moving kdramaSummary: Three students who attend the same high school have extra-ordinary abilities. Kim Bong Seok has the ability to fly. Jang Hui So has excellent athletic skills and the ability to heal quickly, and Lee Gang Hoon has some power and speed. They inherited these abilities from their extra-ordinary parents.

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Action, Supernatural, Romance, Webtoon
Episodes: 20
Stars: Ryoo Seung Ryong as Jang Ju Won
Han Hyo Joo as Lee Mi Hyun
Jo In Sung as Kim Doo Sik
Cha Tae Hyun as Jeon Gye Do
Ko Yoon Jung as Jang Hui So
Kim Do Hoon as Lee Gang Hoon

Likes: This wasn’t on my watch list until I saw a trailer and it had Han Hyo Joo and Jo In Sung in it. How did I even miss that? Glad I started watching, and yes I couldn’t stop anymore after a couple episodes. It was just so good! And that was even before the love story of Lee Mi Hyun and Kim Doo Sik.

Power Couple. Since I’m already talking about it, let’s just finish it up! There are several back stories in this drama, and they are the stories of the parents who possess superpowers. A lot them made it to the government’s secret agency as black agents. Lee Mi Hyun, a lady agent whose all four senses are magnified, meets elite black agent Kim Doo Sik, who has the ability to fly. I love the chemistry between these two. I love how an elite black agent became all giddy with the lady he liked. These power couple gave birth to a baby, who possessed both parents’ abilities. Of course, this black agent couple was portrayed by Han Hyo Joo and Jo In Sung. It was such a treat!

Their son, Kim Bong Seok, looked very ordinary but inherited his parents’ superpowers. He keeped it as a secret until he met a girl at school who also possess a superpower, and that’s the ability to not feel pain and to heal quickly. Her name is  Jang Hui So. Now, this girl is actually the daughter of another agent, who was close friends with Kim Bong Seok’s parents.

The Hulk. The story of the hulk is quite sad. Before Jang Ju Won became an agent, he was just a thug, considered as monster by many because of his ability to cut himself open without getting hurt. He met the love of his life, who was normal, and they gave birth to a baby girl, Jang Hui So. His wife died in an accident, and he couldn’t do anything about it, but raised their daughter alone and tried to be normal.

Protecting the Kids. These parents who have superpowers just wanted to live normal and in peace. They all went incognito to protect their kids. However, when their kids suddenly were in danger, they all came out to protect them. I love how Lee Mi Hyun went all out to protect Kim Bong Seok, Jang Ju Won to protect Jang Hui So and Lee Jae Man to protect Lee Gang Hoon. The scene was just too cool! They might be superheroes, but they’re also parents, and children, always do come first.

The bad men who were not that bad. I like how the characters of the North Korean agents were justified. Like the South Korean black agents, they just also wanted to live normally. However, in order to survive, they had to kill, to hunt and destroy. They had to follow orders, whether these orders make sense or not. It’s just pretty sad just how they were exploited for their power. In the end, the men on top, didn’t even care about them

The teacher. I love the character. Although his job was to find new talents, he eventually developed empathy. He started becoming like a true teacher, who would teach the kids and also become someone who the kids can rely on, just like their own parent.

Cliffhangers. I won’t be surprised if you’ll end up binge-watching this drama. The cliffhangers are sooo good, it’s always tempting to take a peek on the next episode.

Ending. I just love how it ended. I love the power couple reunion and the story for the young superheroes was kind of left open. Maybe the romance between our cute Bong Seok and pretty Hui So will continue, who knows!

My Rating: 9 stars! (10 as highest)

A Time Called You

A Time Called You kdramaSummary: Han Jun Hee still grieves the death of her boyfriend who died a year ago. One day, she receives a cassette recorder from a mysterious sender, which allows her to time travel back to 1998. There she meets Nam Si Hyeon who resembles her dead boyfriend.

A Time Called You Trailer

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Time-travel, Mystery, Melodrama
Episodes: 12
Stars: Ahn Hyo Seop as Koo Yeon Jun / Nam Si Hyeon
Jeon Yeo Bin as Han Jun Hee / Kwon Min Ju
Kang Hoon as Jung In Gyu

Likes: Such a good combination of melodrama and time-travel. I love time-travel, but oftentimes endings of this genre don’t always have that good closure. Not this one though. I know it feels very melodramatic in the beginning, but somehow in a good way. Keep watching until the end, and everything will make sense.

Beautiful love story. He fell in love with someone who traveled from the future and lived in a borrowed body. This is someone who fell in love with her personality. Well, that is something unusual. It goes beyond appearance and beyond time. I love the fact the he drew her in the past with her bubbly personality in mind. She might have been living in someone else’s body, but he was thinking of her as a different person already back then.

Overlapping timeline. Keep a good eye on the years. It can be confusing, but in the end it all makes sense. I just love how intricate the timeline was. The going back and forth time in an attempt to find a solution to the root problem. It was just fascinating!

The mysterious cassette recorder.  I like the way they time-travel here. It’s through music and without surprise I get to like that song already. The cassette tape was a present from the shy Kwon Min Ju that made Nam Si Hyeon travel to the future and meet Han Ju Hee. Han Ju Hee got hold of the recorder with the tape in it and travelled to the past and in the end saved Kwon Min Ju. Yes, so it all went back to Kwon Min Ju.

The love triangle in the past. This is the hardest when a girl likes a guy who doesn’t like her back however his bestfriend likes her, but the girl is not interested in the bestfriend. Lots of unrequitted love here, but the friendship is strong though, so let’s stick to it.

We all want our own In Gyu. In reality, we would love to have someone who would sacrifice for us, who would be there for us always, who would accept us for being who we are, who would love us no matter what. In Gyu, the bestfriend, was such a likable character and I think Kang Hoon, kudos to him, really did him justice here

Brilliant top leads.

Ahn Hyo Seop as Koo Yeon Jun / Nam Si Hyeon – He was such a natural as the young Nam Si Hyeon. The older one got really gloomy understandably from all the sad pasts. As Koo Yeon Jun, he was somewhere in the middle, calm and loving. Overall, Ahn Hyo Seop did such a great job with his roles.

Jeon Yeo Bin as Han Jun Hee / Kwon Min Ju – She did amazing! She was able to show a big difference between the two characters. You couldn’t even tell it’s the same person. She got really into a big drama as Kwon Min Ju, lot’s of tears there, such a moving scene.

Favourite Quotes. “I have to die to fall in love again.”

“Whenever your heart calls for me, I will go to you.

Awesome cameo. Such a surprise to see Ro Woon  (I’m watching his drama, Destined with You) as the love interest of the real Koo Yeon Jun, just before Nam Si Hyeon took over his body. When the two held hands, I was like, Oh my gosh 😲!

The Ending. As mentioned above, I love how it ended., how they closed that crazy time-travel cycle. And of course I love it that there was even an epilogue at the very end, and our two main characters meet again anew, unkowing of their past but the connection was still evident 😊❤️.

My Rating: 8.5 stars! (10 as highest)

Durian’s Affair

durian's affair kdramaSummary: Du Ri An, a noble lady in the Joseon era, gets transported to the present time together with her daughter-in-law, Kim Seo Jeo. The two ladies are taken in by the Dan family, who are mostly reincarnated relatives from the past. Du Ri An, who lost her son gets reunited with him and Kim Seo Jeo too gets reunited with her husband, however he doesn’t recognize both of them.

Durian’s Affair Trailer

Genre: Period, Time-travel, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery
Episodes: 16
Stars:  Park Joo Mi as Du Ri An
Kim Min Jun as Dan Chi Gam / Dol Soe
Lee Da Yeon as Kim Seo Jo
Yoo Jung Ho as Dan Deung Myung
Choi Myoung Gil as Baek Do Yi

Likes: What can I say when my favourite genres are consolidated in one kdrama, finally someone has heard me right. We’ve got a combination of past and present here, highlighting vital scenes in Joseon era when all things begun. Time-travel is one of my favourites too! Fantasy, romance and mystery completed the whole roller-coaster plot which involves two noble ladies who time-traveled to the present and meet their long-gone relatives. Crazy but brilliant idea!

Durian’s Affair. Whatever happens when you watch the show, never forget, it’s all because of Durian’s affair. So it’s about the impossible love of a servant and a noble lady who was given a chance to sleep with one another to give the lady a son that her husband couldn’t possibly give due to declining health. The two involved were kind of thankful for that impossible chance. The servant especially couldn’t believe his luck and he was anytime ready to accept his bitter fate after that. This affair obviously complicates and twists the lives of the reincarnated people involved.

How the story told. I’m impressed with how the story unfolded. It started in the present time presenting this great, wealthy, good-looking family. The family seems very nice. Wealthy but good people. Their lives were suddenly shaken when these two noble ladies from the past appeared, and Du Ri An, the older noble lady knows that the wealthy family members are mostly reincarnation of her loved ones from the past. I liked the going back and forth, past and present unfolding of stories. The slow revelation of things (but not draggy) makes the drama so interesting and exciting.

Very well defined-characters. Everyone has a story, everyone’s character especially the main ones were built-up properly, creating very important roles in the story. Everyone is likeable and relatable because of that. We understand the feelings and the reasons involved because of how defined the characters are. We understand why Du Ri An was scared of the mum but at the same time respectful of her. We understand why she was uneasy with the youngest son but also couldn’t help getting curious about him. We fully understand how she felt when she saw her dead son alive in front of her. How these important characters are connected to one another, is so well-architected in this drama.

Good-looking cast. Everyone was just stunning! The two noble ladies from the past looked great in their Hanboks, primmed and proper, and exhibited classic elegance! The rich family in the present time also exhibited elegance, luxury and never dying beauty!

Park Joo Mi as Du Ri An – her beauty suits her role. Simple, serene and exuded elegance. She really did a great job portraying lady Du Ri An as someone so soft-spoken, respectful, choosy with her words, and so demure when she moved around.

Lee Da Yeon as Kim Seo Jo – I find her sooo pretty! Loved the way she spoke, so soft and shy. The role was a young grieving woman who lost her husband, and she did an amazing job portraying that. The way she would look at her reincarnated husband was so full of love and longing!

Choi Myoung Gil as Baek Do Yi – I loved the role. First you would think of her as someone evil, but she was not. That’s what Du Ri An thought as well. She feared her mother-in-law, but she respected her. In the present life, the Baek Do Yi was still the centre of them all, a beautiful, powerful, and a reasonable lady, who unbelievably got along with all her grown-up sons. Truly remarkable.

Gorgeous wardrobes. I’ve got to give credits to the stylists of the show for coming up with a solid, gorgeous outfits for everyone. My favourite showdown was the first episode at the birthday of Baek Do Yi when everyone was dressed up for the event and all her kids and grandson gathered, looking handsome and rich, including the beautiful daughters-in-law. They were all consistently well-dressed throughout the show. It’s fun to watch.

Of course, the Hanboks worn by our Joseon ladies were also top. It was like a battle between the traditional and the modern. Both were so tastefully worn.

The addictive intro. I never got tired watching the intro everytime I watched an episode. It just sooo good! Loved the music, the timing, and everyone looked great here. Check it out… Durian’s Affair Intro!

Cliffhangers! It would make you binge-watch, well, if you have all the episodes ready. Unfortunately for me, had to wait for the next two episodes every week. But yes, awesome cliffhangers!

Favourite quote. “If there is the sun, there is the moon. If there is the moon, there is the sun. If there is happiness, there is misfortune. If you oovercome the misfortune, there is happiness.”

The ending. The whole story is about reincarnation and karma. In the end, these two women who came from the past, who fell in love and who spent time with the person they loved, but then later in life lost them, kind of got rewarded when they made it to the present and met the love of their lives again. However, it wasn’t as simple with Du Ri An, maybe because of her affair. The father of her son became the son’s uncle and her past husband became the brother of her’s son’s father. Entangled relationships! And in the end, Du Ri An realized that her life in the past was about to repeat itself, and she was unhappy about it. She would rather go back, and be alone than being with someone she doesn’t love. I agree that the ending was too abrupt, but I assume Du Ri An disappeared with Chi Gam, the reincarnation of her one truly love.

Baek Do Yi’s (the mother-in-law) fate was very sad. She lost her favourite son and her husband. Everything was going well with her but then maybe because of what she did in the past, her present took a different turn. I actually really loved her present personality, couldn’t see a fault in her. But I guess karma had spoken and there she had it.

I loved Kim Seo Jo’s ending the most, as she stayed with Deung Myung. She became a famous actress herself and has a son with him.

Overall, it was a great drama. Kept me hooked every week. Loved the setting, great story, well-developed characters and with such brilliant acting.

My Rating: 9 stars! (10 as highest)

Our Blooming Youth

our blooming youth kdramaSummary: Crown prince Lee Hwan believes he is cursed by ghost. He secretly seeks help from his former teacher. However, the teacher and his family got poisoned and the main suspect is his surviving daughter, Min Jae Yi. Min Jae Yi pleads innocent and believes that the murder of her family has got something to do with the crown prince’s secret letter, so she escapes and finds a way to meet crown prince Lee Hwan in person.

Our Blooming Youth Trailer

Genre: Period, Romance, Mystery, Kings & Princes, Gender Bender
Episodes: 20
Stars: Park Hyung Sik as Crown Prince Lee Hwan
Jeon So Nee as Min Jae Yi
Pyo Ye Jin as Jang Ga Ram
Yun Jong Seok as Han Sung On
Lee Tae Sun as Kim Myung Jin

Likes: If there was something I like most about this drama, it was the beautiful capture of the past and its sceneries. It brings you back to that ancient time when the drama was set. The country was in a raw state, no cars, only horses, no concrete roads, only dusty pathways. It was captivating, with all these people running around in old clothing, with the nobles in beautiful and colourful hanboks.

Lavish in costumes. The palace people of course had the best outfits. I love how the queen was dressed gorgeously everyday. It perfectly suited her flawless beauty! The Crown Prince also had several choices of outfits inside the palace, and he even looked dashing in Hanboks whenever he was a nobleman in disguise.

The mystery of revenge. It was a bit confusing at first if this was a mixed fantasy and period but it wasn’t. It was a well-crafted revenge plan by the people who were oppressed, who lost their loved ones, still suffering from pain and who vowed to bring down the oppressor no matter what.

The investigators. I love the team of investigators, which even included the crown prince himself, who worked together to bring justice to the people. Min Jae Yi who seeked help from the crown prince to clear her name as a murderer of her own family, was a skilled investigator before the incident. She then worked with Kim Myung Jin who is also skilled in analyzing dead bodies. It was a difficult puzzle to solve, but they got it in the end.

The chemistry. I was disappointed by the poor chemistry between the Crown Prince and Min Jae Yi, but couldn’t help rooting for Han Sung On, who was Min Jae Yi ex fiance. I thought the two would have been a better pair. On the other hand, Jang Ga Ram and Kim Myung Jin surprised me with a good chemistry. I love their ending too.

The best friend. Han Sung On was definitely the guy to fall for 😊. He was handsome, good in fighting, a loyal friend, a thoughtful fiance,  and from a good family. Sorry crown prince but I would choose him over you anytime.

The ending. The final fight was a bit disappointing. Too chaotic and it became cringy at the end, but I kind of like the tragic ending of the Queen.

Dislikes: Poor chemistry between top leads. I really wasn’t feeling it. It was a happy ending between the two but it didn’t give me the giddy feeling.

My Rating: 7.5 stars! (10 as highest)

One Dollar Lawyer

one dollar lawyer kdramaSummary: Chun Ji Hun is a former prosecutor who  is now a lawyer and only asking one dollar for his legal fee. He is joined by Sa Ma Jang, his office assistant and Baek Ma Ri, a new lady lawyer.

One Dollar Lawyer Trailer

Genre: Legal, Comedy, Mystery
Episodes: 12
Stars: Nam Goong Min as Chun Ji Hoon
Kim Ji Eun as Baek Ma Ri
Choi Dae Hoon as Seo Min Hyuk

Likes: I watched this because of Nam Goong Min and I’m glad I did because like his other dramas, One Dollar Lawyer didn’t disappoint.

Nam Goong Min. Love this guy. He’s handsome and of course a brilliant actor! Taking the role of Chun Ji Hoon, who went from a serious prosecutor to a can’t-be-taken-seriously-lawyer, shows how versatile Nam Goong Min is as an actor. Chun Ji Hoon was a prosecutor who would do everything to go after corrupt officials even if that would mean his own dad. After 2 tragic losses, he decided to become a lawyer who only takes one dollar as payment and would always wear sunglasses. Funny guy as you look at him compared to his prosecutor days but he possesses a  great sense of social justice and compassion.

Why One Dollar? There’s a sad story behind the one-dollar fee and it’s got something to do with Chun Ji Hoon’s former fiancee who started the office. She helped Chun Ji Hoon get past his sad past only to leave him forever even before they got married. She left her famous law firm in order to start a practice that would help the ones who can’t afford a lawyer fee, thus only asking one-dollar. Chun Ji Hoon, devasted by the fiancee’s death, continued the good intention and he became the One-Dollar Lawyer.

Why the sunglasses? Chun Ji Hoon really looked cool on those but I think the real reason behind the glasses is to hide his grief. Instead of drowning in his grief like after his dad died, he decided to be on the happy, cool and crazy side but hide his grieving eyes with a pair of cool, dark sunglasses.

The cinematic style. I love the directing, how the camera moves and how it captures a lot of scenes, cinematic style. However, it has also an anime-like presentation. That could stem from its OST, as it sounds like you’re watching an anime. Check out One Dollar Lawyer OST here.

The One Dollar Lawyer style. I love the suits! I love the messy hairstyle! But I think, the really cool sunglasses got me! They look so classic and stylish! Tried to find out which sunglasses brand sponsored the drama but nothing came out of that. All in all, the styling of everyone was pretty good. They tried their best to make everyone look like in webtoon. Well done!

The interesting cases. Aside from the main storyline, we have different stories from the cases that our One Dollar lawyer had to handle. I like the case of Kim Min Jae, who had to confess of killing his parents to protect his sister and the reputation of his dad. Having to solve the case was such a bonus!

Lee Jee Hoon cameo. Surprised to see another handsome face. Lee Jee Hoon appeared as himself, a celebrity on the red carpet while our Chun Ji Hoon was making an arrest.

Ending. It feels like there’s going to be season 2 but I’m also good with how it ended. After solving the case of his father and fiancee’s deaths, Chun Ji Hoon once again, is on the go, only asking for one dollar for his fee. He’s like a modern-day superhero for a lot of desperate clients who are put on the edge.

Dislikes: I was kind of hoping a romance with Baek Ma Ri, but nothing really came out of it. Nam Goong Min is also suited more with non-romantic kdrama, but yeah, you’ll never know.

My Rating: 8 stars! (10 as highest)

Little Women

little women kdramaSummary: Oh In Joo, Oh In Kyung and Oh In Hye are sisters who grew up poor. They get involved in a case that lead them to fight against the richest and most influential family in Korea.

Little Women Trailer

Genre: Family, Mystery
Episodes: 12
Stars: Kim Go Eun as Oh In Joo
Nam Ji Hyun as Oh In Kyung
Park Ji Hoo as Oh In Hye

Likes: I think what made me really watch this show was the promising cast. Just taking a look at the big names, we’ve got Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, Wi Ha Joon and Uhm Ki Joon as main cast. Such a feast for a kdrama fan who’d seen these faces a number of times in the past. Of course, I had high expectations. Did it really hit the mark? That, I’ll talk about later in the bottom.

So, let’s take a look at the big names and their roles…

Kim Go Eun as Oh In Joo – I know she’s a great actress, but her role her kind of annoyed me a bit. She was so gullible. I wouldn’t say, stupid, but simply and annoyingly easy to get convinced. Anyway, Kim Go Eun did so well in portraying that.

Nam Ji Hyun as Oh In Kyung – I love In Kyung’s personality! She was tough and brave. She would always stand up to what she believed in and always ready to fight. Nam Ji Hyun’s chemistry with Kang Hoon was also awesome!

Park Ji Hoo as Oh In Hye – I wasn’t a fun of In Hye that much. I don’t like people getting swayed easily with living in mansion. However, I like the actress Park Ji Hoo. She’s a promising young star.

Wi Ha Joon as Choi Do Il – Wi Ha Joon helping Kim Go Eun solved mysteries gave a Squid Game vibe. The forever, mystery revealer! I love seeing him again, although I wished he had more chemistry with Kim Go Eun.

Uhm Ki Joon as Park Jae Sang – the villain role was written all over his face but I was so surprised how it ended with him. What a twist!

Uhm Ji Won as Won Sang Ah – our great villainess, the master puppeteer, the artist. She was so twisted but remain artistic with her ways. Brilliant acting by the lady!

The Story. I was definitely feeling a Squid Game vibe. Psychotic for sure and maybe because Wi Ha Joon was in it 😊. I like the web of mysteries, they were for sure interesting and kept me hooked all throughout. This is of course based on the novel Little Women, so it’s also about sisters who’d gone through difficult times in their lives. It’s a coming of age drama wrapped in psychotic mystery 😉.

The Mystery of the Orchid. I like the importance of the orchid in the show. Not only it was beautiful, but it was representative as well. So once one is not part of the orchid family, he or she becomes a loose orchid, meaning time to die. Of course, the orchid is managed by the main villainess, who’s I think was the star of the show.

The Main Villainess. Of course she was psychotic, but you’ve got to give her that. She was an artist. She wanted to give life to her art. What a twisted mind, but artistic as well.

Singapore with Love! It’s good to see kdrama travelling out again to film. Although, I always associate kdrama with Seoul but it’s good to see other beautiful cities as well.  Singapore was of course a great choice. Still wanna visit the place one day!

Cameo Surprise. One of the first episodes had Song Jong Ki cameo! What a treat! And what a great-looking sales person!

Dislikes: I think the cast was excellent, but the story was quite weak. I like the mysterious approach, the puzzles and everything, but so many loose ends. The plot was also quite messy, it was all over the place. Hard to keep up especially with so many characters in the story.

My Rating: 8 stars! (10 as highest)

Link: Eat, Love, Kill

Link: Eat, Love, Kill KdramaSummary: Eun Gye Hoon is a respectable chef who used to share his emotion with his twin sister. That connection ended when the sister went missing and believed to have died. Eun Gye Hoon meets a girl called No Da Hyun whose feelings and emotions he could also feel just like his sister.

Link: Eat, Love, Kill Trailer

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Melodrama, Food, Psychological, Mystery, Serial Killer
Episodes: 16
Stars: Yeo Jin Goo as Eun Gye Hoon
Moon Ga Young as No Da Hyun

Likes: It’s an interesting combination of fantasy, romance, food and mystery drama. I like the storytelling, it uniquely blends all this genre together.

Fantasy. I guess feeling someone’s emotions fall into this category. Eun Gye Hoon feeling Noh Da Hyun’s emotions always left that surprised reaction on his face. It must have been a truly daunting experience feeling someone’s fear and anxiety. However, I like the connection and the true reason why they had that link.

Romance. I find these two cute. The chemistry wasn’t that strong but they just look great together. It’s was nice to see that although the characters were ill fated, the attraction was strong enough to stay and protect each other until the end.

Food. I thought I won’t see that restaurant open at all! Anyway, all the testing menu and food Eun Gye Hoon prepared for Noh Da Hyun, especially when she could not sleep, were all mouth-watering! We all wish to have a partner who can cook, don’t we?

Mystery. It was nerve-racking as everyone was a potential suspect. But love how it came out. The real culprit was really that someone you least expected. The title of the episode was called “An Ordinary Evil”, revealing the killer’s identity.

Episode Titles. And yeah since we’re just at it, all episode titles were very well-thought of and truly represents the happenings of every episode. Link, The Connection; Lies; Confession; Cheesy, But Destiny; The Child Returns; Fluttering; Poke; The Children of Jiwhadong, Don’t Turn Around; The Red Gate; The Witness, The Premonition; Mom’s Secret; An Ordinary Evil; The Link and Eat, Love, Kill.

Scary and Funny. I like how they managed to make this show scary and at the same time funny. The fact that there’s someone stalking you and the killer of long time ago is still out there, that’s pretty scary. But we’ve got scenes like the mom and the grandma carrying tools around ready to hit someone when their daughter / granddaughter is in danger. Scenes like Eun Gye Hoon’s friend coming inside the restaurant on inconvenient situations. Or both scary and funny like Lee Jin Geun being put in the fridge, then able to escape only to be hit by a taxi. He survived after that and still able to blackmail the taxi driver.

The Top Leads.

Yeo Jin Goo as Eun Gye Hoon – I love Yeo Jin Goo! I’ve watched this guy grow up in kdramas. He is consistently a brilliant actor. As Eun Gye Hoon, I could feel his pain, guilt and loneliness. His face was painted like that. Then he fell in love, and love was there trying hard to thrive in the midst of pain, guilt and loneliness. Seeing the different emotions pouring out of him, even not his own, was brilliant. This guy can cry, even without trying hard. He’s so natural!

Moon Ga Young as No Da Hyun – such a pretty face! I don’t doubt her talent in acting, she’s quite good too. Her tears were just flowing naturally all the time. Not much effort there. I just don’t feel a strong chemistry between her and Yeo Jin Goo.

Ending. I love how all story lines had reached a decent closure. I especially like the happy endings. There were also background stories which shed light to a lot of things like the story of Noh Da Hyun’s grandma. As for our lead characters, it just shows that not all grim pasts can darken the path to happiness and love.

Dislikes: I really don’t understand why Noh Da Hyun kept on walking on dark alleys at night, even after being stalked. That just didn’t make sense!

Chemistry wasn’t that strong.

My Rating: 8 stars! (10 as highest)

Crazy Love

crazy love kdramaSummary: Noh Go Jin is the top Math instructor and the CEO of GOTOP, a learning institute in Korea. He pretends he has amnesia due to a lot of death threats he had received. His secretary Lee Shin Ah, who has a grudge on Noh Go Jin for being a mean boss, pretends she is his fiancee thinking he doesn’t remember anything.

Crazy Love Trailer

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Boss Romance, Rich Boy Poor Girl, Mystery, Detective, Revenge
Episodes: 16
Stars: Kim Jae Wook as Noh Go Jin
Krystal Jung as Lee Shin Ah
Ha Jun as Oh Se Ki
Yoo In Young as Baek Soo Young

Likes: Something that I really miss when this drama ended was its intro music, Ra ta ta ta! Made me always excited when I would start another exciting episode. Actually, let’s check it out again, here it is Crazy Love Intro!

Boss Romance. I just started this list for the love of all kdramas that involve falling in love with, well usually tough, even bully, but of course handsome or pretty bosses. This is just one example and our lead Kim Jae Wook, lived up to our expectations!

Top Leads with awesome visuals.

Kim Jae Wook as Noh Go Jin – oh my gosh the role was so annoying in the beginning. It was so hard to fall for this conceited character. However, as we advanced to later episodes, there was clearly a development to his character, thank  goodness! Kim Jae Wook did great as Noh Go Jin, despite some awkward scenes. He just looked great on all those suits and extra sexy driving his blue Audi R8. I was definitely sold! His chemistry with Krystal was surprisingly amazing! I just love that kiss he gave her when she was on the ladder, looked very genuine!

Krystal Jung as Lee Shin Ah – Krystal is no doubt a great actor. She’s one of those ex idols who can actually really act. Her sister Tiffany, tried the same route, but sorry she wasn’t as good. Krystal as Lee Shin Ah was a natural. She took the role with ease. When it comes to visuals, Kim Jae Wook and her complemented each other so well. As I’ve mentioned above, their chemistry was quite strong. And yeah, she even sung!

Ha Jun as Oh Se Ki – I love this guy. He always spoke so well and was such a good actor. Oh Se Ki and Noh Go Jin’s brotherly bond in the drama was impressive and convincing, so the two of them drifting apart at some point, made me really sad.

Yoo In Young as Baek Soo Young – I haven’t seen her in a while and it was great seeing this amazingly beautiful face again in kdrama world. Her character here didn’t do her villainous acting capability justice. I had seen better but anyway, just glad to see her back.

Impressive office interiors. There was one thing I really noticed in this drama, the impressive offices! First, I love Noh Go Jin’s office… the white board, the books all over the place, it just suited our genius CEO well! Second, Park Yang Tae’s (Ilpum Edu CEO) more traditional, mature but still stylish. I specifically loved his black door, it was very chic! Lasty, Baek Soo Young’s so pretty, feminine and very stylish office. I just loved how the production paid attention to these details.

Impossible Love. At the start, love between our top leads Noh Go Jin and Lee Shin Ah was really nowhere in sight. The bickering between these two looked sooo convincing. As the show progressed, we were seeing possibilities and chemistry. The story also got more interesting, which unsurprisingly made its rating higher.

Impossible Career. I love how it ended with Lee Shin Ah living the impossible dream she had for a long time. She just didn’t give up becoming a teacher and her hard work paid off in the end. What was also impressive is that she chose another institution to work at, and her boyfriend supported her for that, although he knew he would lose such a talent.

Cherry Blossom Ending. It seems to be a trend but I still like it. It was such a beautiful scene and yeah, I love the rings! The couple also had one of the best wedding photos ever!

Dislikes: Desperate to promote that Kahi beauty stick!

My Rating: 8 stars! (10 as highest)


jirisan kdramaSummary: Seo Yi Gang is one of the best rangers in Jirisan, a popular mountain in South Korea. She works with other rangers whose job is to rescue hikers who got lost or stranded in the mountain. Her team is joined by Kang Hyun Jo, a military academy graduate, who has a peculiar ability of seeing visions of death which occurs in the mountain.

Trailer: Jirisan

Genre: Action, Mystery, Serial Killer
Episodes: 16
Stars: Jun Ji Hyun as Seo Yi Gang
Joo Ji Hoon as Kang Hyun Jo

Likes: This didn’t get the rating that it deserved, but for me, there are just many reasons to like this drama…

The Story. I think the script was excellent, combining natural tragedies with man-made, trying to capture the beauty and mystery of the mountain, the different stories of the people living near it and the struggles and challenges of those who are guarding it. I especially loved the back-and-forth storytelling, constantly switching from year 2018 and 2020 and always leaving the best part for last.

The Beauty of Jirisan. The beauty of the mountain is insurmountable and I loved how the drama captured it all. From the picturesque view of the ranges, the unique pine tree forest, the tall cliffs, rocky water ways, and the beauty of it every season, when it’s covered with snow in winter or when wild flowers pop out in spring or when it turns red in fall. It was all breathtaking!

Awesome Cinematography. Yes, indeed! In fact it took Kdramastowatch best in cinematograhy award for 2021! They managed to capture all, the beauty, the mystery and the danger of the mountain.

Murder Mystery.  I’m a sucker for this so of course that made it all interesting for me. Seo Yi Gang who came back to work in a wheelchair had to solve a murder msytery and everyone close to her and whom she’s been working with suddenly became a suspect 🤔.

Ghost Mystery.  It even became more interesting when the one who knew the murderer is stuck in the beautiful Jirisan as a ghost. How did that happen? Anyway, he was such a handsome ghost but I would have been too sad if he ended up ghosting the place forever.

Cliffhangers. Very well done. Made me watch 2-3 episodes in a night! You just can’t stop watching. The storytelling was just too good!

The Cast. Well, very good actors in this show, no doubt!

Jun Ji Hyun as Seo Yi Gang – I loved how active and tough she was here. Such a beautiful lady ranger. Jun Ji Hyun always looks great in whatever outfit she puts on, even the ranger uniform! I also love her chemistry with Joo Ji Hun, was it friendly or romantic or both, they definitely had it!

Joo Ji Hoon as Kang Hyun Jo – loved the character, the hoobae! Not the difficult type of person, friendly and gets along with pretty much everyone. And of course handsome! I haven’t watched Joo Ji Hoon since Mask and I think being in this type of character was such a huge change. As I mentioned above, his chemistry with Jun Ji Hyun was great. I just wished they added more romance between these two characters.

Sung Dong Il as Jo Dae Jin, Oh Jung Se as Jung Goo Young, Jo Han Chul as Park Il Hae – I love these three actors, they always do great in their roles, but I think I was impressed most with Oh Jung Se’s performance when he lost his girlfriend from the flood. Such a heartbreaking scene!

Ending. I just loved how it ended! It wasn’t clear at all what would happen, until the very last episode. I was so glad they gave me that 1 year later epilogue! New year, new beginning with the very first sunrise in Jirisan peak! Just love it!

Dislikes: It could have done with a bit more romance!

My Rating: 9 stars! (10 as highest)

The Devil Judge

the devil judge kdramaSummary: Kang Yo Han is a trial judge best known as the Devil Judge, who punishes the mighty rich and powerful through a trial which is broadcasted nationwide. He has his own way of winning the game of justice and he is unstoppable and he resists control from the top power in the country.

Trailer: The Devil Judge

Genre: Legal, Mystery, Revenge
Episodes: 16
Stars: Ji Sung as Kang Yo Han
Kim Min Jung as Jung Sun Ah
Jin Young as Kim Ga On
Park Gyu Young as Yoon Soo Hyun

Likes: Another great and intense drama with no other than Ji Sung, my favourite! Set in a dystopian Korea, a devil judge tries to put the powerful in a situation where they would lose everything they work hard for. The control for power, manipulation and influence by all parties were quite entertaining. It was like watching a game. When you lose in the game, that could mean losing money, your position and even the people dearest to you. I love how our Devil Judge was always likely to win. He always had his way and he always come out as the winner.

Awesome cast! I totally enjoyed the outpour of talented actors in this drama!

Ji Sung as Kang Yo Han – I had no doubt this is gonna be a great performance from Ji Sung. And yes, I was again right! He was awesome as the Devil Judge. He perfected that haughty look of someone in power that could knockdown the most powerful in the country. Great acting, always handsome, and even as a judge, super sexy!

Kim Min Jung as Jung Sun Ah – oh dear, she was terrific! That controlling, powerful personality was written all over her. I love the character, especially how she started and how she became the power that she wanted to be. I love how she admired Kang Yo Han. Toxic but her own way of admiration.

Jin Young as Kim Ga On – he’s come a long long way, our kpop idol Jin Young. Such a great opportunity to be acting next to Ji Sung. But he proved himself worthy. That young judge Kim Ga On was so naive, so much to learn, especially whom to trust. Tragic to lose the love of his life!

Park Gyu Young as Yoon Soo Hyun – love her beauty and her voice! And as the character Soo Hyun, love how she would tease Ga On, asking him always to marry her.

All those powerful personalities like the president, first lady, the justice minister, chairman of Minbo Group, Chairman Seo of the Foundation, Chairman of Saram Media, they were all awesome!

Cute chemistry. I don’t know with you but I find Ga On and Elijah’s chemistry really good. The two were just adorable! Elijah is pretty. Wait a couple of years, and she will be the next IT kdrama girl. Remember her name Jeon Chae-Eun.

Young Kang Yo Han. Another promising star is the boy who portrayed the young Kang Yo Han. Such a pretty boy. I’ll wait for him too :-), name is Moon Woo-Jin.

Powerful OST.  For a kdrama with so much power involved, is worthy of a powerful OST. Here’s The Devil Judge OST.

Favourite Quote: “The most evil is the self-pity of the powerful!”

Defendant memories. When Kang Yo Han was sent into prison and started wearing the prison uniform, it definitely brought back Defendant memories. You should watch this other Ji Sung masterpiece. So good too!

Ending. Our Devil Judge always win. Love the ending!

Dislikes: Nothing to mention.

My Rating: 8.5 stars! (10 as highest)