Contract Marriage Kdramas

It’s only business, as they would say at start, but then spending time together especially living together under the same roof brings people closer. Here are the dramas I love with contract marriage theme…

Love in Contract – rated 8.5 stars

with Park Min Young & Go Kyung Pyo

Choi Sang Eun is a single life helper who has an odd job of being in a marriage contract with men who need help by having a contractual wife. She’s entangled between two clients, Jung Ji Ho, a judge and Kang Hae Jin, a popular actor.

a busines proposal kdramaA Business Proposal – rated 8.5 stars

with Ahn Hyo Seop & Kim Se Jung

Shin Ha Ri works for a food company as a researcher. One day, her life changes when she tries to go on a blind date instead of her close friend, but the guy she dates happens to be Kang Tae Moo, the CEO of the company where she works for.

my roommate is gumiho kdramaMy Roommate is a Gumiho – rated 8.5 stars

with Jang Ki Yong & Lee Hye Ri

A male gumiho, Shin Woo Yeo, losts his fox bead to a female college student, Lee Dam. In order to keep the bead safe and close to him, he asks her to live with him in his house until he finds a way how to take it back. However, spending time together bring the two of them closer.

bossam kdramaBossam: Steal the Fate – rated 7.5 stars

with Jung Il Woo & Kwon Yoo Ri

Ba Woo is a poor person who does Bossam to make a living. Bossam was a custom in Joseon period, in which a bachelor who missed marrying, would secretly wrapped a widow in a blanket and make her his wife. On one of Ba Woo’s Bossam jobs, he accidentally abducted princess Soo Kyung, a virgin widow and the daughter-in-law of the powerful Lee Yi Chum.

Her-private-life kdramaHer Private Life – rated 7.5 stars

with Park Min Young & Kim Jae Wook

Sung Duk Mi is living two lives. She is a hard-working curator at an art gallery and at the same time pursuing her life as a fangirl as she is a die-hard fan of an idol named Shi Ahn. Things change when she meets the new director of the art gallery, Ryan Gold, who is slowly acknowledging her talent, personality and even her fangirling life.

Cinderella and Four Knights – rated 7.5 stars

with Jung Il Woo & Park So Dam

Eun Ha Won is a student who got kicked out from her own home and didn’t have much of a choice but to grab an offer from the Chairman of Haneul Group which is to live in the Sky House together with the famous Kang cousins (the Chairman’s grandsons) and fulfill some important tasks given to her by the chairman himself.

marriage without dating kdramaMarriage Without Dating – rated 7 stars

with Yun Woo Jin & Han Groo

Ki Tae, a successful beauty surgeon was pressured to get himself a wife otherwise his mum would sell off his beloved flat where he currently lives as a bachelor. He was tempted to ask Jang Mi, who just got dumped by her ex-boyfriend, to pretend to be his girlfriend. In order to test the sincerity of their relationship, Ki Tae’s mum ask the 2 to get married.

fated to love you kdramaFated to Love You – rated 9 stars

with Jang Hyuk & Jang Na Ra

Lee Gun, a chaebol who manages his family’s company wanted desperately to propose in Macau to his girlfriend but by fate he met Kim Mi Young, a shy secretary in a law firm back in Korea who was also in Macau for a trip. Mi Young got pregnant with Lee Gun’s child after one night of spending together. Lee Gun, after knowing that had to take Mi Young as his wife.

the prime minister and i kdramaThe Prime Minister and I – rated 7.5 stars

with Lee Bum Soo & Im Yoon Ah

Nam Da Jung, a reporter from a tabloid magazine meets path with the future prime minister of Korea. These odd pair has to get married for convenience, for Nam Da Jung to make her father happy and for the Kwon Yul, to avoid scandal.

you who came from the stars kdramaYou Who Came from the Stars – rated 9 stars

with Jun Ji Hyun & Kim Soo Hyun

A handsome alien came to earth 400 years ago, met someone he liked but unfortunately she died instantly. Fast forward to the present with still the same handsome alien, he meets a girl who exactly looks like the girl in the past.

lie to me kdrama Lie to Me – rated 8 stars

with Yoon Eun Hye & Kang Ji Hwan

A lady government worker lied about being married to a rich and powerful guy which got her into trouble. The guy, luckily played with her lie for another reason that brought them closer together.

mary stayed out all night kdramaMary Stayed Out all Night – rated 7.5 stars

with Moon Geun Young & Jang Geun Suk

Mary clinging to her rockstar boyfriend till the end. Even with the presence of another young and rich guy she was supposed to marry, she didn’t leave her man.

that fool kdramaThat Fool – rated 6.5 stars

with Hwang Jung Min & Kim Ah Joong

An ordinary postman meets a a very famous celebrity. They have to act in love in front of the media but the postman falls in love with her and she’s in love with someone else.

my girl kdramaMy Girl – rated 8.5 stars

with Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae

A tour guide girl meets rich guy when the latter needed a translator to welcome his foreign guests. Things got complicated when rich guy hires girl to act as the lost granddaughter of his grandpa.

delightful girl choon hyanh kdramaDelightful Girl Choon Hyang – rated 7 stars

with Han Chae Young & Jae Hee

Choon Hyang is a smart student who got into a scandal with a fellow student from her class. To save the reputation of both families, the 2 had to marry.

full house kdramaFull House – rated 6.5 stars

with Rain & Song Hye Kyo

Tricked by her bestfriends, a naive girl lost her house to a very famous actor. In order to get it back, she agreed to his demand of having a marriage contract for a year.

sweet 18 kdramaSweet 18 – rated 7 stars

with Han Ji Hye  & Lee Dong Gun

A young girl set to marry a guy older than her. Initially not liking each other because of differences but fell in love in the end. The story continues with how they live their lives together, going through trials and problems.