Idols in Kdrama 2017

Plenty of idols in kdrama this year. Find out who among your favourites made it to my list…

Shin Won Ho – The Legend of the Blue Sea as Tae Oh – Cross Gene

Cute and shy Tae Oh in this year’s The Legend of the Blue Sea, Shin Won Ho will capture your adoring heart with his cute and reserved looks, never without headphones outfits and skills in playing games.

Yook Sung Jae – Goblin as Yoo Duk Hwa  – BtoB

He looked dashing in Goblin with his gorgeous outfits made for a chaebol, of course accessorized with sports cars! He was good support next to the big stars like Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook.

Park Hyung Shik – Hwarang as king JinHeung and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon as MinMin – ZE:A

He was very handsome as the young King Jin Heung in Hwarang, very skilled in swordfighting, enough to capture our hearts, ladies. As MinMin in Do Bong Soon,  a smart and fun-to-be-with CEO, he captured the strong woman’s heart.

Choi Min Ho – Hwarang as Su Ho – Shinee

He was the ladies’ man in Hwarang, even tried to seduce the queen! Super handsome, no doubt about that. Long hair suited him very well!

Kim Tae Hyung (V) – Hwarang as Hansung – BTS

Maybe the cutest and friendliest Hwarang! Although he had a tragic ending here, I think he made a cute, if not great, impression to many.

Kai – Seven First Kisses as Kai – EXO

Kai was my second choice who made the best chemistry with the leading girl. He was good and he looked very charming here!

Taecyeon – Seven First Kisses as Taecyeon – 2PM

He was very handsome and he had that very chaebol look :). For the leading girl, he was very hard to reach kind of person.

N – Tunnel as Corporal Park Kwang So – VIXX

He had a short role but very important and intensed. He was great especially  in the chase scene. You could see the anxiety and fear on his face. Quite impressed by his performance.

Song Ji Eun – My Secret Romance as Lee Yoo Mi – Secret

This girl is cute and sexy in one! She established an awesome chemistry with her leading man here. Although the story was quite common, the show was fun to watch. She was lovely to watch as well.

Kwon Na Ra – Suspicious Partner as Cha Yoo Jung – HELLOVENUS

I love her! Tough and natural in acting. The lady prosecutor role who almost cheated on her ex-boyfriend, suited her quite well. She was also great in a couple of fighting scenes in this drama.

Hwang Chan Sung – Suspicious Partner as Jang Hee Joon, Bong Hee’s exbf – 2PM

Small role but you might remember him as the handsome ex-boyfriend of the leading lady. His looks say it all, a lady-killer!

Lee Jung Shin – My Sassy Girl as Kang Joon Young – CNBlue

He looked great in his Sageuk costume plus he did well in some action scenes. Lee Jung Shin is slowly but surely creeping into the acting world.

Krystal Jung – Bride of the Water God as Moo Ra – f(x)

Forget about acting, this girl made the entire show a runway with her top outfits! Anything she wore looked so good on her. She was like the barbie or the mannequin of the show. She always looked flawless!!!

Gong Myung – Bride of the Water God as Bi Ryum – ZE:A

Although his role in this drama didn’t really do justice to his acting skills, I was surprised how well he did with establishing chemistry with Krystal. He was confident, didn’t show any signs of intimidation.

Jung Chae Yeon – Reunited Worlds as young Jung Jung Won – DIA, I.O.I

Jung Chae Yeon’s  young pretty face and flirty aura suits Yeo Jin Goo better. They have better chemistry than Yeo Jin Goo paired with Lee Yun Hee. Her acting was quite good.

Im Yoon Ah – The King Loves as Eun San – Girls’ Generation

I love Yoon Ah, she’s consistently good. No wonder she’s been successful with her acting career. She did so well in this drama as Eun San – tough, rough, hard-drinker in the beginning then turned a lady after dressing-up.

Im Shi Wan – The King Loves as Wang Won – ZE:A

I love him in this drama. As the crown prince, he was so handsome, smart and so sincere to his feelings. Im Shi Wan was very expressive without over-acting. He was great!

Bae Suzy – While You Were Sleeping as Nam Hong Joo – MissA

I’m really not a fan of her no matter what role she takes and whoever leading man she’s with (sorry) but she was cute most of the time in this drama. It’s just that, her and Lee Jung Suk look more like best of friends than lovers.

Kim Dong Joon – Black as Oh Man So – ZE:A

He was cute and bubbly in Black but didn’t stand a chance with the leading man. Nevertheless, he did well.