The Prime Minister and I

Summary: Nam Da Jung, a reporter frthe prime minister and i kdramaom a tabloid magazine meets path with the future prime minister of Korea. These odd pair has to get married for convenience, for Nam Da Jung to make her father happy and for the Kwon Yul, to avoid scandal.

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Rich Boy Poor Girl
Episodes: 17
Stars: Lee Bum Soo as Kwon Yul
Im Yoon Ah as Nam Da Jung
Chae Jung Ahn as Seo Hye Joo
Yoon Shi Yoon as Kang In Ho
Ryu Jin as Park Joon Ki

Likes: This reminds me of the Sound of Music! Not as good but funny and cute.

Funny, cute even corny scenes! You have to bear them all. This is what it’s all about. Forget about politics, it’s just an excuse.

Great cast! I love Im Yoon Ah and love her long curly hair, it hides her very long neck! Though not so familiar with Lee Bum but I’ve grown fond of him as the drama continued. Chae Jung Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve seen her (last was Coffee Prince) but she’s still gorgeous and love her outfits in this drama. Yoon Shi Yoon, that cute face I can’t forget, truly a flower boy!

I love kdramas which mentions famous stories. This one has 1001 nights. Secret Garden has Alice in Wonderland and I think That Winter, the Wind Blows mentioned The Little Prince!

It was finally getting interesting towards the end. Those few episodes, I really started liking The Prime Minister. And glad there was an interesting twist, that made it worth sticking until the final episode.

I like the ending. Everyone ended up happy with their choices.

Dislikes:  Nam Da Jung’s character was so annoying especially in the beginning. It was almost unbearable.

Impossible circumstances! Doesn’t give you a feeling of hope it would happen in reality.

My Rating: 7.5 stars! (10 as highest)

Flower Boy Next Door

flower boy next door kdramaSummary: A girl who’s been living in her own world, away from the crowd and the noise of the city is surrounded by these handsome, young men who later helped her see the outside world again.

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Teens, Flower Boys
Episodes: 16
Stars: Park Shin Hye as Go Dok Mi
Yoon Shi Yoon as Enrique Geum
Kim Ji Hoon as Oh Jin Rak
Park Soo Jin as Cha Do Hwi
Go Kyung Pyo as Oh Dong Hoon
Mizuta Kouki as Watanabe
Kim Jung San as Han Tae Joon

Likes: Cute, sweet, light and funny! Just what I needed to watch after a serious period drama.

I love the cast especially the 2 leads! They’re both super cute! Though I fell for Kim Ji Hoon’s character, I think the 2 leads are still the best pair.

The ending was awesome! I love it when there’s closure to most of the characters’ stories (not just the leads). Super happy that Oh Jin Rak found another similar girl. I was sad for him all the time until the ending.

2 kissing scenes, yay! First one was okay. Second one was awesome! It wasn’t just me but Go Dok Mi was also feeling Enrique’s dark hair!

Oh the eyes of Yoon Shi Yoon! I see Lee Jun Ki in those eyes but the acting is so Jung Il Woo.

Make a sentence out of I’m Sorry, Thank You and I Love You! I thought that scene would be too cheesy but sooo love it! We should make confessions like that too!

Right Now! was always one of my favorite phrases!

Dislikes: Watching the drama made me always freeze! It looks so cold in Korea.

What happened to Go Dok Mi’s original crush?! He just disappeared. I miss Hippo too :(.

My Rating: 7.5 stars! (10 as highest)

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