Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow

alchemy of souls season 2Summary: After getting stabbed by Mudeok, who was Naksu,Β  in the previous season, Jang Uk came back to life by the help of the ice stone, which is now residing in his body. It’s been three years since the incident. Jang Uk has become powerful because of the ice stone, but remained in grief and pain. One day, Jang Uk meets Jin Bu Yeon, who is still having Naksu’s soul inside her, and decides to take her as his wife.

Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow Trailer

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Kings & Princes, Flower Boys, Magic
Episodes: 10
Stars: Lee Jae Wook as Jang Uk
Ko Yoon Jung as Jin Bu Yeon
Hwang Min Hyun as Seo Yool
Shin Seung Ho as Go Won (the crown prince)

Likes: I really love the fact that there is season 2 as we were all left hanging by the ending of the first one. The Daeho world was just too good, I wanted to stay and linger around for a while. The colours of the sets, the costumes, the beautiful sceneries, the fantasies we never had in the past, they all came together, and it was just beautiful. I think, one reason why Alchemy of Souls is successful is because of the experience we get to have when watching the series. It felt like you’re travelling to a far far land, different from ours, with dragons and what not and most of all, the most good-looking mages who are impressive with their magics and fighting skills. What an experience, a magical journey for us all.

The twist. What had become of Mudeok who had Naksu’s soul? Mudeok, who was actually Jin Bu Yeon, the heir of Jin family, was saved from the lake and by the help of Master Lee, regained her body but with the real Naksu’s face, because she still got Naksu’s soul inside. Naksu lost her memory and Jin Bu Yeon lost her divine power, but as the latter was recovering her power, Naksu’s memory slowly came back to her as well. A bit confusing but I like the intrigue.

Our dear Cho Yeong. As Master Lee would put it, Naksu who resides in Jin Bu Yeon’s body and have lived as Mudeok, can be called as one of these names, but in the end she preferred the name she was born with, and that was Cho Yeong. She was born Cho Yeong, the daughter of the former Gwangju of Cheonbugwan who first knew about the King’s star which appeared on the very day Jang Uk was born. In the end, Cho Yeong, who became Naksu, resided in Mudeok, who was actually Jin Bu Yeon, became Cho Yeong again and married our Jang Uk. What a journey!

Ko Yoon Jung or Jung So Min. Who do you like better? I honestly like both. I have invested so much in Jung So Min in the first season that I have really missed her in the second one. Jung So Min is cute and pretty while Ko Yoon Jung is blindingly beautiful. I like it that Ko Yoon Jung tried to keep Mudeok’s accent thus she sometimes sounded like Jung So Min when she spoke. But if there was something that Ko Yoon Jung was better of, it was her chemistry with Lee Jae Wook who played Jang Uk. I love their kissing scene. You can feel the attraction, it was believable.

Favourite Quotes…

“My wife can not sleep.” – Jang Uk after smashing that ball that controls the sewn thread on his wife’s shoulder. I so like him in this scene, protective and sexy but still cold!

“As you can see, my beauty is unmatched. But I am not the brightest.” Jin Bu Yeon talking to Seo Yool on how similar they are. Laughed so hard on this! She didn’t even bat an eyelid πŸ˜‚.

My other favourite love team. Park Jin and Kim Do Joo always lit up the mood, so just imagine my grief when I thought they would both die! I just loved these two. They were so cute and looked good together, the chemistry was strong! Their courtship is that of the past, very traditional. They had this misunderstandings, jealousy but then they would make up. The “who would you save question” is something I can relate with. When you’re in love, you’re not supposed to be blinded but more understanding. And as what Kim Do Joo said, “I understand that you have a world to save.” She loved Park Jin and the responsibility that came with him. My heart would have been broken into pieces if not for Master Lee who saved the couple.

The wedding scene. Oh how pretty was our bride! I thought, I would never see them wed. I was mesmerized with that scene when Jang Uk stole Jin Bu Yeon when she was about to get married. She was carried by a boat and it was leading to Jang Uk who was at the bank of the lake. That was such a beautiful scene. But getting wed officially by no other than Master Lee himself, it was fantastic! Our bride wearing a flower wreath on her head was gorgeous and Jang Uk looked so handsome in his black robe!

Light and Shadow. How I wondered! Thanks to Master Lee again for making things clearer. So why light and shadow? Jang Uk is a bright light (because of the ice stone inside his body), that protects the world, and she is a shadow that protects him, by embracing the darkness surrounding him.

Epic Ending. I just loved the very last scene when Jang Uk and Cho Yeong were after the last relic that escaped Jinwoyon. The unsheathing of his sword was just too cool!

The First Season vs The Second Season. The first one was definitely more complete. It introduced every character, and it could have really ended with Mudeok stabbing Jang uk. A sad ending and we would have cursed the writers for that πŸ˜‰. The second season, on the other hand was darker, it started where we left off on the first one, but it gave us a lot of explanations that couldn’t be squeezed in the first one. Dark like Avengers Infinity War, when anyone important could die! Honestly, I was getting ready for it! But thankfully, we got a happy ending, and I couldn’t be any happier!
My Rating: 9 stars! (10 as highest)

Alchemy of Souls

alchemyof souls kdramaSummary: Jang Wook is the successor of a powerful mage family, the Jang. However, his energy source was closed by his own father preventing him to do magic. Jang Wook meets a girl Moo Duk, who has the soul of a powerful assasin and thinks she will be her master.

Alchemy of Souls Trailer

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Kings & Princes, Flower Boys, Magic, Rich Boy Poor Girl
Episodes: 20
Stars: Lee Jae Wook as Jang Wook
Jung So Min as Moo Duk Yi
Hwang Min Hyun as Seo Yool
Shin Seung Ho as Go Won (the crown prince)

Likes: I’ve been longing for a gooood fantasy drama in a while now, and I think my prayers have been answered by this. This drama didn’t just fed our lust for fantasy stories but all in one treat of period, supernatural, magic, and even comedy. It’s one big, fantastic show and it didn’t disappoint!

The Story. I’m a big fan of the Hong sisters’ style. This, one once again has that similar pattern to their previous work, Hotel de Luna. At times dark, at times funny, and it involved some soul swapping, although Hotel de Luna was more on ghost. I love the story of Alchemy of Souls, it’s somewhat unique and intriguing. And I love how the beginning of the show mainly focused on the background story. How detailed it was which made it clearer and gave all characters weights as the story progressed.

The World. The story is set in a fictional country called Daeho and it looked magical. I love the beautiful sceneries and of course the beautiful people that lived in it. I won’t complain about the men’s eyebrows being too perfect. I think they have blended so well with whole set up 😁. The old world was captivating and mesmerizing. You just want to be part of it.

The Costumes. They were gorgeous! A magical period setting showcased a more enhanced period costumes for everyone. The mages wore these robes that made them looked like above everyone else. Of course, the luxurious types were worn by the leading mages. The ladies dresses were beautiful and accessorized nicely. They wore jewelries just like in Silla Kingdom (at least the one I saw in another drama). Anyways, what I’m trying to say is there’s so much emphasis on the costumes which made this a truly top show.

The Awesome Effects. I’ve got to say, they really did a great job with this. The first scenes capturing Naksu at the frozen river was quite impressive, such iconic fighting scenes! I also love all the cloud effects when alchemy of souls is being performed. The fighting scenes doing Tansu, Chisu and all the Sus πŸ˜„ were captivating. So much power, magic and looking good!

Naksu & The Four Seasons Intro…

Naksu – the beautiful assasin called Naksu, for wherever she goes heads fall to the ground.

Jang Uk – the successor of the Jang family who is as dazzling as the winter snow.

Seo Yul – the genius of the Seo family who is as noble as the sunset in fall.

Park Dang Gu – the heir of the Park family who has the energy of a hot summer.

Jin Cho Yeon as Spring – the daughter of the Jin family who has the vitality of spring.

The BOF Vibe. I can definitely see a lot of Boys over Flowers here. Although our poor girl used to be a fighting goddess, she lost all of her power and became a damsel in distress. Naksu trapped in another body is rescued by the heir of the Jang family, Jang Uk, who’s of course rich and handsome. Then we have Seo Yul, another heir, not only genius but also good-looking, who happened to be Naksu’s first love. The crown prince who’s heir to the throne showing some liking to our girl but gets turned down a lot. Oh memories!

The Beautiful OST. Oh my, I’m missing the show just listening to the OST. The songs are beautiful with a tinge of sadness. Check it out Alchemy of Souls OST!

Words of the Heart. The poem was written by the founder and leader of Seongrim, Master Seo Gyeong, but not known to many it was a love letter for his beloved, the first Jinyowon leader, Jin Seol Ran.

“You can not grasp water, but it is inside the soil.
You can not touch fire, but it is inside the tree.
You can not hold the wind, but it is resting on the rock.
If you let them be, they will exist everywhere.
The faint, blue light makes me sigh.
My white breath turned into snow,
and tears I could not let them drop and hid them.
Despite knowing that they will fill up once again,
I am a fool who dares not shed a single tear.”

Gorgeous cast. Lots of eye candies here with some fighting skills…

Lee Jae Wook as Jang Wook – tall and slender and really good-looking in his robes, my gosh, Lee Jae Wook’s career has definitely lifted up. He always showed a great potential in his old dramas but I think as Jang Wook he’s in his road to being a Hallyu star.

Jung So Min as Moo Duk Yi – I never really warmed up to her in her past dramas, but as Moo Duk, she was perfect! Short but cute and if you look at her longer, she is actually really beautiful. I just wish she had more chemistry with Lee Jae Wook.

Hwang Min Hyun as Seo Yool – oh my gosh, such a pretty face! Seo Yool, the genius and the noble, whoah, who wouldn’t fall for him? Well, except Naksu, who had a change of heart. But to be fair Seo Yool has more chemistry with Moo Duk.

Shin Seung Ho as Go Won (the crown prince) – poor guy, he always gets rejected by Moo Duk, but I love his looks and personality. He’s haughty, yes, but he’s not evil. Oh well, let’s find out in season 2.

My Favourite Love Team. Well, it has to be between Park Jin, the Songrim leader and maidservant Kim. These two were a comical relief and they had such an impressive chemistry. Glad they had so many scenes together. Couldn’t stop laughing on how dense Park Jin was!

The ending. Well, it left everyone hanging but it was a good closure to the first season. When Moo Duk stabbed Jang Wook with the sword, I thought, oh no, is this going to have a tragic ending?! I hope not! I was kind of disappointed that it didn’t end but at the same time glad we have some hopes for a happy ending. Can’t wait for December!

My Rating: 9 stars! (10 as highest)