Idols in Kdrama 2015

Alright who among our favorite kpop stars were in kdrama this year…

hyeri in hyde jekyll and i

HyeriHyde, Jekyll and I Girls Day

I found her cute and sweet in this supporting role. She definitely rocked as the cheerleader of Robin though the latter’s attention was only toward someone else.

lee joon in i heard it through a grapevineLee JoonHeard it Through the GrapevineMBLAQ (former member)

This must be Lee Joon’s breakthrough in acting. He gave much justice playing the role of Han In Sang . The whole show with its cast were superb which gave him an opportunity to be in a higher league.

yoochun in sensory coupleYoochunSensory CoupleJYJ

It’s always refreshing to see our Yochun in a romantic comedy. I prefer it when he does roles like Moo Gak, a policeman who lost his sense of feel but in return meeting an extra-ordinary girl who can visualize smell. Yochun was without a doubt very entertaining.

seo kang joon in hwajungSeo Kang JoonHwajung5urprise

This wasn’t just pretty eyes anymore (though he still have them) but pretty serious acting with (probably) rigid training on how to master that Joseon accent. He did pretty well! And he totally rocked in Hanbok which was such great a bonus.

lee jong hyun in orange marmaladeLee Jong HyunOrange MarmaladeCNBLUE

High school student / musician / vampire… a role all the young girls would go crazy about. He definitely got the pale vampire look but what I like best is to see Lee Jong Hyun improved his acting skill. Impressed with his facial expression here. He did well.

kim seol hyun in orange marmalade

Kim Seol HyunOrange MarmaladeAOA

She looked so immaculate in her role as Baek Ma Ri. I doubted Kim Seol Hyun could pull it off considering her sexy image as one of the girls of AOA but she did. She was such a lovely vampire.

iu in producerIUProducer

I really thought she was just cute but boy she looked such a lady in Producer. Loved her long hair which matched her diva-ish role. I just wished she had something more going on with Kim Soo Hyun.

uee in high societyUEEHigh SocietyAfter School

UEE passed the requirement of the leading role in High Society. Tall, sexy and not at all obviously poor :). Who would believe that but since we’re in a drama everything is possible.

Park-Hyung-Sik in High SocietyPark Hyung SikHigh SocietyZE:A

I love his role as Chang Soo! The typical rich chaebol falling in love with a poor girl. Park Hyung Sik convincingly tried to look and act like one. He wasn’t as big as Goo Jun Pyo but would still leave the girls dreaming :).

hoya in maskHoya – MaskInfinite

It wasn’t one of the big roles but Hoya acting as the younger brother of the leading lady of a successful drama was enough to have his talent seen by many. He still looks nervous in most scenes but he can get better over time.

kim myung soo the time we were not in loveL (Kim Myung Soo) – The Time We Were Not in LoveInfinite

He’s cute but I just didn’t warm up to his role. He looked too young to be paired with Ha Ji Won. Actually he made Ha Ji Won looked old. Their scenes were so awkward. I wished they never happened.

changmin in scholar who walks the nightChangminScholar Who Walks the NightTVXQ

Who doesn’t love a good looking crown prince? I guess we all do. Our Changmin just looked adorable in his prince’s costumes. In a drama crowded with such good-looking men, he proved worthy to be one of them.

siwon in she was prettySi WonShe Was PrettySuper Junior

I didn’t expect much of Si Won aside from his good looks of course but he surprised me with his acting. So natural and confident. In his role for the drama, he came very annoying in the beginning but he turned out very likeable at the end. His English accent was impressive as well. I guess I’m gonna see him more often in drama in the future.

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