Idols in Kdrama 2016

Who among your favorite idols were present in popular kdramas this year…

henryHenry – Oh My Venus – Super Junior-M

Henry was an awesome comical relief in this drama. He was very cute and funny! You’ve got to love his Canadian accent. He has a very lovable way of pronouncing Korean words  with a Canadian twang.

leehongbinLee Hong BinMoorim School – VIXX

I like his character in this drama: a rich, good-looking, ambitious but kind-hearted guy. Lee Hong Bin’ looks was a good competition to the main lead (who was an idol in this drama). They were both pretty but Hong Bin’s body was impressively toned and buffed.

kwonyuriKwon Yu-RiNeigborhood Hero – Girls Generation

Her author-aspiring character who was in full support of the neigborhood hero wasn’t that bad  but at some point became clingy and a bit annoying. Another girl from the group Girls Generation who’s trying their luck on the small screen. A few more training and exposure perhaps, she can fully qualify as a leading lady.

onewOnew – Descendants of the Sun – SHINee

Honestly, he looked too young for his doctor character but glad he had some heavy drama scenes during his foreign assignment that were quite convincing of a drama newbie award :). Cute and flawless in his doctor outfit!

rainRainPlease Come Back Mister

Though I’m not really a big fan of Rain’s acting, his character here was quite funny. Hard not to like him. And of course, he showed off his oh-so-sexy body which was a sight everyone was waiting for.

hyeriHyeriEntertainer – Girl’s Day

Hyeri’s character here was quite okay but to be paired with Ji Sung’s character, it just didn’t appeal to me. Hyeri’s acting has improved a lot. I just wished she had more chemistry with Ji Sung.

kangminhyukKang Min HyukEntertainer – CNBLUE

I dislike Min Hyuk’s melancholic character here. I don’t see him ready for heavy drama yet. This left his face frozen most of the time, leaving lack of expression. Of course he had his best moments in this drama too but overall not his best performance.

l-joe-entertainerL.Joe – Entertainer – Teen Top

Super young, super cute and has potential in acting. I guess more exposure, more practice and maybe a bit more number in age, he’ll do well in dramas. His role here wasn’t that challenging but his face for sure had made an impression.

gomyungGong Myung – Entertainer – 5urprise

Of all idols in this Entertainer drama, Gong Myung’s performance was the best! He was cocky, impatient, funny at times and had his insecurities He portrayed his role quite well. His acting came out very natural. I’m very impressed!

minahMin AhBeautiful Gong Shim – Girl’s Day

Love Min Ah! She did really well as Gong Shim. She was lucky to have a quite challenging role in Gong Shim, which she portrayed with ease. Also her chemistry with leading man Nam Goong Min was undeniably top. The show was fun to watch!

baesuzyBae SuzyUncontrollably Fond – Miss A

I don’t think it’s just her role here, I think it’s her way of portraying the role. She always comes as annoying to me (sorry fans) especially when she tries to speak as if she’s shouting all the time. And mature roles don’t suit her at all as she always look like a girl and always act childish.

iuIUMoon Lovers – Scarlet Heart:Ryeo

IU is one of those idols who can really act. In this period drama she was able to impressively connect with all the princes. She was always beautiful to watch, she didn’t just capture the hearts of her leading men but her audience as well. The forever Lady Hae Soo of everyone’s heart!

baekhyunByun Baek HyunMoon Lovers – Scarlet Heart:RyeoEXO

One of my favorite princes in this drama was Hwang Hyun. He was totally cute, playful, innocent, bubbly and has a big crush on Lady Hae Soo. Baek Hyun’s performance was impressive. He didn’t look like an idol at all next to the other princes who are really actors.

seohyunSeo HyunMoon Lovers – Scarlet Heart:RyeoGirls’ Generation

Her beauty was a bit lost in this drama. I’d say too pretty, too tall, too perfect for that era. Good thing she was paired with Nam Joo Hyuk, which made her role a bit interesting. As for performance, she was okay.

leejungshinLee Jung ShinCinderella and Four Knights – CNBLUE

I have a big crush on this guy so I might be a bit bias ;). Though he didn’t have much chance with the leading girl in this drama, his character wasn’t that bad though it mainly promoted him as an idol. At times he didn’t have to do much, he just needed to look pretty and cool really.

jin-hyungJin YoungMoonlight Drawn by Clouds – B1A4

Undoubtedly the prettiest face among idols! Jin Young’s pretty face was enhanced by the beautiful hanboks he wore in this drama. Too bad that our girl wasn’t just into him. He was every inch a very fine nobleman.

yoonaIm Yoon AhThe K2  – Girls’ Generation

It was a very promising role shown on the early episodes when Yoon Ah had a lot of action / running scenes. They were pretty intense. Unfortunately as her character returned to Korea, she didn’t develop anymore, she remained the damsel in distress. Good thing she had a great chemistry with Ji Chang Wook!