Best Time-Travel Kdramas

Time-travel is one intriguing genre for me and I’m always willing to stir up my brain a little for some time-traveling adventure!

A Time Called You kdrama

A Time Called You – rated 8.5 stars

with Ahn Hyo Seop & Jeon Yeo Bin

Han Jun Hee still grieves the death of her boyfriend who died a year ago. One day, she receives a cassette recorder from a mysterious sender, which allows her to time travel back to 1998. There she meets Nam Si Hyeon who resembles her dead boyfriend.

durian's affair kdramaDurian’s Affair – rated 9 stars

with Park Joo Mi & Kim Min Jun

Du Ri An, a noble lady in the Joseon era, gets transported to the present time together with her daughter-in-law, Kim Seo Jeo. The two ladies are taken in by the Dan family, who are mostly reincarnated relatives from the past. Du Ri An, who lost her son gets reunited with him and Kim Seo Jeo too gets reunited with her husband, however he doesn’t recognize both of them.

tale of the nine tailed 1938

The Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 – rated 8.5 stars

with Lee Dong Wook & Kim So Yeon

Lee Yeon has to travel back to the past to retrieve an important item that’s been missing in the future. He travels back to 1938, the Japanese colonization era, and there he meets his past self, Lee Rang, his brother, Ryu Hong Joo, a former guardian spirit of the West and Cheon Moo Young, a former guardian spirit of the East, who harbors ill-feeling against Lee Yeon.

sisyphus kdramaSisyphus: The Myth – rated 8 stars

with Cho Seung Woo & Park Shin Hye

Han Tae Sul is a rich, genius engineer who owns Quantum and Time, a successful company in Korea. After a plane accident, he discovers traces that leads to his brother’s death. While investigating, he meets Kang Seo Hae, an elite soldier from the future who travels back in time to help him.

alice kdramaAlice – rated 8 stars

with Kim Hee Sun & Joo Won

Park Jin Gyum is a police detective finding out about people traveling from the future through a place called Alice. The main purpose of Alice is to provide healing for clients in the future who had some bad experiences in the past. So they get to travel back to fix it. While investigating, Park Jin Gyum meets a woman who totally looks like his dead mom.

the king eternal monarch kdramaThe King: Eternal Monarch – rated 8 stars

with Lee Min Ho & Kim Go Eun

King Lee Gon of the Kingdom of Corea, a parallel world of the Republic of Korea, crosses dimension chasing after a person who he thinks was his savior when he was a little boy who was about to get killed. He finally meets Jung Tae Eul, a detective in the other world, who he thinks was his saviour but she doesn’t have a recollection of him. In his constant trip to the other side, King Lee Gon realizes the two worlds are messed up due to the doing of his traitor uncle Lee Rim. So he is finding a way to fix it.

tunnel kdramaTunnel – rated 8 stars

with Choi Jin Hyuk & Lee Yoo Young

Park Kwang Ho, a detective in the 80’s tried to solve a series of murder cases in his hometown but when he was about to catch the culprit in a tunnel where the last murder took place, he was transported 30 years later where he still tried desperately to solve the case with the hope of getting transported back to the past. “Absolute intriguing!”

tomorrow-with-you kdramaTomorrow With You rated 8 stars

with Lee Je Hoon & Shin Min Ah

A time-traveler makes all his fortune and even meets his wife by time traveling, but can he also save her life by going back and forth.

god's gift kdramaGod’s Gift – 14 Days – rated 7.5 stars

with Lee Bo Young & Cho Seung Woo

2 people went back in time exactly 14 days before the death of their loved ones. One is a mother who will try to save her daughter from getting murdered and the other one is the brother of a prisoner who’s going to be hung.

you who came from the stars kdramaYou Who Came from the Stars rated 9 stars

with Jeon Ji Hyun & Kim Soo Hyun

What happens if an alien who doesn’t age falls in love with a human? She dies, he’ll be left alone and of course wait for her to be reborn! That’s some alien love!

marry him if you dare kdramaMarry Him if You Dare rated 7 stars

with Yoon Eun Hye & Lee Dong Gun

A lady travels back to the past to meet her future husband and stop it from happening. Hm, a lot of you perhaps will love to do this but is it possible? Find out!


queen in hyun's man kdramaQueen In Hyun’s Man – rated 8 stars

with Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na

Not a 100% period drama and also involves time-travelling of a Joseon man to the present time and meeting an actress portraying as the queen of his past era. Beware: can get a bit cheesy!

faith kdramaFaith – rated 7.5 stars

with Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun

First reason to watch it, it’s because there’s Lee Min Ho in it. Second reason is how it ended – time-travel solution and a brief reunion were just perfect.

rooftop prince kdramaRooftop Prince – rated 9 stars

with Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min as Park Ha

A semi-period drama and involves time travelling of a Joseon prince to the present time that leads unraveling deep secrets in the past. Lots of hilarious scenes that will keep you laughing but will have to endure some heartbreaks too.