The Forbidden Marriage

the forbidden marriage kdramaOngoing drama. Still watching.

Preview: King Lee Heon of Joseon put a ban on marriage in the entire country. No one is allowed to get married and would face consequences if get caught. The king lost the crown princess when he was still a crown prince, and since then he didn’t get married again. On the other hand Ye So Rang gets caught by violating the ban on marriage, and in order for her to avoid punishment, she pretends to get possessed by the crown princess’ spirit. The king, who’s not yet over the crown princess decides to keep So Rang next to him.

The Forbidden Marriage Trailer

Genre: Period, Kings & Princes, Comedy
Episodes: 12
Stars: Kim Young Dae as King Lee Heon
Park Ju Hyun as Ye So Rang
Kim Woo Seok as Lee Shin Won

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