My Dearest

my dearest kdramaSummary: Set in the Joseon era during the Qing invasion, a love story between Lee Jang Hyun, a wandering businessman and Yoo Gil Chae, a daughter of a nobleman, blossoms. However because the whole country goes through a difficult time, the two gets separated. Yoo Gil Chae receives the news that Lee Jang Hyun died, so eventually she gets engaged to someone else.

My Dearest Trailer

Genre: Period, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 10
Stars: Nam Goong Min as Lee Jang Hyun
Ahn Eun Jin as Yoo Gil Chae
Lee Hak Joo as Nam Yeon Joon
Lee Da In as Kyung Eun Ae
Kim Yoon Woo as Ryang Eum

Likes: What I love most about this drama is that even though it was set during a struggling Joseon period, when it was invaded by the Qing armies, and most scenes were filmed in winter times, it’s able to convey the most important theme, and that’s the love of Jang Hyun to his Lady Gil Chae. It was always the center of it all, it defied everything including war, politics, dirty business, torture and survival on those very hostile times.

The love story. I like the playful and colourful background of how it all started. Gil Chae, one of the most beautiful noble ladies in the village, was adored by the gentlemen around her except for that one person who she wanted the most. However, he was already set to marry her best friend. That of course didn’t stop Gil Chae from trying to seduce the guy. Hence, that earned her the title fox lady, meaning like a fox, she would try hard to get the guy that he wanted. Then came Jang Hyun, a noble, businessman who had been traveling around. Jang Hyun was also good with women, but when he set his eyes on lady Gil Chae, he was captivated by her beauty and personality. But Gil Chae had only eyes on her bestfriend’s betrothed, that made it more challenging for Jang Hyun to capture her heart.

I love how this drama put so much importance to the courtship of those long-gone eras. There were lots of emphasis on strong emotions and bonds. It was slow courtship but very beautiful. You can feel the sincerity, loyalty, love and desire with simply just how they look at each other. It made me fall in love several times. It’s like reading a romance novel. Everything is described beautifully and you feel every emotion.

A powerful backdrop. The invasion of Qing, which puts Joseon into disarray, that even the Crown Prince had to leave the palace and travel to Qing to basically serve as a hostage, so Joseon could be under Qing’s control, is a very interesting and powerful backdop. Although the main topic is the romance between Gil Chae and Jang Hyun, the country’s story of politics and war under Qing’s control was very well elaborated. That actually made Jang Hyun’s character, a more interesting one, because as the story progressed into the war, he then became someone who was in the front line. A very important character who had helped the Crown Prince became more confident politically in dealing with the controlling Qing.

The sets. I love the small village where Gil Chae originally hailed. Before the invasion, the village was a representation of peace, unity and slow progress. Everyone seemed happy and contented. Very unaware of hostility and unaware of how to protect themselves. The people had to flee the village which was really a sad scene. A beautiful place where you grew up and thought would stay there until you get old. It was sad and the feeling was just so relatable.

When people had to seek refuge at the island because they thought it was the safest place, but then turned out to be not. Such a beautiful island, but when the invaders arrived it felt like a trap. Everyone was trapped there.

All the sets in this drama made me feel like I was dragged into it. It felt very real. You can feel the spring breeze when everyone was out for a picnic. You can feel the cold when they walk on the snow. You can feel the fear during the fights. You can feel the hunger when there was no enough food on the table. You can feel the desperation to survive. And above all, you can feel the desire and longing of someone, who had been separated from his beloved.

Our amazing top leads. Hands down for all the brilliant acting.

Nam Goong Min as Lee Jang Hyun – Nam Goong Min is one of my favourite kdrama actors. He’s always to fall in love with. As Jang Hyun, I would take any pairs of floral shoes he would offer 😊. I just love the character. Not so good boy, not so bad boy either. Very smart guy, well-dressed and the way he adored Lady Gil Chae, the way he would look at her, was to die for! A good sword fighter! Who doesn’t want a man who can fight when there are invaders roaming around. He knew he was reliable but not enough to the one he loved.

Ahn Eun Jin as Yoo Gil Chae – First time to see her in a drama and I would say I’m impressed. She did so well as Yoo Gil Chae. Young, conceited, outspoken, no filter-kind of lady, but then at those difficult, challenging times, she came out the strongest and bravest. I love that scene when she became a midwife because no one else could do it even her servant. She was the total survival lady. Would do anything to put food on the table.

The kiss!  It was just a peck on the lips but my gosh it made me sooo giddy! Beautifully done with a romantic field with sunset setting. Such a memorable moment! And then Jang Hyun said to Lady Gil Chae, “I do not understand myself either, why is it that when I look at you my silly heart makes such a big fuss.”

Sad OST. This song makes me sad and that’s how the story of love between Jang Hyun and Gil Chae unfolded, nevertheless it’s such a heartwarming song, With My Heart! Complete OST brings you back to that time!

The Ending. I completely understand Lady Gil Chae’s last moment’s decision to choose her family over Jang Hyun. I would have done the same thing as well. It’s sad, but I’m not losing hope for this two though.

The good news is we’re getting a second season and I can’t wait any further. I like the teaser. Jang Hyun seemed to have found another love interest. Let’s see how that would unfold in season 2.

My Rating: 9 stars! (10 as highest)


heartbeat kdramaSummary: Sun Woo Hyeol is a vampire who wants to become human. In order for that to happen, he has to sleep in a hawthorn coffin for 100 years. However, he is awoken one day earlier by a girl named Joo In Hae who is a descendant of his butler. So now Sun Woo Hyeol is neither a vampire nor a human.

Heartbeat Trailer

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural
Episodes: 16
Stars: Taecyeon as Sun Woo Hyeol
Won Ji An as Joo In Hae
Park Kang Hyun as Shin Do Sik
Yoon So Hee as Yoon Hae Sun / Na Hae Won

Likes: This a nice break from all the gumiho kdramas I’ve watched recently. It’s rare to see a vampire drama and with Taecyeon  as the main lead I was all convinced with this one.

Reincarnation theme. It’s been a common theme this year with other popular kdramas like Durian’s Affair and See You in My 19th Life which have similar themes, good storylines, and this interisting switch between the past and the present. Heartbeat also shows the past love and life of our main lead, Sun Woo Hyeol way back in the Joseon era when he was with his beloved, then continued to live in Japanese colonial era waiting for his love to be reincarnated. The emphasis on the past settings gave the show depth and helped create a better, more meaningful character developments.

Taecyeon as Sun Woo Hyeol – he’s the reason I watched the show. Vampires have to be super good-looking and he passed the requirement. His performance in Vincenzo was brilliant but his character was quite dark. I’ve been wanting to see him in a protagonist role and I think our handsome and romantic Sun Woo Hyeol is the answer. He’s definitely one hot vampire!

Won Ji An as Joo In Hae – It took me a while to warm up to her. Was it her acting? Maybe. But eventually, it happened and since then I was always looking forward to the next episode. I still believe though she could have done better, but anyway, the next week point was definitely a plus to her…

That vampire kiss. So yeah, I was skeptical with the leading lady until that jaw-dropping kiss in the air! Of course, I give most credit to Sun Woo Hyeol for being a super cool kisser, but that was the moment when Joo In Hae made a very important connection with him. And yeah, there was definitely chemistry! I don’t know how many times I repeated that beautiful kissing scene, it was awesome and it’s stuck in my head!

Beyond the looks and likeness. I love the emphasis on the person within versus the person who totally looks like the one he previously loved. Our dear vampire, as cool as he already was, followed his heart, even without his heartbeat, to find who he’s real love was. And he did in the end.

The vampire comedic relief. I think it wouldn’t have been this fun without Sun Woo Hyeol’s vampire friends. Kyu Pil and Byung Hee brought a lot of laughters for the show. Loved how these two slept like bats inside the wardrobe 😄. Also love the vampire bromance between these two and Sun Woo Hyeol. Bromance that lasts for hundred years!

That intro music. It’s addictive and what better way to start an episode. I also like the animation, so cute and matching. Check it out.. Heartbeat Opening

Favourite quote. “Time is a relative concept. 100 years could feel like a day while a day could feel like 100 years.”

Ending. Not really so happy how it ended. The last two episodes were a bit draggy only for our main character to actually die! He made a promise though that he’ll be reincarnated and that he’ll be the first one to find her. Hm, I still have to get used to this reincarnation concept. But all in all, not bad so giving it a…

My Rating: 8 stars! (10 as highest)

Durian’s Affair

durian's affair kdramaSummary: Du Ri An, a noble lady in the Joseon era, gets transported to the present time together with her daughter-in-law, Kim Seo Jeo. The two ladies are taken in by the Dan family, who are mostly reincarnated relatives from the past. Du Ri An, who lost her son gets reunited with him and Kim Seo Jeo too gets reunited with her husband, however he doesn’t recognize both of them.

Durian’s Affair Trailer

Genre: Period, Time-travel, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery
Episodes: 16
Stars:  Park Joo Mi as Du Ri An
Kim Min Jun as Dan Chi Gam / Dol Soe
Lee Da Yeon as Kim Seo Jo
Yoo Jung Ho as Dan Deung Myung
Choi Myoung Gil as Baek Do Yi

Likes: What can I say when my favourite genres are consolidated in one kdrama, finally someone has heard me right. We’ve got a combination of past and present here, highlighting vital scenes in Joseon era when all things begun. Time-travel is one of my favourites too! Fantasy, romance and mystery completed the whole roller-coaster plot which involves two noble ladies who time-traveled to the present and meet their long-gone relatives. Crazy but brilliant idea!

Durian’s Affair. Whatever happens when you watch the show, never forget, it’s all because of Durian’s affair. So it’s about the impossible love of a servant and a noble lady who was given a chance to sleep with one another to give the lady a son that her husband couldn’t possibly give due to declining health. The two involved were kind of thankful for that impossible chance. The servant especially couldn’t believe his luck and he was anytime ready to accept his bitter fate after that. This affair obviously complicates and twists the lives of the reincarnated people involved.

How the story told. I’m impressed with how the story unfolded. It started in the present time presenting this great, wealthy, good-looking family. The family seems very nice. Wealthy but good people. Their lives were suddenly shaken when these two noble ladies from the past appeared, and Du Ri An, the older noble lady knows that the wealthy family members are mostly reincarnation of her loved ones from the past. I liked the going back and forth, past and present unfolding of stories. The slow revelation of things (but not draggy) makes the drama so interesting and exciting.

Very well defined-characters. Everyone has a story, everyone’s character especially the main ones were built-up properly, creating very important roles in the story. Everyone is likeable and relatable because of that. We understand the feelings and the reasons involved because of how defined the characters are. We understand why Du Ri An was scared of the mum but at the same time respectful of her. We understand why she was uneasy with the youngest son but also couldn’t help getting curious about him. We fully understand how she felt when she saw her dead son alive in front of her. How these important characters are connected to one another, is so well-architected in this drama.

Good-looking cast. Everyone was just stunning! The two noble ladies from the past looked great in their Hanboks, primmed and proper, and exhibited classic elegance! The rich family in the present time also exhibited elegance, luxury and never dying beauty!

Park Joo Mi as Du Ri An – her beauty suits her role. Simple, serene and exuded elegance. She really did a great job portraying lady Du Ri An as someone so soft-spoken, respectful, choosy with her words, and so demure when she moved around.

Lee Da Yeon as Kim Seo Jo – I find her sooo pretty! Loved the way she spoke, so soft and shy. The role was a young grieving woman who lost her husband, and she did an amazing job portraying that. The way she would look at her reincarnated husband was so full of love and longing!

Choi Myoung Gil as Baek Do Yi – I loved the role. First you would think of her as someone evil, but she was not. That’s what Du Ri An thought as well. She feared her mother-in-law, but she respected her. In the present life, the Baek Do Yi was still the centre of them all, a beautiful, powerful, and a reasonable lady, who unbelievably got along with all her grown-up sons. Truly remarkable.

Gorgeous wardrobes. I’ve got to give credits to the stylists of the show for coming up with a solid, gorgeous outfits for everyone. My favourite showdown was the first episode at the birthday of Baek Do Yi when everyone was dressed up for the event and all her kids and grandson gathered, looking handsome and rich, including the beautiful daughters-in-law. They were all consistently well-dressed throughout the show. It’s fun to watch.

Of course, the Hanboks worn by our Joseon ladies were also top. It was like a battle between the traditional and the modern. Both were so tastefully worn.

The addictive intro. I never got tired watching the intro everytime I watched an episode. It just sooo good! Loved the music, the timing, and everyone looked great here. Check it out… Durian’s Affair Intro!

Cliffhangers! It would make you binge-watch, well, if you have all the episodes ready. Unfortunately for me, had to wait for the next two episodes every week. But yes, awesome cliffhangers!

Favourite quote. “If there is the sun, there is the moon. If there is the moon, there is the sun. If there is happiness, there is misfortune. If you oovercome the misfortune, there is happiness.”

The ending. The whole story is about reincarnation and karma. In the end, these two women who came from the past, who fell in love and who spent time with the person they loved, but then later in life lost them, kind of got rewarded when they made it to the present and met the love of their lives again. However, it wasn’t as simple with Du Ri An, maybe because of her affair. The father of her son became the son’s uncle and her past husband became the brother of her’s son’s father. Entangled relationships! And in the end, Du Ri An realized that her life in the past was about to repeat itself, and she was unhappy about it. She would rather go back, and be alone than being with someone she doesn’t love. I agree that the ending was too abrupt, but I assume Du Ri An disappeared with Chi Gam, the reincarnation of her one truly love.

Baek Do Yi’s (the mother-in-law) fate was very sad. She lost her favourite son and her husband. Everything was going well with her but then maybe because of what she did in the past, her present took a different turn. I actually really loved her present personality, couldn’t see a fault in her. But I guess karma had spoken and there she had it.

I loved Kim Seo Jo’s ending the most, as she stayed with Deung Myung. She became a famous actress herself and has a son with him.

Overall, it was a great drama. Kept me hooked every week. Loved the setting, great story, well-developed characters and with such brilliant acting.

My Rating: 9 stars! (10 as highest)


celebrity kdramaSummary: Seo A Ri sells cosmetics for a small beauty company. Her life changes when she got the chance to join the social media world and becomes a popular social media influencer. She enjoys her success but that comes with an ugly side.

Celebrity Trailer

Genre: Romance, Chaebol, Rich Boy Poor Girl
Episodes: 12
Stars: Park Gyu Young as Seo A Ri
Kang Min Hyuk as Han Jun Kyung
Lee Chung Ah as Yoon Si Hyeon
Lee Dong Gun as Jin Tae Jeon

Likes: One of the few kdramas this year that kept me hooked till the end. Shorter than usual with only 12 episodes but I think it was enough. That made the show straight to the point with every episode full of suspense and anticipation.

The glitzy world of celebrities. I love how glitzy, how pretty, how bigger than life the celebrities are being portrayed, because that’s what they actually really are. These days, celebrities are not just actors or rich people but if you rich 1 million followers on social media, you’ll become an instant celebrity. You’ll have the power to influence and you’re getting paid for that. Seo A Ri, is a good example but you also see how she got to the top. She made use of other people’s popularity. That was one of her biggest cheats. And once she got there, other people was unhappy with her success. The glitzy world is a war zone. Everyone pretends they’re friends but in fact they’re all just competing with each other. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you can make it, you’re one gutsy person and I applaud you for that, because that definitely requires lots of effort and hard work.

Our gorgeous cast. One reason I got so hooked is how good-looking everyone was, especially our main leads, Park Gyu Young and Kang Min Hyuk. I’m a big fan of Park Gyu Young for her acting skills and her unique beauty. That was a given. Kang Min Hyuk was a big surprise! He really looked handsome here! Our former cute Kang Min Hyuk is finally a man! And he nailed the role of Han Jun Kyung, a chaebol who has an arrogant nature, but turned out to be a good person. The chemistry between these two was just immense, it was entertaining to watch, especially the kissing scene!

Supporting actors Lee Chung Ah and Lee Dong Gun were also lighting up the show with their visuals. I only expected good acting from these two as they are both veterans. All the others did an excellent job as well.

The unforgettable shoe scene. No not a cinderella scene but a rich chaebol way of entering his house! Like Seo A Ri, I pretty had a similar reaction 😮. This scene was just epic! Forget about helicopters and flashy cars, this one is another level of being super wealthy. The scene, I’ve got to admit made Han Jun Kyung looked super sexy!

Depth in the story. Although we were first fed with all the glitzy and glamorous but shallow stuff these celebrities are enjoying, the story went beyond the glitters. It tackled the ugly sides of popularity and success. When you get too popular, people get envious. The harder part is when the ones very close to you start having these feelings. When you’re on top of success, you start losing sense of reality. Greed takes over and in the end you’ll lose everything. When you’re on top and people can’t handle it, they’ll do everything to pull you down. You’ll eventually drown in that river of toxicity, just like Seo A Ri. That poor girl was literally dragged on the way down.

The bbbfamous mystery. Who would have thought that she was just really a nobody. There’s the moral there. Seo A Ri’s life was totally ruined because of her toxic comments. Who was she?! Well, a nobody. You let a nobody ruined your life. bbbfamous represents all the toxic people on the internet. Truth is one becomes popular because of these people too. You can’t just get rid of them. If one wants to be an online celebrity, then be ready to deal, no deal is the wrong word, ignore is better, yes to ignore them.

Flooded with cameos. There were a lot of celebrities who made a cameo on the shows but I only recognize Lee Sang Yoon, Seol In A, Eugene Jung and of course Lee Jun Ho at the very end, who seems to be the next one to become a celeb.

The ending. I like how Seo A Ri chose her ending and that’s to stay away from the limelight. She hinted that it’s tempting but would rather live a dull, no glitters, life than to be attacked for being famous. But hey cheer up, she still got Han Ju Kyung, who remained super handsome even after falling into coma.

My Rating: 9 stars! (10 as highest)

See You in My 19th Life

see you in my 19th life kdramaSummary: Ban Ji Eum has a special ability to remember her past lives. She has been reincarnated a couple of times for the last 1000 years. On her 18th life, she meets Moon Seo Ha, who becomes special to her until she meets a tragic accident and died. On her 19th life, she desperately wants to reconnect with this person, so she finds a way to meet him.

See You in My 19th Life Trailer

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural, Boss Romance, Chaebol, Webtoon, Rich Boy Poor Girl
Episodes: 12
Stars: Shin Hye Sun as Ban Ji Eum
Ahn Bo Hyun as Moon Seo Ha
Ha Yoon Kyung as Yoon Cho Won
Ahn Dong Goo as Ha Do Yun

Likes: Totally love the story and how it was told. A combination of several  pasts and a present. The going back and forth in the timeline to give meaning to every life our heroine once had. The pain, struggles, rejection, defeat, heartbreaks, all of it that Ban Ji Eum had to endure in her present, because she simply remembers everything in her past lives. The emotion is so real, that makes this drama very likeable.

The love that transcends two lifetime. It all started when our heroine met an interesting boy in her 18th life. She was simply drawn to the boy. However, her life got cut short by an accident. She died murmuring to the boy, “See you in my 19th life.” As soon as our heroine reached a certain age and started remembering everything in the past, she looked for the boy. Isn’t that the cutest plot?!

See You in my 19th Life. I even love the title, it’s deep. It sounds like see you later, see you tomorrow, see you whenever, but yes in one lifetime. But see you in my next life, our heroine was so determined that her feelings will be the same. Even the episode titles were so meaningful, like episode 4: The Inability to Forget About The One You Long For. Or Episode 8: Casting One’s Fate Unto The Dice.

Love the cast. Simply good actors in this drama starting with…

Shin Hye Sun as Ban Ji Eum – Shin Hye Sun chooses her roles properly and she definitely knows a good script. Ban Ji Eum is an old soul. She knew what she wanted. She was aggressive towards Moon Seo Ha and that made this character pretty interesting.

Ahn Bo Hyun as Moon Seo Ha – Ahn  Bo Hyun is such a versatile actor. He is really into the character. He was so different when I watched him as the annoying rich guy in Itaewon Class. Also he was so into his character in Yumi’s Cells. In this drama, as Moon Seo Ha, aloof and distant but I find him the most handsome and likable.

Ha Yoon Kyung as Yoon Cho Won – Cho Won’s character is just too cute. Can’t be ignored! I loved how she cried like a baby when she was talking to her sister. And her facial expressions whenever she sees he crush, Ha Do Yun.

Ahn Dong Goo as Ha Do Yun – a very quiet character but cares a lot. I understand his hesitation to go for Cho Won. Poor guy, he was bleeding inside. But love when he finally took the courage.

Two love teams. Ban Ji Eum and Moon Seo Ha had a really good chemistry. Their love team would have sufficed to make the drama interesting, but I can’t complain that they added another one. And I love the cute love story of Cho Won and Ha Do Yun as well. That made the whole show much more fun to watch.

The mystery of the first life. Well, this one I didn’t see it coming. I’m still new to the reincarnation thing. So there was a connection already in the first life. Although it wasn’t romantic, but obviously Moon Seo Ha, in his past life had cared for Ban Ji Eum. He wanted to protect her, but couldn’t because she was getting swallowed by her rage. In the end, Moon Seo Ha was the key to end Ban Ji Eum’s curse of remembering her past lives.

First love never dies. That holds true in this drama. Ban Ji Eum’s first love was even from her past life. She desperately searched for him in the next life. And Moon Seo Ha couldn’t also forget his first love, the traces of her, and he was bound to meet her again. And these two souls were just drawn to each other, because of that young love they’ve started.

12 Episodes. I think it was good that way. It would have dragged if they’ve forced it to be 16-episode long.

Sweet ending. I love how Moon Seo Ha took the effort to approach and be near the forgetting Ban Ji Eum. It was the other way around this time. Moon Seo Ha came to her and asked her to date him, like how she did it to her before. So cute!

My Rating: 8.5 stars! (10 as highest)

King the Land

king the land kdramaSummary: Gu Won is an heir of the King Group. He helps the family manage King Hotel but in constant bickering with his half sister, who runs the hotel. Gu Won meets Cheon Sa Rang, who works as a concierge and she’s also awarded as best employee of King Hotel. Gu Won, who despises fake smile, doesn’t like Cheon Sa Rang at first, but later realizes that her smile is genuine and he’s slowly drawn to her charm.

King the Land Trailer

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Rich Boy Poor Girl, Boss Romance, Chaebol
Episodes: 16
Stars: Lee Joon Ho as Gu Won
Im Yoon Ah as Cheon Sa Rang

Likes: Such a promising pairing, with both Lee Joon Ho and Im Yoon Ah as top leads. Visuals are great and with the success of both their respective previous dramas, everyone I guess, at least I for once, was hoping that King the Land would be at the very top.

Favourite genres. If you check above, this drama falls into the likeable genres or themes. It’s a Rich Boy Poor Girl, Boss Romance, Chaebol and of course a Rom com! So exciting, it was a feast I looked forward too every week.

A chaebol story. We’ve got our handsome, rich prince who came back from being luxuriously exiled in Germany. Had an awesome entrance by taking a parachute to his first day at work. Looked ravishing is suits. Hair perfectly styled. However, unhappy until he meets his princess.

A cinderella story. We’ve got here our simple girl who works her best at her favourite hotel. Trying everyday to make everyone happy and contented at her workplace. And she always served with the best smile.

The funny encounter. I just loved how the two first met. Of course, it’s scripted but I found it hilarious when she had to urgently go to the toilet of her boss, and the boss saw her inside. I just can’t imagine the embarrassment if that’d happen to me!

Bangkok adventure. This seemed to have a big budget bringing the whole production to Thailand, but I’m not complaining. It was a beautiful adventure for everyone, not just for Gu Won and Sa Rang, but also their friends.

Sa Rang’s bestfriends and their own stories. I love the bond between Sa Rang and her two best friends. Also showing their life struggles added more side stories to the show.

The Jeju scenes. I’m a big fan of Jeju island, as it reminds me of the good kdramas in the past that had Jeju as the setting. Sa Rang interviewing Gu Won with a beautiful backdrop of the water and sunset locks another lovely Jeju moment in kdrama history.

The OST. It’s so romcom tracks and I love it! Check out King the Land OST here! My favourite is Confess to You, it’s to fall in love kind of track.

The Ending. I simply gushed at that beautiful wedding. Our bride Sa Rang was at her loveliest. Gu Won, of course looked always in his best element. Everyone was there and everyone’s happy!

Dislike: The whole show was a total pleaser. Lots of cliche. I can easily guess what was coming. And unfortunately full of ad placement.

My Rating: 7.5 stars! (10 as highest)

The Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938

tale of the nine tailed 1938Summary: Lee Yeon has to travel back to the past to retrieve an important item that’s been missing in the future. He travels back to 1938, the Japanese colonization era, and there he meets his past self, Lee Rang, his brother, Ryu Hong Joo, a former guardian spirit of the West and Cheon Moo Young, a former guardian spirit of the East, who harbors ill-feeling against Lee Yeon.

Trailer The Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938

Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Deity, Period, Time-Travel
Episodes: 12
Stars: Lee Dong Wook as Lee Yeon
Kim So Yeon as Ryu Hong Joo
Kim Bum as Lee Rang
Ryoo Kyung Soo as Cheon Mu Young

Likes: It’s sooo good to see once again our beloved Gumiho brothers. Since Lee Rang died in the first drama, one way to have him back is to go back in time. Brilliant! Ah, the visuals here is just too good. First, we’ve got our Lee Yeon of course, who doesn’t seem to age at all. Lee Yeon’s younger half-brother Lee Rang, who’s so blooming as he’s in love, Ryu Hong Joo, a former mountain God who has unrequited love with Lee Yeon, and Cheon Mu Yeong, who came back from the dead and has unrequited love with Ryu Hong Joo. The feelings are chaotic but will be sorted out because the bond of siblings and friendship always comes stronger.

The World in 1938. That was Japanese colonization era and Joseon was a prisoner, sort of. For the locals, a time of fear, insecurity, lack of identity and independence. You’ve got Japanese soldiers roaming the streets as if they own it. But hey, don’t despair, our beloved Joseon Gumihos are there to make things right. Cheon Mu Young, who was wearing a mask in the beginning reminds me of that era’s hero, the Bridal Mask (another drama). At the end, he was with Lee Yeon in liberating Joseon from the Japanese. Although, in reality, it was a dark time, I love how glorious the world in 1938 looked in this drama. Romanticizing 1938! Oh well, this is a kdrama afterall. No complains there.

Fashion in 1938. Omo, our boys in suits are so gorgeous! You’ve got to give it to the stylists for coming up with a suitable, dazzling wardrobe for all. The gentlemen looked so handsome and neat. Love Lee Yeon and Lee Rang’s looks! The women are gorgeous as well especially the lady of Myoyeongak, Ryu Hong Joo. Her fashion sense was top in that era. But I also love the mermaid’s innocent and cute looks. Love that bow on her hair, so cute!

The Adventures of 1938. So was the storyline good enough for this drama? I got pretty excited with the idea of time-travel. Lee Yeon traveled back to 1938 to retrieve a stone, met his 1938 version, who was an opium addict, got reunited with his brother Lee Rang and his two best friends Ryu Hong Joo and Cheon Mu Young. What I really like in this drama is the adventures everyone had on that era. Our heroes got confronted with all sorts of baddies including zombies and relentless Japanese monsters who each possessed extraordinary powers. Of course the good side, lead by the Gumihos emerged as winners but the bad side didn’t go down without a big fight. And talking about the fight scenes, they were quite epic especially the last battle between Lee Yeon and the Japanese leader, Ryuhei Kato. So yeah, I therefore conclude, that trip to 1938 was worth it.

The Present Lee Yeon vs Lee Yeon in 1938. Who would you choose? Oh my gosh, I have weakness on Lee Yeon with long hair! So handsome! However, he was still immature (which actually makes him cuter as long as you don’t live with him). But yeah, I find the 1938 Lee Yeon more handsome. The present Lee Yeon on the other hand was mature, knows what he wants, cares about the people around him, and especially sweet to Lee Rang. So yeah, the present one is definitely the marryable Lee Yeon!

Lee Rang and the Mermaid. I love how the writers gave Lee Rang a chance to show his gentle and romantic side. These two characters were just so sweet. They looked great together. I thought, we would miss the romance here, as the Lee Yeon’s love is in the future. Lee Rang’s the answer and I love it!

Gumiho Trivia. “Gumiho always repay kindness and repay their debt.”
“Gumiho only love one woman until they die.”

The OST.  It brings you back to the adventures and the charm of the era. Check it out, The Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 OST.

The Ending. The stone has been resolved. Everyone that we love is alive and went on with with their lives. Lee Yeon’s back in the present, once again pulling off the famous umbrella scene 😊❤️. However there was one thing that didn’t close properly, what happened to that reincarnated God? And there seems to be a Joseon version based on the last teaser? Fingers-crossed 🤞!

My Rating: 8.5 stars! (10 as highest)

Family: The Unbreakable Bond

Family the unbreakable bond kdramaSummary: Kwon Do Hoon lives a double life. He is a spy working for the NIS and is a professional sniper. He is also a husband, married to Kang Yoo Ra and has a daughter, Kwon Min Seo. Little did he know that his wife also harbors a secret, and that’s about to get exposed with the arrival of a long-time acquaintance.

Trailer Family: The Unbreakable Bond

Genre: Action, Thriller, Comedy
Episodes: 12
Stars: Jang Hyuk as Kwon Do Hoon
Jang Na Ra as Kang Yoo Ra
Chae Jung An as Oh Cheon Ryeon
Kim Nam Hee as Jo Tae Koo

Likes: This is a very interesting show as it first appeared to be a wholesome, funny family drama, but then became darker as the it advanced. I like the family bond, we’ve got our adorable couple who are raising a young daughter. They’re very close to the husband’s family, which consists of the grandfather and the uncle who’s expecting a baby with the wife. Nobody knows that Kwon Do Hoon, who is the head of the family is a secret agent working for the National Intelligence Service, but the best surprise and twist is the background and dark past of his wife, Kang Yoo Ra, who always appears to be a simple and nice housewife and family person.

Cute intro. Who likes the intro as much as I do. It’s cute! I always watched it, it’s so good, I don’t skip. Check out the intro clip here.

The misleading cliches. There are a lot of cliches in this drama that will completely catch you unguarded. So, don’t trust the happy, unproblematic and forgiving looks. But this is what makes it interesting because you think you’ll know how it’ll end but things go different ways, and it’s a total surprise.

The chemistry. Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra’s chemistry is still there, although not as top compared to their Fated To Love You days. Jang Hyuk got a bit older but still looks fit. Jang Na Ra, on the other hand doesn’t seem to age a bit. She still has that youthful looks. Anyways, it’s great to watch one of my favourite kdrama couples together again in one project. Would continue supporting them even when they are much much older.

The fighting couple. The gun fight scene with our couple was the coolest. Who would have thought that the husband is a secret agent and the wife is an assassin. Fighting together to protect the most important thing for them, their family, was top priority. I think their chemistry was best shown during the fighting scenes.

Good supporting actors. I think the story would have been boring without the supporting characters, and glad to see some great actors taking the roles…

Chae Jung An as Oh Cheon Ryeon – Love this lady. Like Jang Na Ra, she also doesn’t seem to age. Known her in Coffee Prince a long time ago, and it’s so refreshing to see her in this drama as a tough, ass-kicking secret agent, even the lady boss of our top lead.

Kim Nam Hee as Jo Tae Koo – this guy is doing so well. After his remarkable role in Reborn Rich, here he is again with yet another good role, although I find his ending too sad.

Kang Yoo Ra’s secret OST. I fell in love with this song Nightmare by Kyuri, it’s just soooo good! And the lyrics fits so well with Kang Yoo Ra’s situation…

Somewhere in the desert of my heart
No one’s here but only you and I
Even if I stay inside a storm
I’ll be standing till the morning comes

Granddad’s marriage advice to Kwon Do Hoon. And yeah all men should learn from him. Here it goes… “I gave your mom my whole salary in an envelope. Your mom lost it on her way to the bank. She lost it but she got mad at me for it. Guess what I did. I told here, “It’s all my fault Shinae (the wife). If the envelope had been thick enough, it won’t have slipped and you wouldn’t have lost it. I’ll make sure it won’t happen again.” That how you should do it too.” 😄

Go Thailand. It’s always good to see kdramas going other places. Definitely, a breath of fresh air. And I love how our main leads met and fell in love in Thailand, and how they went back to the place to have closure. A bitter-sweet ending. Sweet for our lovely couple but definitely not for Uncle Taegu.

My Rating: 8.5 stars! (10 as highest)

Joseon Attorney

joseon attorney kdramaSummary: Kang Han Soo is a lawyer during the Joseon era. When he sets foot in Hanyang, he is not yet known in the job, so he’s having difficulty getting clients. However he works hard to be a better lawyer and defend the oppressed. He meets princess Lee Yeon Joo, disguised as a civilian helping the needy. Together, they are a team with a common goal.

Joseon Attorney Trailer

Genre: Period, Revenge, Romance, Legal
Episodes: 16
Stars: Woo Do Hwan as Kang Han Soo
Bona as Lee Yeon Joo
Cha Hak Yeon as Yoo Ji Sun

Likes: I love the old world looks. I think making that sepia -ish effect makes it look just like in the older times. I’m taking a guess that the director might be female as the drama has a style of being soft and artistic.

The idea of having lawyers during the Joseon era is something new to me. Not sure if common people, actually really get their shares of justice when the upper class held the final say in the society. But yeah the idea is interesting, what if, and Woo Do Han is our promising attorney!

Episode’s title page. A very female touch is the beautiful title page of every episode. I don’t know if you noticed but I did. When the episode title flashes, it’s on a beautiful background which is a scene of that episode. It feels and looks artistic! Love it!

The cinematography. It is definitely commendable especially the camera angle and movements. It catches the mood of every scene. Take for example, the filming of the ruined family house of Kang Han Soo. It conveys sadness and grief. Or the scene when Yoo Ji Sun would talk to his father in their family house, it conveys privilege and power versus the scene when he visited him on exile, which conveyed guilt and sadness.

Good-looking leads. Woo Do Han and Bona both look really good. I was definitely looking forward to the team-up. Although, the chemistry didn’t really make it to the top, the two were still adorable and cute.

Big crush on Cha Hak Yeon! Yes he had more chemistry with Bo Na despite the unrequited love. But my gosh, the way this guy would look at the princess, with full love, admiration and respect. Omo! I also love his voice, so soft-spoken and dang he looked so good in that magistrate outfit! Can’t wait to see him as top lead!

Awesome bromance. Forget about the romance between Kang Han So and the princess. The bromance between Kan Han So, Yoo Ji Sun and the King himself was the best! These three were all out to create the best world during the time.

Brilliant villain. Applause to Cheon Ho Jin as the great Yoo Jae Sae, for carrying out a remarkable role. You can say whatever you want to say about him but he was a remarkable man, just got rottenly obsessed by power. However, his love for his son was beyond measures, which led to his downfall.

Brilliant support. Han So Eun portraying Kang Eun Soo delivered an awesome performance! Lots of drama concerning her which put her acting in the spotlight. Well done! And yeah, I was hoping desperately Kang Eun Soo would end up with  Yoo Ji Sun.

Court cases – old style. Afterall, this is a drama about a lawyer who defends his clients, so yes, we had different and pretty interesting cases. Most of Kang Han So’s clients are the lowly fighting for justice against the nobility. What I love most when it comes to legal kdramas is the investigation process. It’s fun when our lawyer finds a way on how to win every difficult case he’s on.

The ending. Well I’m a fan of epilogue. What happened three years later? Well, our Kang Han So found another lawyer, in a far flung region, who interestingly resembles his style. Could that be the dead princess? Do they really need to go this far? Seriously, three years? But, yeah a happy ending.

My Rating: 8 stars! (10 as highest)

Taxi Driver 2

taxi driver 2 kdramaSummary: Kim Do Ki returns as a deluxe taxi driver for Rainbow Taxi Company, which offers a “revenge-call” service. Together with his previous co-workers, he performs revenge solutions for those who can’t do it for themselves.

Taxi Driver 2 Trailer

Genre: Action, Revenge, Webtoon
Episodes: 16
Stars: Lee Je Hoon as Kim Do Ki
Kim Eui Sung as Jang Sung Chul
Pyo Ye Jin as Ahn Go Eun
Jang Hyuk Jin as Choi Kyung Koo
Bae Yoo Ram as Park Jin Eon

Likes: I never thought Taxi Driver is this that good! I’m glad I decided to watch season 2, what an entertaining 16-episode show!

Addictive Intro Music. First thing first of course! The intro music is sooo lit! I always listen to it first before starting an episode. It is so good. It gives you that 80 techno vibe! Check it out… Taxi Driver 2 intro music!

The Taxi. When the music starts, then comes out the deluxe taxi. Our taxi driver drives this black, classic taxi whenever he’s in a mission to take revenge. How cool is that 😎.

The Taxi Driver. It’s good to see the handsome Lee Je Hoon once again in a drama and to see him as the cool guy here, hm, get me soo excited. Looked like he trained hard for this role, such a fit body and his fighting skills are impressive too! He was most handsome (in that gigolo look) when he tried to seduce Madam Lim, the Chinese lady mafia boss! Love Lee Je Joon in this drama for being serious and funny at the same time.

The Rainbow Taxi Team. The hardworking team lead by Jang Sung Chul, taepyonim and together with his skilled members topped by Kim Do Ki, the taxi driver, always delivered a worthy revenge plan for all their clients. I like seeing the team as a family, how close they were, just like brothers and sister, and the boss was their father.

The Revenge Cases. I like all the stories that required the revenge plots. Each of them are good. From that son who got rescued from Vietnam, that old lady who got scammed by an entertainer down to the last unexpected client, On Ha Joon himself. Each story was well-crafted, entertaining and mind-blowing! I also like how all the crimes were connected to one mastermind.

On Ha Joon’s tragic story. I honestly didn’t see that coming. I thought On Ha Joon will just end up as the bad guy. However, when it became clearer how he ended up with the mastermind and how he even killed his own father because of manipulation, he only wanted one thing, revenge and who else to call? Ghos…. nope nope, the Taxi Driver! Yes, that was the best twist in the drama and it was sooo good. That made the ending excellent!

The Villains are brilliant. If our protagonists are quite smart and capable, the villains are awesome too. Each case had a really good bad guy! Very well-thought of characters. Of course our top villains were the best. On Ha Jun was just too good!

The Ending. It was bittersweet but it was best that way. Everyone seemed happy with the outcome of the revenge plans. And our Rainbow Taxi team continues with their service!

Handsome cameo. Nam Goong Min’s cameo as Cheon Ji Hun pyeonhosa from One Dollar Lawyer was absolutely fun. I remember Lee Je Hoon did a cameo in that show earlier too. What a collab!

Dislikes: Lots of ad placements!

My Rating: 8.5 stars! (10 as highest)