The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract

Ongoing drama. Still watching.

Preview: Park Yeon Woo is a noble lady in the Joseon era who just lost her husband due to heart disease. She got suddenly abducted and thrown into a well, which made her time-travel to the future, where she meets her dead husband, Kang Tae Ha. In the future Kang Tae Ha is the successor of a big company. He needs someone to marry urgently to please his grandfather, and sees Park Yeon Woo as a potential candidate, so he makes a contract marriage with her.

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract Trailer

Genre:  Webtoon, Contract Marriage, Period, Fantasy, Time-travel, Romantic Comedy
Episodes: 12
Stars: Lee Se Young as Park Yeon Woo
Bae In Hyuk as Kang Tae Ha

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