moving kdramaSummary: Three students who attend the same high school have extra-ordinary abilities. Kim Bong Seok has the ability to fly. Jang Hui So has excellent athletic skills and the ability to heal quickly, and Lee Gang Hoon has some power and speed. They inherited these abilities from their extra-ordinary parents.

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Action, Supernatural, Romance, Webtoon
Episodes: 20
Stars: Ryoo Seung Ryong as Jang Ju Won
Han Hyo Joo as Lee Mi Hyun
Jo In Sung as Kim Doo Sik
Cha Tae Hyun as Jeon Gye Do
Ko Yoon Jung as Jang Hui So
Kim Do Hoon as Lee Gang Hoon

Likes: This wasn’t on my watch list until I saw a trailer and it had Han Hyo Joo and Jo In Sung in it. How did I even miss that? Glad I started watching, and yes I couldn’t stop anymore after a couple episodes. It was just so good! And that was even before the love story of Lee Mi Hyun and Kim Doo Sik.

Power Couple. Since I’m already talking about it, let’s just finish it up! There are several back stories in this drama, and they are the stories of the parents who possess superpowers. A lot them made it to the government’s secret agency as black agents. Lee Mi Hyun, a lady agent whose all four senses are magnified, meets elite black agent Kim Doo Sik, who has the ability to fly. I love the chemistry between these two. I love how an elite black agent became all giddy with the lady he liked. These power couple gave birth to a baby, who possessed both parents’ abilities. Of course, this black agent couple was portrayed by Han Hyo Joo and Jo In Sung. It was such a treat!

Their son, Kim Bong Seok, looked very ordinary but inherited his parents’ superpowers. He keeped it as a secret until he met a girl at school who also possess a superpower, and that’s the ability to not feel pain and to heal quickly. Her name is  Jang Hui So. Now, this girl is actually the daughter of another agent, who was close friends with Kim Bong Seok’s parents.

The Hulk. The story of the hulk is quite sad. Before Jang Ju Won became an agent, he was just a thug, considered as monster by many because of his ability to cut himself open without getting hurt. He met the love of his life, who was normal, and they gave birth to a baby girl, Jang Hui So. His wife died in an accident, and he couldn’t do anything about it, but raised their daughter alone and tried to be normal.

Protecting the Kids. These parents who have superpowers just wanted to live normal and in peace. They all went incognito to protect their kids. However, when their kids suddenly were in danger, they all came out to protect them. I love how Lee Mi Hyun went all out to protect Kim Bong Seok, Jang Ju Won to protect Jang Hui So and Lee Jae Man to protect Lee Gang Hoon. The scene was just too cool! They might be superheroes, but they’re also parents, and children, always do come first.

The bad men who were not that bad. I like how the characters of the North Korean agents were justified. Like the South Korean black agents, they just also wanted to live normally. However, in order to survive, they had to kill, to hunt and destroy. They had to follow orders, whether these orders make sense or not. It’s just pretty sad just how they were exploited for their power. In the end, the men on top, didn’t even care about them

The teacher. I love the character. Although his job was to find new talents, he eventually developed empathy. He started becoming like a true teacher, who would teach the kids and also become someone who the kids can rely on, just like their own parent.

Cliffhangers. I won’t be surprised if you’ll end up binge-watching this drama. The cliffhangers are sooo good, it’s always tempting to take a peek on the next episode.

Ending. I just love how it ended. I love the power couple reunion and the story for the young superheroes was kind of left open. Maybe the romance between our cute Bong Seok and pretty Hui So will continue, who knows!

My Rating: 9 stars! (10 as highest)