesting, right? And it was really more about Jin Do Jun’s life, how he became his powerful grandfather’s favourite grandson. It had been fun and interesting following his journey even including his love life. But well oh well, we’ve been warned in the beginning that he would die and there’s no changing that. So why, Yoon Hyun Woo woke up as the young Jin Do Jun? It wasn’t revenge but repentance. Somehow, the plot reminds me a lot of Twenty Five Twenty One, we got so immersed in the mid story that we forgot how it started.

The top leads…

Song Joong Ki as Yoon Hyun Woo / Jin Do Jun – how would I say it, this revenge genre fits Song Joong Ki perfectly. I like him when he’s scheming. Reminds me of him Saya in Arthdal Chronicles. His bond with Lee Sung Min was great. The grandfather / grandson relationship was quite believable. I loved how Jin Do Jun defied his grandpa in so many ways but still had high respect and admiration towards him. That’s why it was so heartbreaking to see him watching his grandpa’s video will, calling him “my grandson”.

Shin Hyun Bin as Seo Min Young – finally it made sense why she was called Soonyang’s grim reaper. Poor Seo Min Young, she’s been through a lot. She kind of struggled with the chemistry and her role as a prosecutor didn’t help either but Shin Hyun Bin did great in the end.

The rest of the cast…

This drama is full of amazing actors. All the members of the Jin family were worthy of praise. Everyone was brilliant! From the grandma, the uncles and aunts , to the cousin and the wife. Even Jin Yang Cheol’s long-time secretary was excellent! Yoon Hyun Woo’s poor family did great as well especially his mum. It is true, what makes a great drama is a great cast.

Thanks to the big production and awesome directing, we get to have a more cinematic experience in a drama. Everyone was under a great director here otherwise those best acting wouldn’t have been justified. And I love the filming abroad too. Seen a bit of Turkey although it became controversial because for it’s negative connotation through the drama.

The ending is bitter-sweet, but it’s good. We’ve got answers to the mysteries. I’m bitter that Jin Do Jun died, but it was something inevitable. I’m happy that Yoon Hyun Woo repented, freed himself from guilt and got a better life after that. As for the love, maybe not, but that’s acceptable.

My Rating: 9 stars! (10 as highest)

Good Job

good job kdramaSummary: Eun Seon Woo is the owner of Eun Kang group. He also secretly runs a private detective office to mainly investigate the mystery behind his mother’s death. He meets Don Se Ra, who has an ability to see extremely far objects with her bare eyes. Don Se Ra starts working for Eun Soo Woo’s detective work and eventually falls in love with each other.

Good Job Trailer

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Detective, Boss Romance, Chaebol, Rich Boy Poor Girl
Episodes: 12
Stars: Jung Il Woo as Eun Seon Woo
Kwon Yoo Ri as Don Se Ra
Eum Moon Suk as Yang Jin Mo
Song Sang Eun as Sa Na Hee

Likes: Main reason why I watch this is the leads! Jung Il Woo and Kwon Yoo Ri look extremely good together and their chemistry is undeniably strong. I’m glad they reunited after Bossam. Finally I get to enjoy a kissing scene here, unlike Bossam, which is a period drama, deprived all of us of a kissing scene. So, yeah here we go, more closeness and finally kisses!

Our main leads:

Jung Il Woo as Eun Seon Woo – perfectly good-looking and haughty as usual, loved seeing him here in different detective outfits and of course in CEO suits. He looked really great with Kwon Yoo Ri! They were so comfortable with each other! Jung Il Woo seems to love great entrances. Most of his previous roles have this scene where he can show off himself. It’s becoming like a Jung Il Woo signature already, and I’m loving it!

Kwon Yoo Ri as Don Se Ra – is it me or she’s getting prettier everytime I see her. She was serenely beautiful in Bossam. Here, she was cool and sexy! As I’ve mentioned above, she was comfortable with her leading man making their scenes look very natural.

Action, Detective. It was enjoyable to watch all their detective adventures. The outfits were cool! The secret detective room is a dream for all detective wannabes. It goes on to say, if you’re rich, you can have all the toys you want! What a privilege!

Detective Bromance. I love the bromance between Eun Soon Woo (Jung Il Woo) and Yang Jin Mo (Eum Moon Suk). They were always fun to watch with all their detective adventures!

Extra Love Team. Yang Jin Moo and Sa Na Hee were such fun! Both best friend of the top leads, it’s good to see them as another love team!

Impressive villains. All along I thought it was just Kang Tae Joon (Yoon Sun Woo). Bad guy was written all over his face. He was so good in acting. But who would have thought, our good and quiet secretary Kim to be the ultimate baddie. I’m just impressed with the  villains.

Love the Ending. I love how everything got resolved, and how generous they are with the epilogue. It was great to see the two love teams doing well on their own.

My Rating: 8 stars! (10 as highest)

One Dollar Lawyer

one dollar lawyer kdramaSummary: Chun Ji Hun is a former prosecutor who  is now a lawyer and only asking one dollar for his legal fee. He is joined by Sa Ma Jang, his office assistant and Baek Ma Ri, a new lady lawyer.

One Dollar Lawyer Trailer

Genre: Legal, Comedy, Mystery
Episodes: 12
Stars: Nam Goong Min as Chun Ji Hoon
Kim Ji Eun as Baek Ma Ri
Choi Dae Hoon as Seo Min Hyuk

Likes: I watched this because of Nam Goong Min and I’m glad I did because like his other dramas, One Dollar Lawyer didn’t disappoint.

Nam Goong Min. Love this guy. He’s handsome and of course a brilliant actor! Taking the role of Chun Ji Hoon, who went from a serious prosecutor to a can’t-be-taken-seriously-lawyer, shows how versatile Nam Goong Min is as an actor. Chun Ji Hoon was a prosecutor who would do everything to go after corrupt officials even if that would mean his own dad. After 2 tragic losses, he decided to become a lawyer who only takes one dollar as payment and would always wear sunglasses. Funny guy as you look at him compared to his prosecutor days but he possesses a  great sense of social justice and compassion.

Why One Dollar? There’s a sad story behind the one-dollar fee and it’s got something to do with Chun Ji Hoon’s former fiancee who started the office. She helped Chun Ji Hoon get past his sad past only to leave him forever even before they got married. She left her famous law firm in order to start a practice that would help the ones who can’t afford a lawyer fee, thus only asking one-dollar. Chun Ji Hoon, devasted by the fiancee’s death, continued the good intention and he became the One-Dollar Lawyer.

Why the sunglasses? Chun Ji Hoon really looked cool on those but I think the real reason behind the glasses is to hide his grief. Instead of drowning in his grief like after his dad died, he decided to be on the happy, cool and crazy side but hide his grieving eyes with a pair of cool, dark sunglasses.

The cinematic style. I love the directing, how the camera moves and how it captures a lot of scenes, cinematic style. However, it has also an anime-like presentation. That could stem from its OST, as it sounds like you’re watching an anime. Check out One Dollar Lawyer OST here.

The One Dollar Lawyer style. I love the suits! I love the messy hairstyle! But I think, the really cool sunglasses got me! They look so classic and stylish! Tried to find out which sunglasses brand sponsored the drama but nothing came out of that. All in all, the styling of everyone was pretty good. They tried their best to make everyone look like in webtoon. Well done!

The interesting cases. Aside from the main storyline, we have different stories from the cases that our One Dollar lawyer had to handle. I like the case of Kim Min Jae, who had to confess of killing his parents to protect his sister and the reputation of his dad. Having to solve the case was such a bonus!

Lee Jee Hoon cameo. Surprised to see another handsome face. Lee Jee Hoon appeared as himself, a celebrity on the red carpet while our Chun Ji Hoon was making an arrest.

Ending. It feels like there’s going to be season 2 but I’m also good with how it ended. After solving the case of his father and fiancee’s deaths, Chun Ji Hoon once again, is on the go, only asking for one dollar for his fee. He’s like a modern-day superhero for a lot of desperate clients who are put on the edge.

Dislikes: I was kind of hoping a romance with Baek Ma Ri, but nothing really came out of it. Nam Goong Min is also suited more with non-romantic kdrama, but yeah, you’ll never know.

My Rating: 8 stars! (10 as highest)

Love in Contract

Summary: Choi Sang Eun is a single life helper who has an odd job of being in a marriage contract with men who need help by having a contractual wife. She’s entangled between two clients, Jung Ji Ho, a judge and Kang Hae Jin, a popular actor.

Love in Contract Trailer

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Contract Marriage, Chaebol
Episodes: 16
Stars: Park Min Young as Choi Sang Eun
Go Kyung Pyo as Jung Ji Ho
Kim Jae Young as Kang Hae Jin

Likes: This turned out really good! At first I was so distracted by Kang Min Young’s drastic face transformation. She looked sooo different from her last kdrama, but I’ll elaborate on this on the dislike section. Good thing is, Kang Min Young is a great actress and she chooses her drama well. But then, I got hesitant with Go Kyung Pyo, her leading man. Hm, would this actually work? Surprisingly, it did! I think it was a combination of an unusual plot, surprisingly awesome chemistry, and a brilliant cast!

Unusual Plot. What a weird job Choi Sang Eun has! And how she was groomed to be the heiress of a conglomerate family. Definitely an unusual story. Then here comes one of her pretend husbands, a judge who wasn’t good with people and possessed a mysterious personality. Interestingly, she ended up liking him. I like how the writers gave more weight on personality than possession and title. Choi Sang Eun chose a boring judge over a chaebol / popular actor! That’s definitely something new!

The chemistry. Choi Sang Eun and Jung Ji Ho’s chemistry was slowly built up during those dinner nights they shared at the latter’s place. I absolutely like the awkwardness, it was so realistic! They didn’t talk much but both presence was connecting. I love Jung Ji Ho’s simple gesture to cook, he was so likeable because of that and compensated a lot in his lack of communication skills. It’s really true that you connect with someone through cooking and eating together alone. So yeah, if you don’t know how to talk, at least learn how to cook! The food will do the talking for you 😄.

The love triangle. Choi Sang Eun’s personality was looking for someone beyond money, title and fame. She was very clear from the very beginning that she was into Jung Ji Ho. She didn’t give our poor Kang Hae Jin some false hopes. However, as a good samaritan, she helped Kang Hae Jin resolved his own family issues. But to be fair, Kang Hae Jin, with his visuals and chabeol status, gave Jung Ji Ho a great competition.

Park Min Young as Choi Sang Eun – surprised to see a new face but still the great Park Min Young. The role is multi-talented but felt unloved by the people she expected to love her. How would I describe Choi San Eun, hm broken, but still goes one with one’s life.

Go Kyung Pyo as Jung Ji Ho – somehow he was too tall for the leading lady but you’ll get to like him. Jung Ji Ho was also a difficult personality. To describe him, hm lonely. He was longing for company but it was always a difficult task for him to be with people.

Kim Jae Young as Kang Hae Jin – good-looking guy and as Kang Hae Jin, a sacrificer. He sacrificed a lot for other people; for his first love, for his mum or his family. It was time to that he did something for himself, and that was choosing what he actually liked doing best; acting.

Gwang Nam-ssi. He was Choi Sang Eun’s housemate and ex-husband. I just love the genuine friendship these two were sharing. He was gay and desperately needed a wife to show to his family, so he got into a marriage contract with Choi Sang Eun, but even after their divorce he stayed to support her emotionally.

Madame Yoo. Jin Kyung is once again impressive! She was such a madame with her expensive outfits. Loved the aattitude!

Favourite Quote. “Most wounded flowers are the most fragrant.”

OST is Love. I just really love the OST. Check out Love Contract OST here.

Beautiful Ending. It was great! No flashy ending, instead heartwarming.

Dislikes: Park Min Young should put a stop to plastic surgery. She’s starting to look like a plastic doll, for real. Her new nose is even not straight, it was so distracting. Of course, the face doesn’t have something to do with her acting, but it’s just strange to see a fast-changing face. For me, her face was perfect in Secretary Kim.

Kopiko ad placement was getting aggressive.

My Rating: 8.5 stars! (10 as highest)

The Law Cafe

the-law-cafe kdramaSummary: Kim Yoo Ri is a lawyer who started a cafe that doesn’t only serve coffee but also gives legal advices. She realizes that her landlord is his long-time friend, Kim Jeong Ho, who used to be a prosecutor. These two like each other but have some reservations to be in a relationship.

The Law Cafe Trailer

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Legal
Episodes: 16
Stars: Lee Seung Ki as Kim Jeong Ho
Lee Se Young as Kim Yoo Ri

Likes: Light-hearted romcom, legal kdrama with two of kdrama world sweethearts, Lee Seung Ki and Lee See Young. I like its casual style of storytelling with occasional commentary.

Legal cases. Like Attorney Woo, we’ve got different cases that our lady lawyer, Kim Yoo Ri, had to deal with. Different stories of people seeking legal advice, that makes the plot more interesting and richer. I particularly liked the case of the bullied kid. The bully was also really good in acting.

Awesome villain. Jo Han Chul portraying the role of CEO Lee Pyun Woong was brilliant! This guy can take any role and he will always do great. As Lee Pyun Woong, he was funny, crazy, attention-seeking, simply messed-up personality who always tried to impress his not-so-easy father.

The Cafe. I like the ambiance of the cafe, the people running it and the people around it. Such a good, happy, little community. We’ve got our lawyer, barista, helper, landlord, two ladies running a small store, a neighboring psychiatrist – it gave an impression of a happy place.

Our top leads…

Lee Seung Ki as Kim Jeong Ho – you need to groom him to look like a prosecutor 😉. Lee Seung Ki never aged. He still looks the same ten years ago. I think the tracksuit looked good on him but he always looked like a totally different person when he’s in a suit.

Lee Se Young as Kim Yoo Ri – this is an interesting role for Lee See Young and again she did well in it. Her outfits were so Kim Yoo Ri’s personality! That leopard print blouse was screaming!

The Conventional Ending. With all the fuss about marriage not justifying lasting happiness, they still went for the conventional ending, and everyone seems happy about it.

Dislikes: The chemistry was poor unfortunately. Lee Seung Ki and Lee Se Young are kdrama sweethearts but that doesn’t obviously guarantee a good chemistry.

The story was a happy one but lots of cringy moments. Some unbearable ones! This was no near to Attorney Woo.

No one has pulled the trigger when Lee Pyun Woong was taking Kim Jeong Ho hostage, WHY? Too much talking on the hostage scene!

My Rating: 7.5 stars! (10 as highest)