Best Supernatural Kdramas

From goblins, ghosts, gumihos to vampires, here’s my best list of supernatural kdramas…

bulgasal kdramaBulgasal: Immortal Souls – rated 8 stars

with Lee Jin Wook & Kwon Na Ra

Dan Hwal has lived for 600 years as a Bulgasal, a mythical creature who feeds off human blood and is cursed with immortality. He became a Bulgasal when the previous Bulgasal killed him and stole his soul, and is currently living as a human, who dies and gets reincarnated over and over again. Dan Hwal wants to claim his soul back so he’s been chasing a woman called Min Sang Woon, who’s the cause of his misery.

the witch's diner kdrama

The Witch’s Diner – rated 8 stars

with Song Ji Hyo & Nam Ji Hyun

The Witch’s Diner is run by the witch Jo Hee Ra and it serves food that grant wishes in return for something. Her assistant Jung Jin is the first customer to try the witch’s food and fulfills her revenge wish. Jung Jin works in the diner and would always try to warn the new customers that there’s a hefty price in exchange for their wishes.

my roommate is gumiho kdramaMy Roommate is a Gumiho – rated 8.5 stars

with Jang Ki Yong & Lee Hye Ri

A male gumiho, Shin Woo Yeo, losts his fox bead to a female college student, Lee Dam. In order to keep the bead safe and close to him, he asks her to live with him in his house until he finds a way how to take it back. However, spending time together bring the two of them closer.

doom at your serviceDoom at Your Service – rated 8 stars

with Park Bo Young & Seo In Gook

Tak Dong Kyung lives an ordinary life until she realizes that she is dying. She only has 3 months to live. She meets Myul Mang, the person representation of doom, and ends up agreeing to a 100-day contract with him.

great real estate kdramaGreat Real Estate – rated 8 stars

with Jang Na Ra & Jung Yong Hwa

Hong Ji Ah is a very good exorcist. She’s also a real estate broker and is the owner of Daebak Real Estate. She clears properties of bad spirits and ghosts before selling them. One day, she crosses path with Oh In Bum, a person who tries to con property owners by selling them a tool he claims would drive away bad spirits.

tale of the nine tailed fox kdramaThe Tale of the Nine-Tailed – rated 8 stars

with Lee Dong Wook & Jo Bo Ah

Lee Yun is a thousand year old gumiho who used to be a mountain spirit who could control the air and the rain. In return for the reincarnation of his human first love, he gave up being the ruler of nature. Lee Yun now lives in the present world dedicating his life getting rid of evil spirits roaming around the human world. He meets Nam Ji Ah, a TV show producer, who totally looks like his past love.

zombie detective kdramaZombie Detective – rated 8 stars

with Choi Jin Hyuk & Park Joo Hyun

Kim Moo Young had been living in a village as a zombie for the past two years and learned how to move and act like a real live person. He moves to the city and takes over the identity of a dead detective. While starting his detective work, he meets Gong Sun Ji, who takes an interest working as a detective assistant.

hotel del luna kdramaHotel del Luna – rated 9.5 stars

with IU & Yeo Jin Goo

Hotel del Luna is owned by Jang Man Wol who has been around for over a century, stuck in between the world of the living and the dead. Her hotel caters to the needs and wishes of those souls before they would proceed to the afterlife. Hotel del Luna gets a new manager who is a living human to manage all the paper works and other things which deals with the world of the living and he is no other than Goo Chang Sung, a well-sought manager in his field.

angels last missionAngel’s Last Mission: Love – rated 7.5 stars

with Shin Hye Sun & L

An angel messes up his last mission. Instead of taking the soul of a ballerina, he saves her from the brink of death. He is given though another chance, a mission to make the ballerina fall in love. However she is one difficult soul and that gives our angel a hard time. In the end, she falls in love but no other than with the angel himself.

abyss kdramaAbyss – rated 8 stars

with Park Bo Young & Ahn Hyo Sup

Go Se Yun and Cha Min are good friends. They both died and were revived though the power of the Abyss. Although they’re up and alive, their looks are different from before. Together, they’ll try to live knowing each other’s secret and hand in hand solve the murder case behind Go Se Yun’s death.

that man oh soo kdramaThat Man Oh Soo – rated 6.5 stars

with Lee Jong Hyun & Kim So Eun

Oh Soo is a successful IT specialist but also the descendant of a family who was fated to tend a mysterious tree that releases magic pollens. Oh Soo, while trying to give a drink to somebody with pollen to fall in love, his police officer neighbor accidentally drank it. They fall in love with each other but one is put in danger, as it is the curse of the tree.

a-korean-odyssey kdramaA Korean Odyssey – rated 8.5 stars

with Lee Seung Ki & Cha Seung Won

Son Oh Gong, the monkey king is bound to protect Jin Seon Mi through a powerful bracelet called Geumganggo. The geumganggo has the power to enslave him by making him fall in love with the person who let him wear the bracelet and protect that person wholeheartedly. So Son Oh Gong has been following Jin Seon Mi around and protecting her from all evil spirits which are bothering her.

Black kdramaBlack – rated 7.5 stars

with Song Seung Hun & Go Ah Ra

Grim reaper #444 is after an apprentice who wants to live again using someone else’s body. The only way to capture the runaway apprentice is also possessing someone’s dead body. Grim reaper suddenly has a new identity and after meeting a girl who sees shadows of death, he’s becoming more and more human.

reunited-worlds kdramaReunited Worlds – rated 7.5 stars

with Lee Yun Hee & Yeo Jin Goo

Sung Hye Sung died when he was in high school and his special friend, Jung Jung Won blamed herself for that. 12 years later Sung Hye Sung comes back to the living world and looks for his family and friends who have all aged 12 years older. He is reunited with Jung Jung Won who is now working as an assistant at a restaurant.

bride of the water god kdramaBride of the Water God – rated 7 stars

with Nam Joo Hyuk & Shin Se Kyung

Habaek, the water god, leaves the realms of the gods for the human world to look for the divine stones. He then meets So Ah, a psychiatrist who is the descendant of the servants of the gods. While looking for the stones and staying at her place, the 2 fall in love with each other.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soonrated 8.5 stars

with Park Bo Young & Park Hyung Sik

Do Bong Soon possesses super power that is only passed down the women in her family. She has the strength to stop moving vehicles or move heavy obstacles, can crush and bend anything with her bare hands, can fight strong and trained gangsters but  doesn’t have the ability to control her powers until she meets Ainsoft CEO, Ahn Min Hyuk. With her desire to work as a game developer at Ainsoft, she takes the offer to be the bodyguard of the CEO.

goblin kdramaGoblin – rated 9.5 stars

with Gong Yoo & Lee Dong Wook

Kim Shin, a brave warrior during the Goryeo era and was a loyal servant to his king met his end at the hand of his master. Due to the number of people he had killed in the battlefield, he was punished and was given the task of a Goblin, fulfilling desperate people’s wishes and for the punishment, he will live in a very long time and will get to see people close to him die before him. Due to his fervent request, the divinity gave him a chance by providing him a wife who is destined to end his misery.

The Legend of the Blue Sea – rated 8.5 stars

with Jun Ji Hyun & Lee Min Ho

Born in the present time as Shim Chung and Heo Joon Jae, this couple who had an ill-fated love in the past meet again and are destined to fall in love again. Since Sim Chung is a mermaid and has a limited time on land, she has to capture Heo Joon Jae’s heart so she could be loved by him in return and will make her stay on land possible. The couple is facing a possibility to  repeat all things in the past including their sad end but will a happy ending possible this time?

W kdramaW – rated 10 stars

with Lee Jong Suk  & Han Hyo Joo

Our surgeon heroine, Yun Joo went into the webtoon world to save the gorgeous and super rich Kang Chul of W webtoon series that her own father created. She was able to return to the real world but would always be summoned back especially when Kang Chul needed her.

please come back mister kdramaPlease Com Back Mister – rated 7.5 stars

with Kim In Kwon & Rain

2 souls were having unfinished business in the world of the living and were granted to come back in two different bodies. The salesperson Kim Young Soo came back as a handsome guy who eventually became the boss of the place where he used to work. On the other hand, Han Gi Tak who used to be a tough guy came back as beautiful woman.

moorim school kdramaMoorim School – rated 8 stars

with Lee Hyun Woo & Hong Bin

Moorim school is not an ordinary school. It’s hidden and protected by a seal in the depth of the forest so not just everyone could enter. But one day, someone broke the seal and the person who was deemed responsible is a famous idol seeking to cure himself from a physical suffering. He then meets other students and developed a close relationship to them.

Scholar Who Walks the Night kdramaScholar Who Walks the Night – rated 8.5 stars

with Lee Joon Ki  & Lee Yoo Bi

Kim Sung Yeol together with his best friend, the crown prince Junghyun tried to get rid of Gwi, the vampire who was ruling the palace… but failed. He got bitten and turned into a vampire himself and went into hiding. After a century, he found the secret on how he could get rid of Gwi. With the help of the ruling royals and unfortunately with the woman he loves, he’ll take the battle that will end it all.

orange marmalade kdramaOrange Marmalade – rated 7 stars

with Yeo Jin Goo & Seol Hyun

A pretty young vampire, Ma Ri wanted to experience life with humans so she attended highschool where a smart and talented student Jung Jae Min also attends. They got along quickly for they’re both fond of music but Jae Min changed as soon as he learned that Ma Ri is a vampire.

sensory couple kdramaSensory Couple – rated 7.5 stars

with Yoochun & Shin Se kyung

After a tragic accident, Choi Eun Sul later known as Oh Cho Rim lost her memory but gained something extra-ordinary in return. Her one eye turned colourful and she could see smell through it. She later crossed paths with the young policeman Choi Moo Gak and helped him solved crime cases using her ability to see smell.

Blood kdramaBlood – rated 7.5 stars

with Ahn Jae Hyun & Koo Hye Sun

Park Ji Sang is a popular surgeon who just started working at Taemin Cancer Hospital. He’s young, good-looking but he keeps a secret. He’s a vampire! Son of both infected parents, one of its kind. Ji Sang meets Yoo Ri Ta, the heiress of Taemin and also a surgeon. Together, they’ll find a way how to stop the scientific experiment that is being conducted in the hospital.

the night watchman kdramaThe Night Watchman – rated 7.5 stars

with Jung Il Woo & Go Sung Hee

Secretly, the old king gathered some men to guard the land from ghosts or evil spirits. These men are called the Night Watchmen! When the King died, the job of the Night Watchmen also ended. Meanwhile, Prince Lee Rin, who can see ghosts and the original heir to the throne found a journal of a Night Watchman. While searching for answers he met Do Ha and Jo Sang Hun, a former Nightwatchman.

i hear your voice kdramaI Hear Your Voice – rated 8 stars

with Lee Bo Young & Lee Jong Suk

Park Soo Ha, a high school student is looking for the woman who once helped him put the man who killed his father into jail. He then realized she became a lawyer and went to meet her. With his ability to read people’s mind, he’s trying to protect her from now newly released killer of his dad.

you who came from the stars kdramaYou Who Came from the Stars – rated 9 stars

with Jeon Ji Hyun & Kim Soo Hyun

A handsome alien came to earth 400 years ago, met someone he liked but unfortunately she died instantly. Fast forward to the present with still the same handsome alien, he meets a girl who exactly looks like the girl in the past.

the master's sun kdramaThe Master’s Sun – rated 8 stars

with So Ji Sub & Gong Hyo Jin

A girl who can see ghosts found shelter from a powerful, rich and good-looking CEO. She grabbed the chance of staying by his side when he needed someone to talk to his dead ex-girlfriend.

gu family book kdramaGu Family Book – rated 8.5 stars

with Lee Seung Ki & Bae Suzy

The story follows the the life of KangChi, a half-human and half-mythical creature, who till the end tried to protect the people who were precious to him.

arang and the magistrate kdramaArang and the Magistrate – rated 8 stars

with Lee Joon Ki  & Shin Min Ah

Arang, a wandering ghost finally met the man who could help her solve the mystery of her death and that person is the newly appointed Magistrate in the village.

49 days kdrama49 Days – rated 7 stars

with Lee Yo Won & Nam Gyu Ri

A young woman who was set to marry soon got into a car accident leaving her in coma. She meets the grim reaper who gave her a second chance but in order for that to realize, she has to collect genuine tears in 49 days.

Secret Garden – rated 10 stars

with Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won

When an heir to a wealthy family falls in love with a stunt woman, things are expected to get complicated. It gets even worse when these 2 switch bodies.

my girlfriend is a gumiho kdramaMy Girlfriend is a Gumiho – rated 7 stars

with Lee Seung Ki & Shin Min Ah

A gumiho (a nine-tailed fox) was released from being trapped for years in the painting. Once in the human world and no direction, she followed the guy who released her.

hello franceska kdramaHello Franceska – rated 7 stars

with Shim Hye Jin & Lee Doo Il

A member of some hundred years old vampire clan named Franceska fell in love with a human whom she bit. Together with the other vampires in the family, she had to live in the present world.