KdramastoWatch Awards 2016

One year of watching kdrama is over and here’s my list of the deserving winners of our KdramatoWatch Awards that started last year…

lee joon ki moon loversBest Actor – Lee Joon Ki

as prince Wang So in Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart:Ryeo

He always shines in sageuk dramas and as prince Wang So in Moon Lovers, he was brilliant! His gorgeous face became mystical with the mask he was wearing to hide his scar and most of all his dark aura attracted even the most coveted lady in the kingdom. He exuded power and rage but remained romantic and charming.

IU in moon loversBest Actress – IU

as Hae Soo in Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart:Ryeo

IU managed to build chemistry with all the princes in this drama. Her role, Lady Hae Soo wasn’t an easy one. A lovely, witty person with a brave heart who was always true to her feelings even if that means leaving the person she loves. IU’s acting was so natural and relaxed especially around those handsome princes.

song yoon ah the k2Best Supporting Actress – Song Yoon Ah

as Choi Yoo Jin in The K2

Okay, this lady is super impressive in this drama. She always had the face of a saint but possesses a venom like a snake. Beautiful, smart, very powerful, always appears unbeatable but a very lonely person inside. Choi Yoo Jin’s performance in this drama makes you forget that there’s still actually a leading lady.

Best Supporting Actor – Choi Min Soo

as King Sookjong in Jackpot

Forget about Jang Geun Suk and Yeo Jin Goo, this guy was the best in this drama. Of all the kings of sageuk dramas, he was the best King of Joseon I have ever seen. Majestic, wise, powerful and very good-looking. Choi Min Soo’s role was quite intimidating but he did it so well!

Best Villain – Kim Eui Sung

as Oh Sung Moo in W

A great villain makes a great drama and he did make W the best drama of the year. Kim Eui Song even deserves a best actor award in W as he did 2 amazing roles but his villanous role stood out most.

Best Chemistry – Lee Jong Suk & Han Hyo Joo

Oh how many kisses did these 2 have in this drama? I’m pretty sure it was more than two and everytime they did, I was always on cloud 9! The best chemistry this year hands down.

Best Costume – Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart:Ryeo

Stunningly beautiful costumes in this drama! All the details, designs, colors were amazing. It made everyone especially the princes and the ladies looked very regal.

Best Idol in a Kdrama – IU

She just bagged the best actress award, there’s no doubt she’s the best idol this year that graced a kdrama. Her natural acting, beauty and charm are always IU’s best assets. Oh wait, she can also sing! 🙂

Best Romantic Comedy – Oh My Venus

Our fatty lawyer who’s actually quite pretty meets a renowned celebrity trainer who’s very fit and health-conscious. Funny, cute and romantic thanks to the top chemistry of our lead couple.

Best Sageuk – Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart:Ryeo

I never found out why the long title but I’m not hesitating to choose it as the best sageuk or period drama this year. Moon Lovers brings you to a different world that looks pretty but scary and can be lonely. Good thing is all the actors are super good-looking, we forget the scary and lonely part for a bit :).

the k2 kdramaBest Action – The K2

Ji Chang Wook in an action drama is a sure ball best action drama! His amazing talent in martial art is very impressive and that’s obvious in his fighting scenes. I’ve got to give credit to the director as well for making this an almost real action film. It has a John Woo feel to it!

Descendants-of-the-Sun kdramaMost Popular – The Descendants of the Sun

This was like the explosion drama of the year. Airing during the time of last year when it was hard to find a good drama to watch. Everyone was just talking about it. Well, I understand as it was a beautiful one with great-looking leads with top chemistry and wonderful scenic sets. Furthermore, it was action-packed and full of heroism.

W kdramaBest Kdrama of 2016 – W

This drama just ticked all the boxes of a best kdrama, as simple as that. Impressive script, awesome directing, top leads, interesting worlds, best villain, thrilling cliffhangers, good length (16 episodes) and a great ending. No topping this one!