Idols in Kdrama 2014

Kpop idols in kdrama! I never really paid attention to them until I got into kpop. But there’s always the question, can they really act? Here’s what I say about these idols who appeared in 2014 kdramas that I watched…

im seul ong hotel kingIm Seul OngHotel King2AM

His acting was awkward but it could have been the fault of Hotel King’s bad directing since everyone in that drama was awkward. The character he portrayed was lacking development. In the end he just somehow disappeared in the background. He looked cool though in his motorbike.

jung yoon ho the night watchmanJung Yoon HoThe Night WatchmanTVXQ

This guy looks good in Hanbok. Definitely a sageuk drama was a good choice for him. His acting wasn’t bad for an idol. Some say he upstaged Jung Il Woo but I don’t think so. The supporting role was perfect for him.

lee joon mr backLee JoonMr. BackMBLAQ

He was definitely cute but too young to compete with the leading man. Though Jang Na Ra (leading lady) has a baby face, Lee Joon still looked younger than her. His character was good to introduce his acting talent and I think he fared well.

lee seung ki you're all surroundedLee Seung KiYou’re All Surrounded

He sings and he acts and he does them well. Lee Seung Ki has another bravo performance in this drama. Even when paired with the great Cha Seung Won, this idol never failed to shine.

jung jin woon marriage without datingJung Jin WoonMarriage Without Dating2AM

Forget about the acting, this guy is sizzling hot! The camera seemed to like him a lot, always showing his prettiness and gorgeousness! When it comes to looks, he definitely upstaged the leading man. His character was such a good catch as he could also cook!

seungri angel eyesSeung Ri –  Angel EyesBig Bang

At first I didn’t recognize him with his hairdo but I was curious to look him up as he really looked familiar. It’s Big Bang’s Seungri! What a funny character he chose and a big applause for doing it well making Angel Eyes less heavy on tears.

jung yong hwa the three musketeersJung Yong HwaThe Three Musketeers (Season 1)CNBLUE

Always can’t help watching whatever he’s in. Pretty in Hanbok, sometimes too pretty but it’s good to see him try sageuk for once. His acting has improved a lot and with his Park Dal Hyang character, there’s no reason not to like this idol.

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