Top 15 Kdrama 2018

No perfect 10 but a still a good list! Here’s my top kdrama of 2018…

the-undateables kdrama15. The Undateables – rating 7.5 stars

A matchmaker is struggling in her job and a help from a love guru is the best idea she’s got but what if she falls in love with him?

With Nam Goong Min & Hwang Jung Eum

wok-of-love kdrama14. Wok of Love – rated 8 stars

Who would she choose when in dire needs, a chef who is just starting over or a gangster boss who could help financially? In this case, food is better than money eh?

With Jang HyukJung Ryeo Won & Lee Joon Ho

Terius Behind Me kdrama13. Terius Behind Me – rating 8 stars

An ex NIS agent turned nanny in order to solve a case. I bet all the mums in neighbourhood are dying to hire him to sit their kids! But he seems loyal to the mum  next door. Could they be a good partner?

With So Ji Sub & Jung In Sun

switch kdrama12. Switch: Change the World – rated 8 stars

A pro in disguising himself got in trouble when he tried to disguise as a prosecutor. He got caught and has to continue pretending to be a prosecutor for a while. Good thing he almost took the bar exam before!

With Jang Geun Suk & Han Ye Ri

11. Mr. Sunshine – rating 8 stars

He came as her sunshine and he has to do everything to live to that title. Love in this drama obviously means to sacrifice. How far would he go for love?

With Lee Byung Hun & Kim Tae Ri

where stars land kdrama10. Where Stars Land – rated 8 stars

Set at a that place where the stars land (Incheon Airport in this case), a love story between two passenger support employees has been conceived. It was an easy start but right away faced by challenging situations. Will they hold on to each other?

With Lee Je Hoon & Chae Soo Bin

Tempted kdrama9. The Great Seducer – rated 8 stars

In order to impress the girl he likes, he agreed to seduce another girl but things happen like falling in love with that person! It quickly happens and now he has a problem explaining himself out. Will she ever forgive him?

With Woo Do Hwan & Joy

money flower kdrama8. Money Flower – rated 8.5 stars

An awesome story about ambition, money and power. People caught in the web of lies just to get to the top. Love doesn’t seem to be of utmost importance here.

With Jang Hyuk & Park Se Young

a-korean-odyssey kdrama7. A Korean Odyssey – rated 8.5 stars

Follow the odyssey of the gods. How the monkey god wanted to eat the woman he would later fall in love. And how the gods get along (or not) in the world of humans.

With Lee Seung Ki, Cha Seung Won & Oh Yeon Seo

suits kdrama6. Suits – rated 8.5 stars

A remarkable apprentice in a law firm is getting in trouble for actually not being a lawyer. Who’s to blame? This is an enjoyable series of suits tackled by these oh-so-good-looking gentlemen!

With Jang Dong Gun &Park Hyung Shik

good witch kdrama5. Good Witch – rated 8.5 stars

When you’re super hot but bitchy flight attendant twin sister fell into coma and you don’t have a choice but replace her until she wakes up. Funny and heartwarming story of a hardworking mum who finally has a chance to become a flight attendant.

With Lee Da Hae & Ryu Soo Young

what's wrong with secretary kim kdrama4. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim – rated 8.5 stars

After working for 10 years, Secretary Kim finally dropped the resignation bomb on his boss who right away denied it. Secretary Kim seems to be determined so he has to work really hard in convincing her to stay.

With Park Seo Joon & Park Min Young

Are-You-Human-Too kdrama3. Are You Human Too? – rating 9 stars

When the Nam Shin, an heir to a big robotic business in Korea met an accident and fell into coma, a robot after his image and likeness, Nam Shin 3 pretended to be him and took over his job. He then meets a lady bodyguard who is slowly falling for him.

With Seo Kang Joon & Gong Seung Yun

thirty but seventeen kdrama2. Thirty But Seventeen – rating 9 stars

How do you feel when you’re just seventeen and you fell asleep for a long time and woke up as a thirty year old. This scary story happened to our girl here but luckily her knight in shining armour was right there when she awoke.

With Shin Hye Sun & Yang Se Jong

im not a robot kdrama1. I’m Not A Robot – rated 9 stars

Eccentric millionaire buys a robot but since the robot couldn’t be delivered on time, it’s replaced first with a real person who looks like the robot! How long would that job be? Well, until the robot is ready! But wait, millionaire / owner is falling in love with her! What to do?

With Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

Top 15 Kdrama 2018