KdramastoWatch Awards 2020

Another year is about to end and I’m ready to give out our very own KtW Awards to the deserving winners…

Best Actor – Hyun Bin

as Ri Jung Hyuk in Crash Landing on You

Who could ever forget our very charming North Korean captain who was so brave and bold to cross to the south for his beloved? Hyun Bin is definitely back and there’s no stopping him. He nailed his role as the initially stiff captain who turned out to be someone who would do everything for love. Hyun Bin in uniform with a North Korean accent was the 2020’s hottest for sure!

Best Actress – Seo Ye Ji

as Ko Moon Young in It’s Okay to Not be Okay

This lady was slaying! She was so brilliant, she even upstaged his leading man Kim Soo Hyun! Her intimidating, sexy, talented character Ko Moon Young has definitely put Seo Ye Ji in the spotlight and she did exceptionally well in it.

Best Supporting Actor – Oh Jung Se

as as Moon Sang Tae in It’s Okay to Not be Okay

Absolutely, the best support this year! Oh Jung Se was brilliant in his role as the autistic older brother of the main lead. He perfected his mannerisms, his looks, his facial expressions, his movements – he was just really impressive. Such a very good actor!

Best Supporting Actress – Han So Hee

as Yeo Da Kyung in The World of the Married

Yeo Da Kyung was a special role. She wasn’t totally a bad one. She was young, pretty and rich but fell in love with the wrong guy. She wanted to be happy and prove to everyone that she was right with her choice. For her goal, she had to get through a lot of challenges. Han So Hee did so well in portraying that balance between a total b**ch and a person confident and deserving of marriage. Well done!

Best Villain – Kim Ji Hoon

as Baek Hee Sung in Flower of Evil

Such a sexy villain! Love him with long hair, it added to the flair. Kim Ji Hoon did such a good job here. He was the icing to the cake which was Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won!

Best Idol in a KdramaJin Young

as Han Jae Hyun in his 20s in When My Love Blooms

Jin Young has a future in acting as proven in this drama. He’s got the looks, can sing and play guitar and most of all, he can act. He was very charming in his 90’s looks here, kind of brought me back to uni days.

i'll find you on a beautiful day kdramaBest Chemistry – Park Min Young & Seo Kang Joon

as Mok Hae Won & Im Eun Sub in I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day

I just love the chemistry between this two. It was a simple romance countryside drama but it seemed big and special because of that chemistry. Their connection gave warmt and beauty to that cold and forgotten place.

Second Lead Syndrome Award – Kim Sun Ho

as Han Ji Pyung in Start-Up

I have to add this award this year because of this guy. Who could forget the super handsome, smart, young investor Han Ji Pyung who happened to be the long lost pen pal of our girl Seo Dal Mi. My heart beat for him the entire show. I’m just glad they gave him his own happy ending.

Best Cameo – Park Seo Joon in Record of Youth

Well deserving of a celeb cameo, Park Seo Joon is one of the biggest stars right now in Korea. Love seeing him with the equally gorgeous Park Bo Gum who seemed to be a good friend.

the king eternal monarch kdramaBest Costume – The King: Eternal Monarch

Some efforts on the costume here especially the King’s outfits. Lee Min Ho looked so dashing and kingly in all of them. And got to mention the exquisite wardrobe of the lady Prime Minister.

Best Cinematography – I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day

It may look like a simple drama but it was beautifully and artistically shot. Love how they capture the ambiance of everything, from the field, the snow, the bookshop, the interior of the houses, the lighting… it was simply beautiful and brilliant!

Best Cast – It’s Okay to Not be Okay

We’ve got our best actress and supporting actor in this drama plus the brilliant Kim Soo Hyun, though he wasn’t my best actor this year. This line up of big talents is enough reason to hand this award to this drama.

flower of evil kdramaBest Thriller – Flower of Evil

A lady police detective who doesn’t know the real identity of her own husband and his dark past would  surely get into lots of action and detective work in this heart-thumping and thrilling drama.

the king eternal monarch kdramaBest Fantasy/Romance/SciFi- The King: Eternal Monarch

This one hits the mark as I love time travel with parallel universes that has several Lee Min Hos in them. Here our restless King tries to find a way to the right universe where his love resides and later tries to find a solution to freely travel from universe to the other, of course together with his beloved.

its okay to not be okay kdramaBest Melodrama – It’s Okay to Not be Okay

It’s one complicated melo romance but love it! Our guy here is drawn to someone who would possibly just pull both of them down the drain but would still risk it all. It’s love and supporting one another that makes both strong.

i'll find you on a beautiful dayBest Romance – I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day

I just found this one very romantic. The field was romantic so as the forest, the seasons and most especially the bookshop! A very heartfelt romance story of two people who found themselves torn between staying and leaving.

Most Popular / Best Romantic Comedy / Best Kdrama of 2020 – Crash Landing on You

Definitely the most popular especially when everyone went into lockdown and all we could hold onto is a very good drama that would make us feel better during isolation. Also deserving of the Best Romantic Comedy award due its nature of making you fall in love and laugh at the same time. Last but not least, the best and the top kdrama of 2020 because it’s the kind of drama that we all need this year!