The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract

Ongoing drama. Still watching.

Preview: Park Yeon Woo is a noble lady in the Joseon era who just lost her husband due to heart disease. She got suddenly abducted and thrown into a well, which made her time-travel to the future, where she meets her dead husband, Kang Tae Ha. In the future Kang Tae Ha is the successor of a big company. He needs someone to marry urgently to please his grandfather, and sees Park Yeon Woo as a potential candidate, so he makes a contract marriage with her.

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract Trailer

Genre:  Webtoon, Contract Marriage, Period, Fantasy, Time-travel, Romantic Comedy
Episodes: 12
Stars: Lee Se Young as Park Yeon Woo
Bae In Hyuk as Kang Tae Ha

My Demon

My_Demon kdramaOngoing drama. Still watching.

Preview: Do Do Hee is the successor of the Future Group. She meets Jeong Gu Won, a handsome demon by accident when she mistook him as her blind date. In order to inherit a company, she has to marry someone, so Do Do Hee makes a contract marriage with Jeong Gu Won, who lost his power and depends on Do Do Hee to activate it.

My Demon Trailer

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural, Webtoon, Contract Marriage
Episodes: 16
Stars:  Kim Yoo Jung as Do Do Hee
Song Kang as Jeong Gu Won

Castaway Diva

castaway diva kdramaOngoing drama. Still watching.

Preview: Seo Mok Ha is a teenager who tries to escape from her abusive father. By the help of a friend, Jung Ki Ho, she escapes from the island where she lived her whole life. However, by avoiding her dad, she falls off the boat and gets stranded at a remote island for 15 years. She gets found later by two brothers who help her continue what she originally wanted to do, find her idol diva and be reunited with her friends, Jung Ki Ho.

Castaway Diva Trailer

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Music
Episodes: 12
Stars: Park Eun Bin as Seo Mok Ha
Kim Hyo Jin as Yoon Ran Jo
Chae Jong Hyeop as Kang Bo Geol
Cha Hak Yeon as Kang Woo Hak

A Good Day to be a Dog

good day to be a dog kdramaOngoing drama. Still watching.

Preview: Han Hae Na is a single woman and works as a high school teacher. Her family carries a curse that whenever they kiss someone, they turn into a dog after midnight for six hours. To fix that, they have to kiss the same person in their dog appearance. Han Hae Na accidentally kisses her colleague, a math teacher, Jin Seo Won. To stop the transformation, she has to kiss him again in her dog form, but Jin Seo Won is unfortunately petrified of dogs.

A Good Day to be a Dog Trailer

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Fantasy, Webtoon
Episodes: 14
Stars: Park Gyu Young as Han Hae Na
Cha Eun Woo as Jin Seo Won
Lee Hyun Woo as Lee Bo Gyeom

Destined with You

Summary: Lee Hong Jo is a civil servant working at a city hall. She meets Jang Shin Yu, a competent lawyer who just got assigned in the city hall. Jang Shin Yu suffers from a hereditary and an incurable disease. And to lift that curse, he needs help from Lee Hong Jo, who happens to be the owner of a mysterious chest that contains a book of spells.

Destined with You Trailer

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Legal, Period, Romantic Comedy, Rich Boy Poor Girl
Episodes: 16
Stars: Jo Bo Ah as Lee Hong Jo
Ro Woon as Jang Shin Yu
Ha Joon as Kwon Jae Gyeong
Yura as Yoon Na Yeon

Likes: I love the See You in my 19th Life kind of vibe in this drama. The tragedy in the past lives, the reincarnation, the curse, but in a lighter, funnier way. The details of the past in balance with the present are very well represented. As the story progressed, it was getting clearer and clearer where our two characters came from and why they were naturally drawn towards each other.

Strong Chemistry. Ro Woon’s chemistry with Jo Bo Ah was undeniably strong. They looked great together. And Jo Bo Ah’s chemistry with the second lead, Kwon Jae Gyeong was also top. This of course made it hard to choose.

Love history. The forbidden love of the past that turned into a disaster was strong reason why Lee Hong Jo and Jang Shin Yu were naturally drawn to each other in the present. Really glad about the detailed back story, flashback Joseon time, when the characters originally met and fell in love. Beautiful love story but tragic! A good reason though to continue in the future. So although, the characters in the present were not quite the match, it was easier to understand why the two were drawn to each other.

Favourite Spell. Of all the spells, which one was your favourite? Mine, right now will have to be the spell for clear skin! To end my misery on pimple breakouts! That would have come super handy.

Good-looking top leads.  Makes it more interesting to watch.

Jo Bo Ah as Lee Hong Jo – she’s super cute. Love her round puppy eyes. However, sometimes she talks like a child.

Ro Woon as Jang Shin Yu – this is the first drama where I really like Ro Woon. Jang Shin Yu’s characters suits him so well. Arrogant but in a funny way.

Ha Joon as Kwon Jae Gyeong – I love this guy. So relaxed in acting. There is confidence in the way he talks which makes him looks attractive.

Supporting Love Team. The team leaders’ office romance added more fun to the story. Love that it ended with a wedding scene too.

Great OST. I truly enjoyed the OST of this drama, especially the tracks for the period scenes. Check it out Destined With You OST.

Happy Ending. I can’t say no to it. The curse has been lifted. No one is dying anymore. Our favourite people ended up together. Someone is enjoying the effect of the clear skin spell. What else can we ask for?

Dislikes: At some point towards the end, it got boring and draggy that it was getting harder to finish watching it.

My Rating: 7.5 stars! (10 as highest)

King the Land

king the land kdramaSummary: Gu Won is an heir of the King Group. He helps the family manage King Hotel but in constant bickering with his half sister, who runs the hotel. Gu Won meets Cheon Sa Rang, who works as a concierge and she’s also awarded as best employee of King Hotel. Gu Won, who despises fake smile, doesn’t like Cheon Sa Rang at first, but later realizes that her smile is genuine and he’s slowly drawn to her charm.

King the Land Trailer

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Rich Boy Poor Girl, Boss Romance, Chaebol
Episodes: 16
Stars: Lee Joon Ho as Gu Won
Im Yoon Ah as Cheon Sa Rang

Likes: Such a promising pairing, with both Lee Joon Ho and Im Yoon Ah as top leads. Visuals are great and with the success of both their respective previous dramas, everyone I guess, at least I for once, was hoping that King the Land would be at the very top.

Favourite genres. If you check above, this drama falls into the likeable genres or themes. It’s a Rich Boy Poor Girl, Boss Romance, Chaebol and of course a Rom com! So exciting, it was a feast I looked forward too every week.

A chaebol story. We’ve got our handsome, rich prince who came back from being luxuriously exiled in Germany. Had an awesome entrance by taking a parachute to his first day at work. Looked ravishing is suits. Hair perfectly styled. However, unhappy until he meets his princess.

A cinderella story. We’ve got here our simple girl who works her best at her favourite hotel. Trying everyday to make everyone happy and contented at her workplace. And she always served with the best smile.

The funny encounter. I just loved how the two first met. Of course, it’s scripted but I found it hilarious when she had to urgently go to the toilet of her boss, and the boss saw her inside. I just can’t imagine the embarrassment if that’d happen to me!

Bangkok adventure. This seemed to have a big budget bringing the whole production to Thailand, but I’m not complaining. It was a beautiful adventure for everyone, not just for Gu Won and Sa Rang, but also their friends.

Sa Rang’s bestfriends and their own stories. I love the bond between Sa Rang and her two best friends. Also showing their life struggles added more side stories to the show.

The Jeju scenes. I’m a big fan of Jeju island, as it reminds me of the good kdramas in the past that had Jeju as the setting. Sa Rang interviewing Gu Won with a beautiful backdrop of the water and sunset locks another lovely Jeju moment in kdrama history.

The OST. It’s so romcom tracks and I love it! Check out King the Land OST here! My favourite is Confess to You, it’s to fall in love kind of track.

The Ending. I simply gushed at that beautiful wedding. Our bride Sa Rang was at her loveliest. Gu Won, of course looked always in his best element. Everyone was there and everyone’s happy!

Dislike: The whole show was a total pleaser. Lots of cliche. I can easily guess what was coming. And unfortunately full of ad placement.

My Rating: 7.5 stars! (10 as highest)

Crash Course in Romance

crash course in romance kdramaSummary: Choi Chi Yeol is a celebrity instructor from a private academy. He is too busy and stressed from work that it affects his health. He develops an eating disorder due to stress but luckily discovered food that is tolerated by his stomach. These are side dishes that he’s surprisingly  able to eat and they are made by Jeon Do Yeon. She runs a side dish shop in the area and the food is quite popular. Jeon Do Yeon’s daughter happens to be a student of Choi Chi Yeol’s math class. And they all get involved with each other.

Crash Course in Romance Trailer

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Food, School
Episodes: 16
Stars: Jeon Do Yeon as Nam Haeng Seon
Jung Kyoung Ho as Choi Chi Yeol
Roh Yeon Seo as Nam Hae E
Oh Eui Sik as Nam Jae Woo
Lee Bong Ryun as Kim Yeong Joo

Likes: This is one heart-warming kdrama. It focused on a lot of aspects that is happening in our daily lives…relationships, education, love and yes food! The situations are relatable and personally, as a mum, raising a child and being concerned all the time about how they’re doing at school, would be the closest experience for me.

All kinds of relationships. Yes of course, we’ve got our main leads falling for each other, it’s the main focus of the drama. I love the love story between Nam Haeng Seon and Choi Chi Yeol. It was an unimaginable combination but the chemistry between the two was just too good and convincing, you’ll get to love watching them grow together, an owner of a side dish shop and a celebrity math instructor. However, we’ve got other interesting connections, like between a foster mum and a daughter. Nam Haeng Seon raised Nam Hae E, her niece, like her own daughter. All those mums raising their teenage kids, who are having different issues in their teenage lives. We’ve also got the disturbing relationship between Ji Dong Hui and Choi Chi Yeol. Ji Dong Hui being obsessed of his boss, Choi Chi Yeol, getting into great lengths of hurting the people around his boss. We’ve also got the budding romance of our students like Nam Hae E and Lee Sun Jae, plus the not so impossible love between someone with disability, Nam Jae Woo and Kim Yeong Joo.

The crazy marathon for good education. It may looked unreal, but someone told me that mums in Korea are really like that when it comes to their kids’ education. I can understand, as a mum there, you would do the same thing because you all agree that it’s for the good of your kids. That’s why I like how they drama showed the bad it can cause, when the parents are becoming too obsessed. It caused more harm than helping their kids.

Love sprouts because of different reasons. Let’s put aside love at first sight, because that’s clearly falling in love with the looks of another person. This drama demonstrates a love that’s coming from a different connection. Choi Chi Yeol was drawn to Nam Haeng Seon, first because of her food, then her warmth, her care for all people around her, her sense of responsibility and above all family. Choi Chi Yeol was definitely missing those in his life. He fell in love and attracted to Nam Haeng Seon and he couldn’t even believe it at first. Yes, love sprouts and works in different ways, and it’s the most beautiful thing!

Good food is life! I love how it first focused on food, not just food but good, nourishing food and its importance to help people, especially the busy ones, get through a rough day. I personally love Korean side dishes, they are perfect with rice. They are tasty and make other food appetizing, especially, kimchi! When Choi Chi Yeol tasted Nam Haeng Seon’s side dishes, he cried because they were so good and his broken system had finally accepted something in. He was already having an eating disorder because of stress and being able to get something into his stomach without throwing up was a miracle. I would feel the same way too if I were in the same situation. I also love the fact that they’re having the guy here as someone who’s having an eating disorder, as this is more common with women.

My prejudice almost cost me to miss a good show. I started watching the first episode and I wasn’t at all impressed by the main guy. I thought he was too thin. He’s cute but not really that attractive. The main lady was also too old. I just don’t see the match and chemistry between this two. Okay, guys listen. Let them grow on you. The character building in this drama is really well-done. You’ll get to love the main couple, and not just them, the other characters too. They’ll all grow on you.

Such a nice ending. Lots of drama before that but it all ended so well. Lesson learned, it doesn’t matter what it is or how things go, as long as it gives you peace of mind and happiness, that’s all that matters. So, even if it’s divorced, or leaving your kid again or pursuing something that you dreamt of, or maybe finally saying “I dos”, if it makes you and the people around you happy, go for it! What a great drama. So many life lessons to learn from this one.

My Rating: 8.5 stars! (10 as highest)

Good Job

good job kdramaSummary: Eun Seon Woo is the owner of Eun Kang group. He also secretly runs a private detective office to mainly investigate the mystery behind his mother’s death. He meets Don Se Ra, who has an ability to see extremely far objects with her bare eyes. Don Se Ra starts working for Eun Soo Woo’s detective work and eventually falls in love with each other.

Good Job Trailer

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Detective, Boss Romance, Chaebol, Rich Boy Poor Girl
Episodes: 12
Stars: Jung Il Woo as Eun Seon Woo
Kwon Yoo Ri as Don Se Ra
Eum Moon Suk as Yang Jin Mo
Song Sang Eun as Sa Na Hee

Likes: Main reason why I watch this is the leads! Jung Il Woo and Kwon Yoo Ri look extremely good together and their chemistry is undeniably strong. I’m glad they reunited after Bossam. Finally I get to enjoy a kissing scene here, unlike Bossam, which is a period drama, deprived all of us of a kissing scene. So, yeah here we go, more closeness and finally kisses!

Our main leads:

Jung Il Woo as Eun Seon Woo – perfectly good-looking and haughty as usual, loved seeing him here in different detective outfits and of course in CEO suits. He looked really great with Kwon Yoo Ri! They were so comfortable with each other! Jung Il Woo seems to love great entrances. Most of his previous roles have this scene where he can show off himself. It’s becoming like a Jung Il Woo signature already, and I’m loving it!

Kwon Yoo Ri as Don Se Ra – is it me or she’s getting prettier everytime I see her. She was serenely beautiful in Bossam. Here, she was cool and sexy! As I’ve mentioned above, she was comfortable with her leading man making their scenes look very natural.

Action, Detective. It was enjoyable to watch all their detective adventures. The outfits were cool! The secret detective room is a dream for all detective wannabes. It goes on to say, if you’re rich, you can have all the toys you want! What a privilege!

Detective Bromance. I love the bromance between Eun Soon Woo (Jung Il Woo) and Yang Jin Mo (Eum Moon Suk). They were always fun to watch with all their detective adventures!

Extra Love Team. Yang Jin Moo and Sa Na Hee were such fun! Both best friend of the top leads, it’s good to see them as another love team!

Impressive villains. All along I thought it was just Kang Tae Joon (Yoon Sun Woo). Bad guy was written all over his face. He was so good in acting. But who would have thought, our good and quiet secretary Kim to be the ultimate baddie. I’m just impressed with the  villains.

Love the Ending. I love how everything got resolved, and how generous they are with the epilogue. It was great to see the two love teams doing well on their own.

My Rating: 8 stars! (10 as highest)

Love in Contract

Summary: Choi Sang Eun is a single life helper who has an odd job of being in a marriage contract with men who need help by having a contractual wife. She’s entangled between two clients, Jung Ji Ho, a judge and Kang Hae Jin, a popular actor.

Love in Contract Trailer

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Contract Marriage, Chaebol
Episodes: 16
Stars: Park Min Young as Choi Sang Eun
Go Kyung Pyo as Jung Ji Ho
Kim Jae Young as Kang Hae Jin

Likes: This turned out really good! At first I was so distracted by Kang Min Young’s drastic face transformation. She looked sooo different from her last kdrama, but I’ll elaborate on this on the dislike section. Good thing is, Kang Min Young is a great actress and she chooses her drama well. But then, I got hesitant with Go Kyung Pyo, her leading man. Hm, would this actually work? Surprisingly, it did! I think it was a combination of an unusual plot, surprisingly awesome chemistry, and a brilliant cast!

Unusual Plot. What a weird job Choi Sang Eun has! And how she was groomed to be the heiress of a conglomerate family. Definitely an unusual story. Then here comes one of her pretend husbands, a judge who wasn’t good with people and possessed a mysterious personality. Interestingly, she ended up liking him. I like how the writers gave more weight on personality than possession and title. Choi Sang Eun chose a boring judge over a chaebol / popular actor! That’s definitely something new!

The chemistry. Choi Sang Eun and Jung Ji Ho’s chemistry was slowly built up during those dinner nights they shared at the latter’s place. I absolutely like the awkwardness, it was so realistic! They didn’t talk much but both presence was connecting. I love Jung Ji Ho’s simple gesture to cook, he was so likeable because of that and compensated a lot in his lack of communication skills. It’s really true that you connect with someone through cooking and eating together alone. So yeah, if you don’t know how to talk, at least learn how to cook! The food will do the talking for you 😄.

The love triangle. Choi Sang Eun’s personality was looking for someone beyond money, title and fame. She was very clear from the very beginning that she was into Jung Ji Ho. She didn’t give our poor Kang Hae Jin some false hopes. However, as a good samaritan, she helped Kang Hae Jin resolved his own family issues. But to be fair, Kang Hae Jin, with his visuals and chabeol status, gave Jung Ji Ho a great competition.

Park Min Young as Choi Sang Eun – surprised to see a new face but still the great Park Min Young. The role is multi-talented but felt unloved by the people she expected to love her. How would I describe Choi San Eun, hm broken, but still goes one with one’s life.

Go Kyung Pyo as Jung Ji Ho – somehow he was too tall for the leading lady but you’ll get to like him. Jung Ji Ho was also a difficult personality. To describe him, hm lonely. He was longing for company but it was always a difficult task for him to be with people.

Kim Jae Young as Kang Hae Jin – good-looking guy and as Kang Hae Jin, a sacrificer. He sacrificed a lot for other people; for his first love, for his mum or his family. It was time to that he did something for himself, and that was choosing what he actually liked doing best; acting.

Gwang Nam-ssi. He was Choi Sang Eun’s housemate and ex-husband. I just love the genuine friendship these two were sharing. He was gay and desperately needed a wife to show to his family, so he got into a marriage contract with Choi Sang Eun, but even after their divorce he stayed to support her emotionally.

Madame Yoo. Jin Kyung is once again impressive! She was such a madame with her expensive outfits. Loved the aattitude!

Favourite Quote. “Most wounded flowers are the most fragrant.”

OST is Love. I just really love the OST. Check out Love Contract OST here.

Beautiful Ending. It was great! No flashy ending, instead heartwarming.

Dislikes: Park Min Young should put a stop to plastic surgery. She’s starting to look like a plastic doll, for real. Her new nose is even not straight, it was so distracting. Of course, the face doesn’t have something to do with her acting, but it’s just strange to see a fast-changing face. For me, her face was perfect in Secretary Kim.

Kopiko ad placement was getting aggressive.

My Rating: 8.5 stars! (10 as highest)

The Law Cafe

the-law-cafe kdramaSummary: Kim Yoo Ri is a lawyer who started a cafe that doesn’t only serve coffee but also gives legal advices. She realizes that her landlord is his long-time friend, Kim Jeong Ho, who used to be a prosecutor. These two like each other but have some reservations to be in a relationship.

The Law Cafe Trailer

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Legal, Webtoon
Episodes: 16
Stars: Lee Seung Ki as Kim Jeong Ho
Lee Se Young as Kim Yoo Ri

Likes: Light-hearted romcom, legal kdrama with two of kdrama world sweethearts, Lee Seung Ki and Lee See Young. I like its casual style of storytelling with occasional commentary.

Legal cases. Like Attorney Woo, we’ve got different cases that our lady lawyer, Kim Yoo Ri, had to deal with. Different stories of people seeking legal advice, that makes the plot more interesting and richer. I particularly liked the case of the bullied kid. The bully was also really good in acting.

Awesome villain. Jo Han Chul portraying the role of CEO Lee Pyun Woong was brilliant! This guy can take any role and he will always do great. As Lee Pyun Woong, he was funny, crazy, attention-seeking, simply messed-up personality who always tried to impress his not-so-easy father.

The Cafe. I like the ambiance of the cafe, the people running it and the people around it. Such a good, happy, little community. We’ve got our lawyer, barista, helper, landlord, two ladies running a small store, a neighboring psychiatrist – it gave an impression of a happy place.

Our top leads…

Lee Seung Ki as Kim Jeong Ho – you need to groom him to look like a prosecutor 😉. Lee Seung Ki never aged. He still looks the same ten years ago. I think the tracksuit looked good on him but he always looked like a totally different person when he’s in a suit.

Lee Se Young as Kim Yoo Ri – this is an interesting role for Lee See Young and again she did well in it. Her outfits were so Kim Yoo Ri’s personality! That leopard print blouse was screaming!

The Conventional Ending. With all the fuss about marriage not justifying lasting happiness, they still went for the conventional ending, and everyone seems happy about it.

Dislikes: The chemistry was poor unfortunately. Lee Seung Ki and Lee Se Young are kdrama sweethearts but that doesn’t obviously guarantee a good chemistry.

The story was a happy one but lots of cringy moments. Some unbearable ones! This was no near to Attorney Woo.

No one has pulled the trigger when Lee Pyun Woong was taking Kim Jeong Ho hostage, WHY? Too much talking on the hostage scene!

My Rating: 7.5 stars! (10 as highest)