KdramastoWatch Awards 2017

Yes, it’s that time of the year to release the deserving winners of the 2017 KdramastoWatch Awards! I’m excited as you are! Here they are…

Best Actor – Gong Yoo

as Kim Shin in Goblin

His melancholic role in Goblin suited him very well. He portrayed elegance, maturity, sadness without losing the clown in him. The role is very much cut out for him. No doubt he really shone in this one. Welcome back Gong Yoo!

Best Actress – Jun Ji Hyun

as Shim Chung in The Legend of the Blue Sea

She was gorgeous, funny… definitely brilliant in this drama! Her very confident way of acting makes her shine regardless of her leading man. At the same time, she has the talent to connect and build that awesome chemistry with them.

Best Supporting Actor – Kwon Yool

as Kang Jung Il in Whisper

Very impressive, absolutely brilliant in his role! I even thought he upstaged Lee Sang Yoon.

Best Supporting Actress – Park Se Young

as Shin Young Joo in Whisper

She’s the female counterpart of Kwon Yool. Also quite impressive and stunning! I think Shin Young Joo (her role) and Kang Jung Il (Kwon Yool’s) complemented each other. What a brilliant pairing!

Best Villain – Uhm Ki Joon

as Cha Sun Ho / Cha Min Ho in Defendant

He did really well in both roles. He was consistently convincing as the good guy and the bad guy. Utterly brilliant acting!

Best Comic Relief – Kim Won Hae

as Oh Dol Pyu in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Kim Won Hae took on two roles in this drama but he was brilliant in his role as Oh Dol Pyu, the gay Ainsoft employee who would constantly try to bully Do Bong Soon. He was so funny, he stole most of the show! Very impressive acting!

Best Chemistry – Seo Hyun Jin & Yang Se Jong

as Lee Hyun Soo & Ohn Jung Sun in Temperature of Love

This writernim and chefonim loveteam is unbeatable when it comes to chemistry. These two will give you butterflies in the tummy, I swear! Such an awesome chemistry!

Best Costume – Goblin

Everyone looked tall, handsome, gorgeous, beautiful; thanks to the costume design team of this drama! You guys did an awesome job! My oppas looked utterly irresistible!!!

Best Idol in a Kdrama – Park Hyun Sik

It’s got to be Park Hyun Sik this year, no doubt. He took the role of the young King in Hwarang, a supporting role but he really stood out. His lead role in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, nailed him a spot in my list of bankable leading men in kdrama this year.

fight for my way kdramaBest Romantic Comedy – Fight for My Way

For once, it was funny. Also the chemistry of the leads was top! They were very comfortable with each other making the acting look so natural. What I like best with this drama is it captured a romantic relationship that sprouted from friendship and how the couple worked through it.

the king-loves kdramaBest Sageuk – The King Loves

The King Loves tops this category because of its beautiful story of friendship over love and love over friendship. A dilemma done beautifully! The cast was awesome especially Im Shi Wan. Moreover, the costumes in this show were intricate, colourful and simply lovely to watch.

Defendant kdramaBest Thriller – Defendant

Every episode of this show was thrill-filled! It was very exciting to watch! Moreover, a Ji Sung drama is something you shouldn’t miss, it’s always good, trust me. But Ji Sung wasn’t the only great actor here, Uhm Ki Joon whom I just named “The Best Villain”, did his villaining in this drama :).

Most Popular – The Legend of the Blue Sea

I would say most anticipated and popular because of the leads of the shows. Leading man is a hallyu star and leading lady, well, I just named her Best Actress this year. The story comes second I think as to why it’s popular. Everyone wants to see a beautiful mermaid falling in love with a human, don’t you think?

goblin kdramaBest Kdrama of 2017 / Best Fantasy Romance – Goblin

It was an early year treat and nothing beat it at its number one spot until now, hence I proclaim it the Best Drama of 2017. Beautiful story with an awesome execution both directing and acting. Costume is also a great addition. Overall, without a doubt the drama that made me happy, contented, fell in love (again with Gong Yoo) and last but not the least, the reason why I keep watching knowing that one day, I get to watch another great one like this!