Idols in Kdrama 2019

Spotted idols in kdrama this year…

ONE as young Tagon in Arthdal Chronicles

Such a handsome face fitting the young Tagon role. Love the hair too, suits him well. But one thing he didn’t exude is the ambition that later became the older Tagon. Anyway, he was fine enough to handle that short role.

L as Dan in Angel’s Last Mission: LoveInfinite

I find him too young for Shin Hye Sun in this drama. Somehow I was just waiting for him to call her noona. I saw an effort though but sometimes his acting was too childish.

Ahn Hyo Sup as Cha Min in AbyssOne O One

Very handsome in this role! I love this guy, he’s not just looks but has a talent in acting too. Being paired with Park Bo Young was a bonus. The two had an awesome chemistry.

ONE as Cha Shi Ahn in Her Private Life

I think this role suits him better. He has the idol looks that every girl will go gaga for, such a cutie! I love the way he spoke too, very gentle and sweet.

Chanyeol  as Jung Se Joo in Memories of the AlhambraEXO

Chanyeol as the nerdy boy in this awesome kdrama thriller actually did well. I like the chase scene and I thought his facial expression throughout the chase was quite remarkable.

Cha Eun Woo as Prince Lee Rim in  Rookie Historian Goo Hae RyungAstro

What a charming prince and so I gave him the award Best Idol in a Kdrama this year. His acting wasn’t that bad and if he was a bit lacking, his good looks will compensate. He also established a good chemistry with her leading lady which kind of secure his top lead position.

IU as Jang Man Wol in Hotel del Luna

Hands down to her excellent performance in this drama hence I gave her the best actress award this year. IU is, had been a great performer and will always do good in the future so yeah watch out for all her dramas.

P.O as Ji Hyun Joong in Hotel del LunaBlock B

He had a share of the comic relief role in this drama but I was most impressed with his somber performance. It’s sadder to see jolly people go sad. Well done PO!

Kang Mi Na as Kim Yoo Na in Hotel del LunaGugudan

She was quite good in her role. She started as this annoying student who bullied a girl and later became that bullied girl. She did well in that transition.

Park Ji Hoon as Go Young Soo in Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage AgencyWanna One

I was quite impressed with his performance. Definitely not just a pretty face. He did so well as the homeless Go Young Soo. The fear, the shame were so evident on his face.

Jin Young cameo role in Melting Me SoftlyGot7

It was short but since I’m a huge fan of Got7, I screamed when I saw him, lol! He looked a bit chubby but still handsome.

Lee Hong Ki as Son Hyun Ki in Melting Me SoftlyFT Island

The funny right hand of Ji Chang Wook circa 90. He looked chubby but suits his funny role well. I love that 90’s hairstyle as well, so cute!

Choi Bo Min as Hwang Ji Hoon in Melting Me SoftlyGolden Child

Oh such a cutie! The typical highschool crush! And he could give Ji Chang Wook a run for his money. He was just adorable especially when he says “noona”.