Rich Girl Poor Boy Kdramas

How about a cinderella man this time? I’ve got a decent collection of kdramas where our boy is poor and our girl is loaded, check them out!

angels last missionAngel’s Last Mission: Love rated 7.5 stars

with Shin Hye Sun & L

An angel messes up his last mission. Instead of taking the soul of a ballerina, he saves her from the brink of death. He is given though another chance, a mission to make the ballerina fall in love. However she is one difficult soul and that gives our angel a hard time. In the end, she falls in love but no other than with the angel himself.

Mr. Sunshine – rated 8 stars

with Lee Byung Hun & Kim Tae Ri

Choi Yoo Jin was born in Korea to a slave parents. When his parents got killed from trying to escape from their master, he was lucky to make it far away and alive. He made it to the US and became an American soldier. He was then later assigned to Joseon for a mission then met the love of his life, ironically, a noble woman, Lady Go Ae Shin.

wok-of-love kdramaWok of Love – rated 8 stars

with Lee Joon Ho & Jung Ryeo Won

Seo Poong is a chef of a popular Chinese restaurant but got fired and ends up working in a small restaurant owned by a gangster boss, Chil Sung. He then meets Sae Woo, who used to be rich but is now desperately looking for a job and ends up in his newly open restaurant. Together, they work hard to get new customers and compete with the big Chinese restaurant across the street.

the k2 kdramaK2 – rated 9 stars

with Ji Chang Wook & Im Yoon Ah

Kim Je Ha, a former soldier who is on the run after being framed, crosses path with the powerful Choi Yoo Jin, the wife of a presidential hopeful, Jang Se Joon. Je Ha witnesses one of Jang Se Joon’s affair thus ordered to be killed by Choi Yoo Jin but survives. Impressed by that, the latter then hires him to be one of her trusted bodyguards and gets an assignment to look after the secret daughter of Jang Se Joon.

yong pal kdramaYong Pal – rated 8.5 stars

with Joo Won & Kim Tae Hee

To pay back his credit, Kim Tae Hyun, a resident surgeon at Han Shin hospital does house calls for injured gangsters which earned him the name Yong Pal. With the intention to get a secure position in the hospital, he gets himself involved in a big secret on the 12th floor which houses the sleeping chaebol heiress beauty, Han Yeo Jin.

high society kdramaHigh Society – rated 7.5 stars

with UEE & Sung Joon

Jang Yoon Ha is a chaebol trying to find what she really likes so she took a job in a supermarket and blended well with the common people. She found a good friend in Ji Yi who worked with her. Soon these two ladies will find love with men having opposite backgrounds as theirs.

that winter the wind blows kdramaThat Winter, The Wind Blows – rated 9 stars

with Jo In Sung & Song Hye Kyo

Oh Soo, a notorious gambler is in big trouble and in order to save himself from the gangster boss and raise money to pay his debt, he’s posing as the long lost brother of a blind heiress whose name was also Oh Soo.

Innocent Man – rated 7 stars

with Song Joong Ki & Moon Chae Won

An innocent young man admits to the crime of his then girlfriend who dumped him for her own ambition. To take revenge, he takes advantage of the love of an heir to a large company who’s suffering from amnesia.

take care of the young lady kdramaTake Care of the Young Lady – rated 7.5 stars

with Yoon Eun Hye & Yoon Sang Hyun

Born into a very wealthy family and heir to everything, a spoiled young lady could do whatever she wants. In order to monitor her doings, her grandfather assigned a bodyguard to take care of her.

that fool kdramaThat Fool – rated 6.5 stars

with Hwang Jung Min & Kim Ah Joong

An ordinary postman meets a a very famous celebrity. They have to act in love in front of the media but the postman falls in love with her and she’s in love with someone else.