Our Blooming Youth

our blooming youth kdramaSummary: Crown prince Lee Hwan believes he is cursed by ghost. He secretly seeks help from his former teacher. However, the teacher and his family got poisoned and the main suspect is his surviving daughter, Min Jae Yi. Min Jae Yi pleads innocent and believes that the murder of her family has got something to do with the crown prince’s secret letter, so she escapes and finds a way to meet crown prince Lee Hwan in person.

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Genre: Period, Romance, Mystery, Kings & Princes, Gender Bender
Episodes: 20
Stars: Park Hyung Sik as Crown Prince Lee Hwan
Jeon So Nee as Min Jae Yi
Pyo Ye Jin as Jang Ga Ram
Yun Jong Seok as Han Sung On
Lee Tae Sun as Kim Myung Jin

Likes: If there was something I like most about this drama, it was the beautiful capture of the past and its sceneries. It brings you back to that ancient time when the drama was set. The country was in a raw state, no cars, only horses, no concrete roads, only dusty pathways. It was captivating, with all these people running around in old clothing, with the nobles in beautiful and colourful hanboks.

Lavish in costumes. The palace people of course had the best outfits. I love how the queen was dressed gorgeously everyday. It perfectly suited her flawless beauty! The Crown Prince also had several choices of outfits inside the palace, and he even looked dashing in Hanboks whenever he was a nobleman in disguise.

The mystery of revenge. It was a bit confusing at first if this was a mixed fantasy and period but it wasn’t. It was a well-crafted revenge plan by the people who were oppressed, who lost their loved ones, still suffering from pain and who vowed to bring down the oppressor no matter what.

The investigators. I love the team of investigators, which even included the crown prince himself, who worked together to bring justice to the people. Min Jae Yi who seeked help from the crown prince to clear her name as a murderer of her own family, was a skilled investigator before the incident. She then worked with Kim Myung Jin who is also skilled in analyzing dead bodies. It was a difficult puzzle to solve, but they got it in the end.

The chemistry. I was disappointed by the poor chemistry between the Crown Prince and Min Jae Yi, but couldn’t help rooting for Han Sung On, who was Min Jae Yi ex fiance. I thought the two would have been a better pair. On the other hand, Jang Ga Ram and Kim Myung Jin surprised me with a good chemistry. I love their ending too.

The best friend. Han Sung On was definitely the guy to fall for 😊. He was handsome, good in fighting, a loyal friend, a thoughtful fiance,  and from a good family. Sorry crown prince but I would choose him over you anytime.

The ending. The final fight was a bit disappointing. Too chaotic and it became cringy at the end, but I kind of like the tragic ending of the Queen.

Dislikes: Poor chemistry between top leads. I really wasn’t feeling it. It was a happy ending between the two but it didn’t give me the giddy feeling.

My Rating: 7.5 stars! (10 as highest)

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Summary: Do Bong Soon possesses super power that is only passed down the women in her family. She has the strength to stop moving vehicles or move heavy obstacles, can crush and bend anything with her bare hands, can fight strong and trained gangsters but  doesn’t have the ability to control her powers until she meets Ainsoft CEO, Ahn Min Hyuk. With her desire to work as a game developer at Ainsoft, she takes the offer to be the bodyguard of the CEO.

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller, Rich Boy Poor Girl, Supernatural, Boss Romance, Chaebol, Serial Killer
Episodes: 16
Stars: Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon
Park Hyung Sik as Ahn Min Hyuk
Ji Soo as Gook Doo

Likes: What can I say… I like everything in this drama! It’s super fun to watch when the…

  • Story is a cute romantic comedy but mixed with some crime-solving mystery. A romantic comedy with Park Hyun Sik is most-awaited but adding a well-thought crime story on the side adds icing on the already-delicious cake!
  • Leading man is Park Hyung Sik! I’ve been waiting for him to get the top lead. He’s super charming! And with his previous top performances like in Hwarang, he’d become one of the new anticipated leading men in kdrama. I think the CEO role, Ahn Min Hyuk secured him a place in our heart (at least he’s in mine). I loved his character here, and of course his swagger!
  • Leading lady is super cute but not annoying. First time to watch Park Bo Young and I’m loving her! She’s not just cute, she also knows her craft. Do Bong Soon role suits this lady pretty well!
  • Chemistry is over the top! Oh my gosh, I was giggling all the time. Our 2 lovebirds were just fun to watch! The sparks were everywhere! I totally love the first kiss on the beach. I thought it would turn out cheesy but it really wasn’t. The piano kiss was also daebak! How about the almost-kiss at Do Bong Soon’s room which got interrupted by her brother, that was super funny! And last but not the least, the wedding kiss!
  • Supporting lead is such a waste (in a good way)! Gook Doo oh Gook Doo, why oh why?! Oh well, I bet I’ll see him as lead next.
  • Thugs and colleagues are super funny! I just couldn’t stop laughing at everything. Where do I start… the gangster boss who always tried to look bossy but drank the poo wine or one of his subordinates who first got beaten up by Bong Soon, then got beaten up by Gook Do then got beaten up again losing his teeth and breaking most parts of the body. How about the office with the always awkward secretary Gong but I think nothing beats Dong-Pyung, he was the best!
  • Dong-Pyung kills it! Yes he did and for that I have to give the best actor award in this drama to this guy (which real actor name, I don’t know haha). And he even did 2 roles, the other one is the “beaten-up thug”. He did awesome!
  • Villain is super handsome! Yes he is and he can even pass as a model with that physique and well-chiseled face but well, he opted to be an actor, a villain to our super Bong Soon. Surely, everyone will remember him.
  • Catching the dangerous villain becomes super fun! I love Do Bong Soon and the boys’ plan in catching the elusive Kim Jang Hyun. With police Gook Do chasing him through ship containers and Min Hyuk following him with a flying drone, and of course Bong Soon moving heavy containers to trap him. Finally, checkmate!
  • Pink hoodie becomes a sign of super strength! I bet, I bet… super fans will be wearing the pink hoodie. Love how it represented our petite but strong woman, Do Bong Soon!
  • Strong Woman, Do Bong Soon loves Jo In Sung! I so love her for loving my beloved Jo In Sung! It’s funny how she sets her screensaver to Jo In Sung  and Min Hyuk would change it to his own photo :). Jealousy so cute!
  • OST is as upbeat as the drama! I’m gonna miss Super Power Girl!
  • Bonus scenes are cute, funny and over the top! I’ve got to give it to the Romeo and Juliet scene. Lomeo oh Lomeo! Lol!
  • Cameos are super funny! Yoon Sang Hyun as Charles Go was I think the best!
  • Ending is all what we wanted! What can be better to a proposal under the cherry blossoms but then we still get to see the wedding and when you thought it’s over, here still comes the babies!

Dislikes: I can’t think of any right now. I’m still enjoying it!

My Rating: 8.5 stars! (10 as highest)

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