Iwatchkdrama Awards 2015

Behold, our first kdrama awards! Let’s find out the worthy winners…

jisungBest Leading ManJi Sung

If there’s a drama where Ji Sung really excelled in acting, it’s Kill Me, Heal Me. His portrayal of 7 different characters was brilliant. He nailed all of them. He was charming, sexy, funny, serious… he was everything!

sooaeBest Leading LadySoo Ae

Double character role for Soo Ae in the web of lies drama Mask. She’s both the elegant and the broke who has to pretend elegant. She nailed both ladies just fine.

YunJungHoonBest VillainYun Jung Hoon

My criteria for this award is “who annoys me the most” and this man did the job for 2015. His role in Mask as the lying and scheming  brother-in-law was just too much too handle.

scholarBest CostumeScholar Who Walks the Night

I’ve never seen such beautiful Hanboks and they were worn by my favorite Lee Joon Ki himself.  He was the scholar who walks the night, a beautiful vampire with a fantastic styling sense :). It wasn’t just him but the entire cast was excellently dressed as well.

shine or go crazy kdramaBest ChemistryJang Hyuk and Oh Yeon Seo

Shine or Go Crazy love team had the top chemistry in 2015. The couple really looked good together and convincingly meant for each other onscreen.

siwonBest Idol in a DramaSi Won from She Was Pretty

He came up very annoying at first but actually turned out quite charming, funny and at the end handsomely mysterious. Si Won took the character pretty well hence garnering him this award.

she was pretty kdramaBest ComedyShe Was Pretty

It might not be the best when it comes to plot but it was definitely the funniest for me in 2015. The leading lady’s character was top and she was joined by some funny sidekicks making the show a comedic piece.

Scholar Who Walks the Night kdramaBest SageukScholar Who Walks the Night

Not only everyone looked fantastic in their costumes but the drama delivered a wonderful world of the past mixed with some vampire fantasy.

mask kdramaBest MelodramaMask

This drama for sure made me cry a lot but what makes it best for me is its great plot and excellent cast. Thrilling and heart-thumping scenes are great diversions in this drama.

kill me heal me kdramaBest Kdrama OverallKill Me, Heal Me

Hands down the best drama of 2015 or even of all times! Thanks to Ji Sung for his excellent performance. Its top leads are undoubtedly one of the best pairs in korean drama. The plot has full of surprises.  A melodrama, comedy, romance, thriller in one fanstastic masterpiece.

There you go, the first Iwatchkdrama Awards. Congratulations to the winners!

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