KdramastoWatch Awards 2018

Best Actor – Yoo Seung Ho

as Kim Min Kyoo in I’m Not A Robot

His role as an eccentric millionaire, aloof to other people because of his human allergy brought out the best of Yoo Seung Ho. He was amazing as the strange, a little crazy, full of anxiety, lonely but remained sharp-minded and smart Kim Min Kyu who just wanted a little company and happiness.

Best Actress – Lee Da Hae

as Cha Sun Hee and Cha Do Hee in Good Witch

This double role for Lee Da Hae is by far her best performance. She nailed both characters well and although Cha Sun Hee is the more likeable one, I extra love the bitchy Cha Do Hee.

Best Supporting Actor – Jang Seung Jo

as Jang Boo Chun in Money Flower

He was brilliant in his role as the immature heir of a rich family. He was changing between cocky, confident to insecure, vengeful and to pitiful. What a character development he got into. And he really did so well. I specially, love his facial expressions.

Best Supporting Actress – Kim Min Jung

as Hee Na in Mr. Sunshine

She was the beautiful, well-dressed, fearless, business-minded hotel owner who could do fencing and shoot gun when she needed to. By far, this is my favourite Kim Min Jung’s role and she really gave it some justice.

Best Villain – Lee Mi Sook

as Jung Mal Ran in Money Flower

This lady rocks as the beautiful, rich, powerful, firm, manipulating mom of an heir in Money Flower. She was as firm as a rock, almost indestructible. What a brilliant performance!

Best Idol in a Kdrama – Seo Kang Joon

as Nam Shin / Nam Shin III in Are You Human Too?

This a brilliant double role performance of Seo Kang Joon! One, an arrogant human heir and the other, the likeable human-like robot. Two opposing personalities he portrayed so well earning him this award. Yet another proof that some current and former idols can excellently act.

Best Chemistry – Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

as Kim Min Kyoo & Jo Ji Ah / Aji 3 in I’m Not A Robot

Undeniably the best couple with the best chemistry this year! These two hit it off right away in the first episode. It was fun following their love story from start to finish.

Best Costume – Mr. Sunshine

It’s hard to beat Sageuk when it comes to costume and Mr. Sunshine was just excellent at it. To come up with these very detailed and elaborate costumes perfect for that era, I’m sure they have a big budget for it as it really showed and was beautiful to watch.

Best Cinematography – Mr. Sunshine

Every episode was a work of art! The scenes were always perfect, always beautiful, always artistic. It is indeed the kdrama that has the best cinematographic experience this year.

Best Sageuk – Mr. Sunshine

Well for once, because it’s the only sageuk drama I watched this year :-). But I think I would still pick  this even if there was another one. Why? Because it was just brilliantly made. As you can see, it raked some of the awards this year.

Best Sci-Fi – Are You Human Too?

I’ve got 3 sci-fi dramas this year but this one’s the best. Why? Robot is just too perfect and advanced! Left me thinking really, our future doesn’t look too bad :-).

a-korean-odyssey kdramaBest Fantasy – A Korean Odyssey

These great-looking gods will make you want to fantasize eh. But looks aside, A Korean Odyssey has what it takes to satisfy one’s fantasy adventure cravings!

where stars land kdramaBest Romance – Where Stars Land

I’m just impressed how they pulled off a lovely romantic drama with the Incheon Airport as the set. And not just one but two cute couple in this one. The main love story here is of course the best. Definitely will be worth the watch.

what's wrong with secretary kim kdramaMost Popular – What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Just look at the main actors! Big time. Not just that, it was a fun and entertaining office drama topped with an awesome chemistry between the main leads.

thirty but seventeen kdramaThe Underdog – Thirty But Seventeen

Oh how I love this drama! Not much fuss really, quite straightforward, clean and beautiful love story but it hits you like a bomb. Like a happy with showers of hopes kind of bomb. Loved it so much, made it to my number 2!

Best Kdrama of 2018 & Best Romantic Comedy – I’m Not A Robot

After all the weighing, this comes out to be my best this year. A fun, heartwarming and romantic story of an eccentric millionaire and a girl who pretended to be a robot. The story was cute, the length was just right, the chemistry was top and the cast was brilliant!