Reborn Rich

reborn rich kdramaSummary: Yoon Hyun Woo has worked for Soonyang group for a long time but was accused of embezzlement and got shot while on his trip abroad. He wakes up as the youngest Soonyang grandson, Jin Do Jun. He decides to take revenge and works to become the owner of Soonyang Group.

Reborn Rich Trailer

Genre: Family, Revenge, Chaebol
Episodes: 16
Stars: Song Joong Ki as Yoon Hyun Woo / Jin Do Jun
Shin Hyun Bin as Seo Min Young
Lee Sung Min as Jin Yang Cheol

Likes: The plot is really good, but I think the best thing in this drama is the acting, and that being said, I have to give credit to Lee Sung Min who portrayed Jin Yang Cheol, who was the founder of Soonyang Group and the grandfather of Jin Do Jun, portrayed by Song Joong Ki. Lee Sung Min was clearly the star of the show, hands down (sorry SJK). His role Jin Yang Cheol is believed to have been inspired by the founder of Samsung, Lee Byung Chul. He was even wearing similar pair of glasses. The character Jin Yang Cheol was strict, tough even to his own kids, smart and a visionary. I love how realistic the role was. Jin Yang Cheol was so great, you get shivers when he spoke. And the accent was so ridiculously good! That must have been the way these powerful people talk and do business back then. They ruled! The character arc of Jin Yang Cheol was very well thought of. He was this scary, difficult leader and businessman, but then within he was a father and a grandfather making sure the next in line will have what they got to lead. I love how they ended him as someone who could still get what he wanted. Salute to that admirable character, Jin Yang Cheol, our unforgetable Soonyang founder.

The Yoon Hyun Woo and Jin Do Jun Story. That was the biggest mystery and I was more than curious to know how these two beings were connected. Honestly, I was so immersed with Jin Do Jun’s character, well because for once, chaebol is more interesting, right? And it was really more about Jin Do Jun’s life, how he became his powerful grandfather’s favourite grandson. It had been fun and interesting following his journey even including his love life. But well oh well, we’ve been warned in the beginning that he would die and there’s no changing that. So why, Yoon Hyun Woo woke up as the young Jin Do Jun? It wasn’t revenge but repentance. Somehow, the plot reminds me a lot of Twenty Five Twenty One, we got so immersed in the mid story that we forgot how it started.

The top leads…

Song Joong Ki as Yoon Hyun Woo / Jin Do Jun – how would I say it, this revenge genre fits Song Joong Ki perfectly. I like him when he’s scheming. Reminds me of him Saya in Arthdal Chronicles. His bond with Lee Sung Min was great. The grandfather / grandson relationship was quite believable. I loved how Jin Do Jun defied his grandpa in so many ways but still had high respect and admiration towards him. That’s why it was so heartbreaking to see him watching his grandpa’s video will, calling him “my grandson”.

Shin Hyun Bin as Seo Min Young – finally it made sense why she was called Soonyang’s grim reaper. Poor Seo Min Young, she’s been through a lot. She kind of struggled with the chemistry and her role as a prosecutor didn’t help either but Shin Hyun Bin did great in the end.

The rest of the cast…

This drama is full of amazing actors. All the members of the Jin family were worthy of praise. Everyone was brilliant! From the grandma, the uncles and aunts , to the cousin and the wife. Even Jin Yang Cheol’s long-time secretary was excellent! Yoon Hyun Woo’s poor family did great as well especially his mum. It is true, what makes a great drama is a great cast.

Thanks to the big production and awesome directing, we get to have a more cinematic experience in a drama. Everyone was under a great director here otherwise those best acting wouldn’t have been justified. And I love the filming abroad too. Seen a bit of Turkey although it became controversial because for it’s negative connotation through the drama.

The ending is bitter-sweet, but it’s good. We’ve got answers to the mysteries. I’m bitter that Jin Do Jun died, but it was something inevitable. I’m happy that Yoon Hyun Woo repented, freed himself from guilt and got a better life after that. As for the love, maybe not, but that’s acceptable.

My Rating: 9 stars! (10 as highest)