Boss Romance Kdramas

When bosses become the subject of our leads’ affection, working environment becomes more challenging and complicated, but also exciting! Here’s a list of kdramas with endearing “boss romance” involved…

good job kdrama

Good Job – rated 8 stars

with Jung Il Woo & Kwon Yoo Ri

Eun Seon Woo is the owner of Eun Kang group. He also secretly runs a private detective office to mainly investigate the mystery behind his mother’s death. He meets Don Se Ra, who has an ability to see extremely far objects with her bare eyes. Don Se Ra starts working for Eun Soo Woo’s detective work and eventually falls in love with each other.

kiss sixth sense kdramaKiss Sixth Sense – rated 8 stars

with Yoon Kye Sang & Seo Ji Hye

Hong Ye Sol has a special ability to see her future once her lips touch someone. One day, she accidentally kisses her boss Cha Min Ho’s lips and she sees their happy future together. She can’t believe it, as she always find her boss as a cold type of guy.

crazy love kdramaCrazy Love – rated  8 stars

with Kim Jae Wook & Krystal Jung

Noh Go Jin is the top Math instructor and the CEO of GOTOP, a learning institute in Korea. He pretends he has amnesia due to a lot of death threats he had received. His secretary Lee Shin Ah, who has a grudge on Noh Go Jin for being a mean boss, pretends she is his fiancee thinking he doesn’t remember anything.

a busines proposal kdrama

A Business Proposal – rated 8.5 stars

with Ahn Hyo Seop & Kim Se Jung

Shin Ha Ri works for a food company as a researcher. One day, her life changes when she tries to go on a blind date instead of her close friend, but the guy she dates happens to be Kang Tae Moo, the CEO of the company where she works for.

zombie detective kdrama

Zombie Detective – rated 8 stars

with Choi Jin Hyuk & Park Joo Hyun

Kim Moo Young had been living in a village as a zombie for the past two years and learned how to move and act like a real live person. He moves to the city and takes over the identity of a dead detective. While starting his detective work, he meets Gong Sun Ji, who takes an interest working as a detective assistant.

backstreet rookie kdrama

Backstreet Rookie – rated 8 stars

with Kim Yoo Jung & Ji Chang Wook

Choi Dae Hyun runs a convenience store and badly needs a part-timer to help him out. Jung Saet Byul applies for the job and she really works hard to improve the sales. Jung Saet Byul actually likes Choi Dae Hyun since they met 3 years ago. She was still a bad-ass highschool student back then and now that she is in college, she needs a part-time job and tries to work for the person that she has a crush on.

itaewon class kdrama

Itaewon Class – rated 8.5 stars

with Park Seo Joon & Kim Da Mi

Park Sae Royi, after losing his father and who did not get justice from it, promises himself to take revenge against the people who did him wrong. After some years serving in prison and later working very hard to raise some money, he finally manages to own a pub in Itaewon, an area in Seoul popular for its nightlife and restaurants.

melting me softly kdrama

Melting Me Softly – rated 8 stars

with Ji Chang Wook & Won Jin Ah

Frozen in 1999 and got thawed in 2019! The lives of Dong Chan and Mi Ran will never be the same. They will be adjusting to a life full of challenging trends and lifestyles while maintaining a low-temperature body to stay alive.

hotel del luna kdrama

Hotel del Luna – rated 9.5 stars

with IU & Yeo Jin Goo

Hotel del Luna is owned by Jang Man Wol who has been around for over a century, stuck in between the world of the living and the dead. Her hotel caters to the needs and wishes of those souls before they would proceed to the afterlife. Hotel del Luna gets a new manager who is a living human to manage all the paper works and other things which deals with the world of the living and he is no other than Goo Chang Sung, a well-sought manager in his field.

Her-private-life kdrama

Her Private Life – rated 7.5 stars

with Park Min Young & Kim Jae Wook

An art gallery curator is also a huge kpop fan and has been living passionately as both. She then meets the new director of the gallery who is at first very critical of everyone’s work but then also has his own soft side.

touch-your-heart kdrama

Touch Your Heart – rated 8.5 stars

with Lee Dong Wook & Yoo In Na

An actress tries to learn about legal stuff to prepare for her comeback drama but then meets boss super handsome, snobbish lawyer who is not so cool about her working for him.

the last empress kdrama

The Last Empress – rated 8 stars

with Jang Na Ra and Choi Jin Hyuk

Present day Korea monarchy with the emperor marrying a commoner, Oh Sunny, to hide his flaws and crimes. Oh Sunny, a small-time musical actress and a huge fan of the emperor, becomes the empress and suddenly gets in the middle of the chaos inside the palace.

Are-You-Human-Too kdrama

Are You Human Too? – rated 9 stars

with Seo Kang Joon & Gong Seung Yun

Nam Shin 3 is a very advanced robot created by the brilliant scientist Dr. Oh to replace her son the real Nam Shin whose been separated from her since he was young. When Nam Shin falls into coma, Nam Shin 3 has to replace him to act on his behalf as the director of the company the real Nam Shin will have to inherit. Nam Shin 3 is doing fantastic in his job and he even gets close to the lady bodyguard, Kang So Bong.

what's wrong with secretary kim kdrama

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim – rated 8.5 stars

with Park Seo Joon  & Park Min Young

Secretary Kim, the very capable secretary of 9 years of the quite handsome but full of himself vice chairman Lee Young Joon is quitting and leaving the very handsome boss frustrated. She has 2 months to train her replacement and convince her boss to let go of her so she can finally find what she likes doing most.

wok-of-love kdramaWok of Love – rated 8 stars

with Jung Ryeo Won & Lee Joon Ho

Seo Poong is a chef of a popular Chinese restaurant but got fired and ends up working in a small restaurant owned by a gangster boss, Chil Sung. He then meets Sae Woo, who used to be rich but is now desperately looking for a job and ends up in his newly open restaurant. Together, they work hard to get new customers and compete with the big Chinese restaurant across the street.

im not a robot kdrama

I’m Not a Robot – rated 9 stars

with Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

What happens if you’ve pretended as a robot to the man that you fell in love? Ji Ah has to pretend to be Aji 3, a robot, to Kim Min Kyu. While spending time with each other, they developed a mutual affection towards each other.

suspicious partner kdrama

Suspicious Partner – rated 8 stars

with Ji Chang Wook & Nam Ji Hyun

Noh Ji Wook is a prosecutor who lost his position for helping a former lawyer intern, Eun Bong Hee acquitted from her case of killing her boyfriend, son of the District Attorney. The two then work together run a private law firm and get to defend a guy who would be the answer to all puzzles and capturing him would put everything back in place.

my secret romance kdrama

My Secret Romance – rated 7.5 stars

with Sung Hoon & Song Ji Eun

One-night stand turned serious after a couple of years. Our sexy director Jin Wook just doesn’t forget Lee Yoo Mi’s pretty face. But do they have a future together? Maybe Lee Yoo Mi’s cooking will contribute a bit.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon rated 8.5 stars

with Park Bo Young & Park Hyung Sik

Super strong woman Do Bong Soon is long lost heroine of our CEO Min Min and she seems to be doing fine being his current heroine as well. Funny with some serious mystery solving.

the k2 kdrama

K2 – rated 9 stars

with Ji Chang Wook & Im Yoon Ah

Kim Je Ha, a former soldier who is on the run after being framed, crosses path with the powerful Choi Yoo Jin, the wife of a presidential hopeful, Jang Se Joon. Je Ha witnesses one of Jang Se Joon’s affair thus ordered to be killed by Choi Yoo Jin but survives. Impressed by that, the latter then hires him to be one of her trusted bodyguards and gets an assignment to look after the secret daughter of Jang Se Joon.

she was pretty kdrama

She Was Pretty – rated 7.5 stars

with Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon

It’s always funny whenever Hwang Jung Eum is around. Though her leading man here is not that strong, we’ve got Shi Won from Super Junior who saved the show with his looks and a role that is quite entertaining.

hyde jekyll and i kdrama

Hyde, Jekyll and I – rated 6.5 stars

with Hyun Bin & Han Ji Min

Geo Seo Jin, an heir and the CEO of a theme park Wonderland is suffering from a multiple personality disorder. The other personality he possesses is called Robin, a very talented artist who always helps him whenever he’s in a difficult situation.

mr back kdrama

Mr. Back rated 7.5 stars

with Shin Ha Kyun & Jang Nara

Old guy got hit by a meteor and became a young man. He fell in love of course with a young lady but at the same time has to prove he owns all the riches that his old self owned.

cunning single lady kdrama

Cunning Single Lady – rated 7.5 stars

with Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook

It’s hard if you dump your guy and he becomes a successful founder of an app. Not just that, he becomes sexy-looking as well. As you see, our lady here is trying to seduce that guy back. Funny and romantic, just our typical romcom.

the master's sun kdrama

The Master’s Sun rated 8 stars

with So Ji Sub & Gong Hyo Jin

The lady who can see ghosts is helping a very handsome chaebol talk to his dead girlfriend. Do you think these two have a chance together?

wild romance kdrama

Wild Romance – rated 7 stars

with Lee Dong Wook & Lee Si Young

This lady bodyguard has to protect a popular baseball player from any stalker, but she grows fond of him everyday she works for him.

take care of the young lady kdrama

Take Care of the Young Lady – rated 7.5 stars

with Yoon Eun Hye and Yoon Sang Hyun

A spoiled brat, rich young lady is doing whatever she likes but had to deal with his persistent bodyguard.

coffee prince kdrama

Coffee Prince – rated 9.5 stars

with Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo

A beautiful story of  a boyish girl who aspires to be a barista. She started working at a coffee shop owned by of course our very handsome coffee prince.

my girl kdrama

My Girl – rated 8.5 stars

with Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae

Cute and funny story of a girl who works as a guide in Jeju, bumped into a rich guy who owns a mandarin farm and hotels. She got into a mess when she accepted a deal to lie as the lost granddaughter of his wealthy grandmother.

my name is kim sam soon

My Name is Kim Sam Soon – rated 7 stars

with Hyun Bin & Kim Sun Ah

A heartbroken Kim Sam Soon found a new love and he is just a nobody but a CEO of a big company. Everything was fine until his first love came back home.

lovers in paris kdrama

Lovers in Paris – rated 6.5 stars

with Kim Jung Eun & Park Shin Yang

Love triangle which started in Paris. A girl met 2 guys who both like her and are both brothers that made it more complicated. Story continued as characters returned to Korea.