Top 10 Kdrama 2016

10. Cinderella and Four Knights

Flower boys in one place with the cute cinderella to tame each one of them. Lots of funny, cute and sweet scenes that will bring smile to your face. Plus a very satisfying and happy ending to please fans like me!

With Jung Il Woo, Ahn Jae Hyun and Park So Dam

Rating: 7.5 Stars

moorim school kdrama9. Moorim School

Fantasy, action, school drama in one. With a great-looking young cast, this brings us to Moorim School, the world of the talented and the chosen where everyone gets trained to control their powers and hidden talents.

With Lee Hyun Woo and Hong Bin

Rating: 8 Stars

neighborhood hero kdrama8. Neighborhood Hero

Protecting the oppressed in the tensed neighborhood where shop owners are being threatened and driven away by a big company for future development, this Hero is using his previous knowledge as a detective to corner criminals. Great action!

With Park Shi Hoo and Lee Soo Hyuk

Rating: 8 Stars

7. Doctors

Started as a highschool student and teacher relationship, brought to a higher level when both became popular doctors at a top Seoul hospital. This drama kind of teaches the balance of professionalism, romantic relationship and respect to each another while working in the same field. Great actors with top chemistry!

With Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye

Rating: 8 Stars

jackpot kdrama6. Jackpot

A story of 2 princes in the Joseon era who are both into gambling. This past time became a way of how to conquer their arch enemy. Both born from the same fierce father, King Sukjong, both princes were destined to do great. Impressive old politicking coupled with some brilliant acting!

with Jang Geun Suk and Yeo Jin Goo

Rating: 8 Stars

oh my venus kdrama5. Oh My Venus

Beautiful but had gotten fat and boring lady lawyer meets gorgeous, sexy celebrity trainer. Sounds great already, isn’t it? Top leads are both eye candies, chemistry is unquestionable, story makes you laugh, giggle and even cry! But it’s all gonna be happy!

With So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah

Rating: 8 Stars

the k2 kdrama4. The K2

Our tough mercenary meets equally tough potential first lady. What will our K2 do in that crazy world of politics? Of course survive and like anybody else fall in love. Terrific action scenes, great story with surprising twists, brilliant acting and top chemistry!

With Ji Chang Wook and Song Yoon Ah

Rating: 9 Stars

Descendants-of-the-Sun kdrama3. Descendants of the Sun

Beautiful love story between a soldier who gets assigned to far-flung places and a top doctor of a famous hospital. Both had the chance to serve in a beautiful but remote and war-stricken place. Action-packed with a teasing romance, pretty leads and nice ending.

With Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo

Rating: 9 Stars

2. Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart:Ryeo

Our girl died and woke up as another person in other era! What to do? But her new place is full of handsome princes and she was bound to fall in love with one of them who’s going to be the future king. I bet she took her chances :)!

With Lee Joon Ki and IU

Rating : 9.5 Stars

W kdrama1. W

The title stands for the Winner because it’s just the best this year, hands down! The story, the twists, the cast, the set, the chemistry… you name it, this drama has it! Fall in love with the most handsome cartoon character, Kang Chul who comes to real life to confront his creator. Like the girl Yun Joo, you’ll be smitten by his charm!

With Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo

Rating: 10 stars

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Top 10 Kdrama 2016