KdramastoWatch Awards 2019

Ti’s the time of the year to hand out awards! These are the most deserving this year…

best actor yoo jin gooBest Actor – Yoo Jin Goo

as Ha Sun / King Lee Hun in The Crowned Clown

Yoo Jin Goo proved himself worthy of this award through his brilliant double role portrayal in this drama. He did so well as Ha Sun, the clown, but I was most impress of him as King Lee Hun, who was becoming unreasonable due to his paranoia.

best actress iuBest Actress – IU

as Jang Man Wol in Hotel del Luna

It wasn’t her best role but she is my best this year. It was fun watching her as the temperamental Jang Man Wol, owner of Hotel del Luna, frozen in time, not ageing, still waiting for her deliverance. I love IU, she did so well in this drama and she always has a great chemistry with her leading man.

Best Supporting Actor – Jang Dong Gun

as Ta Gon in Arthdal Chronicles

Jang Dong Gun is one of my favourite veteran korean actors and if you watched this drama you’ll know why. As Ta Gon, I was always speechless! He was brilliant in his acting, so good looking (look at those muscles and hair!) – he was grandiose!

Best Supporting Actress – Kim Ok Bin

as Tae Ha in Arthdal Chronicles

Same like her counterpart in the drama, she was breathtakingly impressive! Beautiful and brilliant actress!

Best Villain – Shin Sung Rok

as Lee Hyuk in The Last Empress

Villains who are not always appearing bad but sometimes showing some good in them are the best. That makes Shin Sung Rok, as Lee Hyuk, the emperor who first ignored and hurt the poor empress, the best annoying, villainous character this year.

Best Idol in a Kdrama – Cha Eun Woo

as Lee Rim in Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

Cha Eun Woo is one of the prettiest princes in all sageuk dramas I have watched. He was very charming in his role as prince Lee Rim and looked dazzling and tall in all his prince costumes.

Best Chemistry – Lee Dong Wook & Yoo In Na

as Kwon Jung Rok and Oh Jin Shim / Oh Yoon Seo in Touch Your Heart

They really have a great chemistry and they already proved it once in Goblin. I was looking forward to see them again together in a drama and they didn’t disappoint. Love this couple so much!

Best Cameo – Kim Soo Hyun in Hotel del Luna

He was a bomb! His cameo in Hotel del Luna was the best cameo I’ve seen so far in my kdrama watching history. It gave a hint of season 2 and at the same time a hint that we’re gonna see his handsome face in a drama again after a long time of being away.

Best Costume – Arthdal Chronicles

Hands down, their costume is simply the best this year! Nothing even came near to this. Everything was very well thought and created. All characters in this drama were very well defined by their costumes. Very impressive!

Best Cinematography – Arthdal Chronicles

The mood, the colors, the feel that brings us into the world of Arthdal, this drama was simply beautifully made. I was so deeply immersed into it.

Best Cast – Arthdal Chronicles

They have no doubt the best cast this year. Although, I didn’t pick the top leads to be the best actors / actress, I gave them the best supporting awards. Everyone was brilliant here and I’m not just talking about the top cast, I mean everyone even to the least roles.

Best Sageuk – The Crowned Clown

The Crown Clowned doesn’t just have the best actor but also deserving to be the best sageuk or period drama this year. Such a beautiful drama about loyalty and friendship that ended up in vain. Bittersweet indeed.

Best Sci-Fi – Melting Me Softly

I was intrigued by the idea of freezing humans for future medical solutions. Hm, will it be possible? We don’t know. Aside from the scientific part, I love the top leads, I thought their love story was a great bonus.

Best Fantasy – Hotel del Luna

All the ghost stories, the painful story of the past, the entertaining present and the very hopeful future, made this my best fantasy drama this year. I love the atmosphere, it was consistent from beginning to end. Of course I love the cast, everyone did an awesome job.

Best Melodrama – VIP

Every episode is suspense-full and everyone’s heavy life story draws out lots of emotions in me. Very good and touching!

Best Romantic Comedy –  Touch Your Heart

From the couple’s drama who got best chemistry award, the best romantic comedy is theirs as well. It was indeed funny and romantic that you won’t be able to get enough of it.

Best Thriller – Memories of the Alhambra

I couldn’t stop watching this. I was so hooked and intrigued. Such a thrilling drama and it even has Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin in it. It could also pass as a great fantasy drama for me but I think best thriller is a better award for it.

Most Popular – Hotel del Luna

Aside from having an awesome story, we’ve got IU and Yeo Jin Goo in it, two of the most popular actors in Korea. When it ended, a lot of fans were screaming for second season and even myself wishes for one. That’s how successful and popular it was.

Best Kdrama of 2019 – Hotel del Luna

It wasn’t a perfect 10 but close. Hotel del Luna ticks all boxes for me as the number one this year. A refreshing, semi-dark story that can make you cry and laugh a lot. It draws a lot of emotions from the viewers. This a great story of letting go – of the pain, the bad, the past and even of the love. Brilliant cast as well!