Top 10 Kdrama 2015

sensory couple kdrama10.  Sensory Couple

Watch how these two extra ordinary couple teamed up to solve crimes including the big one they were involved in. Funny and full of suspense!

With Yoochun, Shin Se kyung and Nam Goong Min

Rating: 7.5 Stars

she was pretty kdrama9. She Was Pretty

Meeting your first love after a long time but she’s not as pretty as she used to be.  A fun-filled drama how 2 persons changed overtime but later found a way how to  suit each other.

With Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon

Rating: 7.5 Stars

shine or go crazy kdrama8. Shine or Go Crazy

Witness the fate of a prince and a princess destined to fall in love but not necessarily ending up with each other. Beautiful leads and supports plus stunning costumes in this romatic historical drama.

With Jang Hyuk and Oh Yeon Seo
Rating: 8 Stars

hwajung kdrama7. Hwajung

A story of a princess who lived through 3 generations of kings during the Joseon era and how she helped dealt with the most powerful during that time. Politics in its finest with a pretty amazing cast.

With Cha Seung Won, Lee Yeon Hee and Kim Jae Won

Rating: 8.5 Stars

Heard-It-Through-the-Grapevine kdrama6. Heard it Through the Grapevine

What is it like to be married to a rich and powerful family? This girl, Seo Bom just realized it’s a very complicated situation to be into. Great actors in this well-done political, black comedy drama you must not misss.

With Lee Joon and Go Ah Sung

Rating: 8.5 Stars

producer kdrama5. Producer

A documentary-style drama of the people behind the popular shows on TV referred to as the Producers. Funny, witty and with a great cast.

With Kim Soo Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin

Rating: 8.5 Stars

Scholar Who Walks the Night kdrama4. Scholar Who Walks the Night

A scholar during the Joseon era had to live as a vampire for generations with a mission to defeat that one powerful vampire who controls the palace. A beautiful sageuk with superb cast and splendid costumes!

With Lee Joon Ki, Lee Yoo Bi and Lee Soo Hyuk
Rating: 8.5 Stars

yong pal kdrama3. Yong Pal
An excellent story of a young and ambitous surgeon who got tangled up in his own company’s secret. He ended up without a choice but to wake up his very pretty boss. A wonderful thrilling-action drama!

With Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee
Rating:  8.5 Stars

mask kdrama2. Mask

What happens if you have no choice but to be someone else? This lovely drama will leave you asking for more after every episode. Superb cast who wore equally superb outfits!

With Soo Ae and Joo Ji Hoon
Rating: 9 Stars

kill me heal me kdrama1. Kill Me, Heal Me

Excellent drama with one of the best couples of korean drama. Fantastic story with characters you’ll fall in love with. It’s got everything: romance, action, suspense, comedy and a melodrama in one!

With Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum

Rating: 10 Stars

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Top 10 Kdrama 2015