island kdramaSummary: Won Mi Ho is the only daughter of Daehan Group. She gets involved in a scandal and is sent by his dad to Jeju Island to lie low. When she arrives in Jeju, monsters start chasing and try to kill her. She is saved by a mysterious guy named Van thus she hired him as her bodyguard. She also meets Jo Han who is a priest and an expert in exorcism. Together, they will try to fight demons and evil spirits.

Island Trailer

Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Action, Horror, Supernatural
Episodes: 6
Stars: Kim Nam Gil as Van
Lee Da Hee as Won Mi Ho
Cha Eun Woo as Father Jo Han
Sung Joon as Goong Tan

This is a short season with only 6 episodes, nevertheless action-packed and full of thrills. I love the back story, the past lives of our characters, how Van and Gong Tan became half demons and how Van is somehow forever connected to Won Mi Ho. Van and Mi Ho have particularly strong chemistry and in this season, even with only 6 episodes, I like how the two’s chemistry is fast building up.

Character introduction. We’ve got the basic covered here. Who’s who and who’s connected to whom.

Van is a half human and half demon who was created by the monks to fight demons. Van has been living for a very long time. He’s finally meeting the reincarnation of Won Seong (Won Mi Ho in present life), whom he killed in the past.

Won Mi Ho is the reincarnation of Won Seong, a protector of the island. Won Mi Ho is the only daughter of Daehan Group, so she’s rich and has everything but once she’s in Jeju Island, all the demons and evil spirits started chasing here. Of course, she doesn’t have any idea what her true power is, so for the time-being she’s being protected by Van.

Father Jo Han is a priest from Italy who has Korean roots. He is skilled in exorcism. He’s sent to a mission to Korea to protect  Won Mi Ho, who is believed to be the lady saint that would protect the world from evil.

Goong Tan is also another half demon. Van and him were transformed into half demons by the monks when they were still young by incorporating the blood of a pure demon into their blood streams. Goong Tan seems to have a different plan than his half-demon brother Van.

Action-packed. I love the fighting scenes. Van always came out cool with his dagger. Lots of leaping. Even Father Jo Han can leap like a spider. The chases were impressive. I love Lee Da Hee doing this. She’s very energetic and can run real fast.

History not repeating. Van apparently killed Won Mi Ho in the past. However, in the present, when he turned into a demon and attacked Won Mi Ho, he wasn’t able to stab her but stabbed himself instead. So, is this a hint of a happy ever after? I hope so! I really like these two together.

Hanging ending. Honestly, it’s hard to get a grasp of the story with just watching the first season. Too many questions left unanswered. We ended with the death of Father Jo Han’s long lost brother, who was controlled by Goong Tan to kill Won Mi Ho. The brother-turned-demon was killed by Van, once again saving Won Mi Ho from near-death. On the other hand, Goong Tan has plans for the future, and he seems eager to get rid of Won Mi Ho. I hope season 2 is just around the corner, can’t wait!

My Rating: 8 stars! (10 as highest)

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