Idols in Kdrama 2018

My list is not that long. I guess not so many dramas I watched with idols in 2018 but anyway, here they are…

Lee Seung Ki as Son Oh Gong in A Korean Odyssey

An action / fantasy drama comeback of Lee Seung Ki as the temperamental, naughty monkey god Son Oh Gong. Love his character and although he was looking way too young for his leading lady here, the chemistry between the two was still top. No denying, he’s a good actor and a very professional at that.

Lee Hong Ki as P.K in A Korean OdysseyFT Island

The role suits him well, a very bubbly and sly pig god but had a soft heart for a beautiful, rotting zombie. Lee Hong Ki is a natural talent. Love to see him more in dramas.

Yoon Bo Ra as Alice / White Dragon Horse in A Korean OdysseySISTAR

Sexy, hot body as always but her acting needs honing. Facial reactions are too weak. Well, there’s always a room for improvement.

Lee Jong Hyun as Oh Soo in That Man Oh Soo CNBLUE

Handsome face but acting is still poor. This made too obvious by the competent acting of his leading lady in this drama. More acting workshop won’t hurt!

Park Hyung Shik as Go Yun Woo in Suits  – ZE:A

He always amazes me with his acting skills and the very good roles he chose. And this time standing side by side another favourite of mine, Jang Dong Gun. What an enjoyable drama seeing these two together. Park Hyung Sik definitely nailed his character as a talented, lawyer-wannabe. He looked dashing in suit as well.

Lee Joon Ho as Seo Poong in Wok of Love2PM

Impressive acting! Lee Joon Ho really prepared for his role as a chef in this drama by learning from other chefs how to cook like a pro. And it paid off! He was so natural just like a chef. He was also able to build a really good chemistry with his leading lady here.

Hwang Chan Sung as Ko Kwi Nam in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim 2PM

Always a supporting role for this handsome idol but always did well. He was very funny and charming and his loveteam here was worth a watch. He deserves a lead role soon!

Seo Kang Joon as Nam Shin / Nam Shin III in Are You Human Too? 5urprise

No surprise he won our award for best idol in kdrama this year! His double performance as a human and a robot was just brilliant! His looks, charisma, natural talent in acting are his obvious tools.

Ahn Hyo Sup as Yoo Chan in Thirty But SeventeenOne O One

Still young but showing some skills in acting. He was very natural in his role as Yoo Chan – young, sincere, funny, bubbly and all looking like a varsity player in this drama. He must have trained a lot to get those muscles. Although he wasn’t as good as the lead actor, he sure could give him a good competition.

Sung Joo as Ra Do Woo in Terius Behind MeUNIQ

Just by the looks of him in this drama, I could tell he’s an idol. Acting needs more honing but he wasn’t that bad in this one. A computer genius and an agent, definitely a good starting role!