Moon in the Day

moon in the day kdramaOngoing drama. Still watching.

Preview: Han Joon O is a top star in Korea, whose facing death due to a terminal illness that he’s not even aware of. He meets a lady firefighter, Kang Young Hwa, who becomes his bodyguard. Joon O dies suddenly and his body gets possessed by a wandering ghost, a warrior during the Silla period who wants to take revenge of his death.

Moon in the Day Trailer

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural, Period, Revenge, Webtoon
Episodes: 14
Stars: Kim Young Dae as Han Joon O / Do Ha
Pyo Ye Jin as Kang Young Hwa / Han Ri Ta

Taxi Driver 2

taxi driver 2 kdramaSummary: Kim Do Ki returns as a deluxe taxi driver for Rainbow Taxi Company, which offers a “revenge-call” service. Together with his previous co-workers, he performs revenge solutions for those who can’t do it for themselves.

Taxi Driver 2 Trailer

Genre: Action, Revenge, Webtoon
Episodes: 16
Stars: Lee Je Hoon as Kim Do Ki
Kim Eui Sung as Jang Sung Chul
Pyo Ye Jin as Ahn Go Eun
Jang Hyuk Jin as Choi Kyung Koo
Bae Yoo Ram as Park Jin Eon

Likes: I never thought Taxi Driver is this that good! I’m glad I decided to watch season 2, what an entertaining 16-episode show!

Addictive Intro Music. First thing first of course! The intro music is sooo lit! I always listen to it first before starting an episode. It is so good. It gives you that 80 techno vibe! Check it out… Taxi Driver 2 intro music!

The Taxi. When the music starts, then comes out the deluxe taxi. Our taxi driver drives this black, classic taxi whenever he’s in a mission to take revenge. How cool is that 😎.

The Taxi Driver. It’s good to see the handsome Lee Je Hoon once again in a drama and to see him as the cool guy here, hm, get me soo excited. Looked like he trained hard for this role, such a fit body and his fighting skills are impressive too! He was most handsome (in that gigolo look) when he tried to seduce Madam Lim, the Chinese lady mafia boss! Love Lee Je Joon in this drama for being serious and funny at the same time.

The Rainbow Taxi Team. The hardworking team lead by Jang Sung Chul, taepyonim and together with his skilled members topped by Kim Do Ki, the taxi driver, always delivered a worthy revenge plan for all their clients. I like seeing the team as a family, how close they were, just like brothers and sister, and the boss was their father.

The Revenge Cases. I like all the stories that required the revenge plots. Each of them are good. From that son who got rescued from Vietnam, that old lady who got scammed by an entertainer down to the last unexpected client, On Ha Joon himself. Each story was well-crafted, entertaining and mind-blowing! I also like how all the crimes were connected to one mastermind.

On Ha Joon’s tragic story. I honestly didn’t see that coming. I thought On Ha Joon will just end up as the bad guy. However, when it became clearer how he ended up with the mastermind and how he even killed his own father because of manipulation, he only wanted one thing, revenge and who else to call? Ghos…. nope nope, the Taxi Driver! Yes, that was the best twist in the drama and it was sooo good. That made the ending excellent!

The Villains are brilliant. If our protagonists are quite smart and capable, the villains are awesome too. Each case had a really good bad guy! Very well-thought of characters. Of course our top villains were the best. On Ha Jun was just too good!

The Ending. It was bittersweet but it was best that way. Everyone seemed happy with the outcome of the revenge plans. And our Rainbow Taxi team continues with their service!

Handsome cameo. Nam Goong Min’s cameo as Cheon Ji Hun pyeonhosa from One Dollar Lawyer was absolutely fun. I remember Lee Je Hoon did a cameo in that show earlier too. What a collab!

Dislikes: Lots of ad placements!

My Rating: 8.5 stars! (10 as highest)

Our Blooming Youth

our blooming youth kdramaSummary: Crown prince Lee Hwan believes he is cursed by ghost. He secretly seeks help from his former teacher. However, the teacher and his family got poisoned and the main suspect is his surviving daughter, Min Jae Yi. Min Jae Yi pleads innocent and believes that the murder of her family has got something to do with the crown prince’s secret letter, so she escapes and finds a way to meet crown prince Lee Hwan in person.

Our Blooming Youth Trailer

Genre: Period, Romance, Mystery, Kings & Princes, Gender Bender
Episodes: 20
Stars: Park Hyung Sik as Crown Prince Lee Hwan
Jeon So Nee as Min Jae Yi
Pyo Ye Jin as Jang Ga Ram
Yun Jong Seok as Han Sung On
Lee Tae Sun as Kim Myung Jin

Likes: If there was something I like most about this drama, it was the beautiful capture of the past and its sceneries. It brings you back to that ancient time when the drama was set. The country was in a raw state, no cars, only horses, no concrete roads, only dusty pathways. It was captivating, with all these people running around in old clothing, with the nobles in beautiful and colourful hanboks.

Lavish in costumes. The palace people of course had the best outfits. I love how the queen was dressed gorgeously everyday. It perfectly suited her flawless beauty! The Crown Prince also had several choices of outfits inside the palace, and he even looked dashing in Hanboks whenever he was a nobleman in disguise.

The mystery of revenge. It was a bit confusing at first if this was a mixed fantasy and period but it wasn’t. It was a well-crafted revenge plan by the people who were oppressed, who lost their loved ones, still suffering from pain and who vowed to bring down the oppressor no matter what.

The investigators. I love the team of investigators, which even included the crown prince himself, who worked together to bring justice to the people. Min Jae Yi who seeked help from the crown prince to clear her name as a murderer of her own family, was a skilled investigator before the incident. She then worked with Kim Myung Jin who is also skilled in analyzing dead bodies. It was a difficult puzzle to solve, but they got it in the end.

The chemistry. I was disappointed by the poor chemistry between the Crown Prince and Min Jae Yi, but couldn’t help rooting for Han Sung On, who was Min Jae Yi ex fiance. I thought the two would have been a better pair. On the other hand, Jang Ga Ram and Kim Myung Jin surprised me with a good chemistry. I love their ending too.

The best friend. Han Sung On was definitely the guy to fall for 😊. He was handsome, good in fighting, a loyal friend, a thoughtful fiance,  and from a good family. Sorry crown prince but I would choose him over you anytime.

The ending. The final fight was a bit disappointing. Too chaotic and it became cringy at the end, but I kind of like the tragic ending of the Queen.

Dislikes: Poor chemistry between top leads. I really wasn’t feeling it. It was a happy ending between the two but it didn’t give me the giddy feeling.

My Rating: 7.5 stars! (10 as highest)


vip kdramaSummary: Park Sung Joon is the team leader of  the VIP department that caters to the needs and wants of the VIP clients of the department store he is working for. His wife Na Jung Sun works under him. Everything is going well until Na Jung Sun suspects him of having an affair with someone from the same team.

Trailer: VIP

Genre: Thriller, Melodrama, Revenge, Marriage
Episodes: 32
Stars: Jang Na Ra as Na Jung Sun
Lee Sang Yoon as Park Sung Joon
Lee Chung Ah as Lee Hyun Ah
Kwak Sun Young as Song Mi Na
Pyo Ye Jin as Ohn Yoo Ri

Likes: I don’t normally watch melodrama but this was just so good to skip. First off, the script was just so well-written. Every character’s side of the story was justified. It was hard to judge who was at fault, who was guilty, who was innocent. In the end, they all had a story to tell and I think this was done so brilliantly and in so much details that you’ll be happy and content with the outcome.

Every side of the story… (at least the main characters)

Jang Na Ra as Na Jung Sun – she was this perfect wife, lucky wife. Successful, beautiful and had a loving husband by her side but things didn’t go so well. I was particularly in favour of her to take revenge but the character didn’t turn out to be all the way vengeful but realized that she may have contributed to the breakdown of her marriage. This was so far my favourite Jang Na Ra’s character in a kdrama!

Lee Sang Yoon as Park Sung Joon – when it became apparent that he was cheating, I just hated him. How could someone in a very secure relationship fall for someone else. It was too shallow! But of course without the justification. Good thing, his side was made clear as well. Lee Sang Yoon’s facial expression throughout the drama represented very well what the character was going through. He always had this gloomy look on his face.

Pyo Ye Jin as Ohn Yoo Ri – whoa I really couldn’t tell her true colours! She wasn’t downright evil and cunning and I wouldn’t also say she was innocent. I think she was just trying to survive in life and in love. I’m so impressed by the acting of Pyo Ye Jin, she has so much potential. Still very young but acting side by side with the big talents like Jang Na Ra.

Other characters like that of Lee Hyun Ah and Song Mi Na who played very important roles in relation to Na Jung Sun (our main lead) had their detailed shares of the story. It was just beautiful to know each one by heart – their strengths and weaknesses.

Cliffhangers. You’ve got to appreciate how they made you want to watch for more. So well done cliffhangers! Good thing, I watched this drama with all episodes aired already so I didn’t have to wait for a week.

The suspense. It was killing me! It was brilliant and I like it more that didn’t drag the whole cheating thing for too long but also focused on the justifications.

My favourite line: Join me in endless torment! – Na Jung Sun to husband Park Sung Joon. I thought, damn, you go girl! Bring him down, will ya?

The Ending. I love it! Rightfully so. For me, there was no better ending for the main characters than how they pulled it off here. It was good like that. It felt peaceful, no more anger, no more revenge, just acceptance and moving on. I also love the endings of the supporting characters. For a melodrama, I could consider this a happy ending for everyone.

Dislikes: It wasn’t that bad but they still managed to insert a Subway ad placement at the very end.

My Rating: 8.5 stars! (10 as highest)

This drama made it my Top 15 Kdrama 2019!