Top 15 Kdrama 2019

Another good year in kdrama! Here’s my top 15 this year. Enjoy!

the last empress kdrama15. The Last Empress – rated 8 stars

Present day Korea monarchy with the emperor marrying a commoner, Oh Sunny, to hide his flaws and crimes. Oh Sunny, a small-time musical actress and a huge fan of the emperor, becomes the empress and suddenly gets in the middle of the chaos inside the palace. “Our empress is indestructible!”

with Jang Na Ra and Choi Jin Hyuk

fates and fury kdrama14. Fates and Furies – rated 8 stars

Goo Hae Ra, a small-time shoe maker in Busan approaches Tae In Joon for a purpose. She makes him fall in love with her to avenge her sister who is in coma for years. However, the way to vengeance is never easy. “Good shoes take you good places as they say.”

Lee Min Jung & Joo Sang Wook

haechi kdrama13. Haechi – rated 8 stars

The dream of becoming the King of the people is not impossible with the help of the few who have a sense of justice and who knows how to differentiate good and evil. “The most handsome King!”

with Jung Il Woo, Kwon Yul & Go Ah Ra

melting me softly kdrama12. Melting Me Softly – rated 8 stars

Frozen in 1999 and got thawed in 2019! The lives of Dong Chan and Mi Ran will never be the same. They will be adjusting to a life full of challenging trends and lifestyles while maintaining a low-temperature body to stay alive. “A cold couple’s warm hearts!”

with Ji Chang Wook & Won Jin Ah

rookie historian kdrama11. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung – rated 8 stars

Strong and intelligent noble lady who doesn’t want to get married and becomes the lady of the house but to make a difference in a world and era dominated by men. Goo Hae Ryung makes a name as one of the first female historians in the palace. “You’ve got to have historians to write about hot princes, right?”

with Shin Se Kyung & Cha Eun Woo

abyss kdrama10. Abyss – rated 8 stars

After an untimely death, Cha Min gets resurrected with a new face through the help of a magic ball called Abyss. He then revives a good friend, Go Se Yun who was murdered and together tries to resolve the murder case. “Thanks to mysterious ball, we’ve got handsome Ahn Hyo Sup!”

with Park Bo Young & Ahn Hyo Sup

when the camellia blooms kdrama9. When The Camellia Blooms – rated 8 stars

A story of an unlucky girl Dongbaek who decides to settle in the countryside and opens a bar called Camellia. Her kindness and truthfulness later change the opinion of many in the neighbourhood. “Gong Hyo Jin is a different level in this drama. A great actress indeed!”

flower crew joseon kdrama8. Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency – rated 8 stars

A colourful and bright story about Joseon’s gorgeous matchmakers and how they tried and successfully married their clients except one when the Agency’s leader fell in love with one of the clients. “Flower boys of Joseon, yay!”

with Kim Min Jae & Gong Seung Yun

doctor john kdrama7. Doctor John – rated 8.5 stars

A talented anesthesiologist serves 3 years in prison for administering euthanasia on one of his patients. He then meets a year 2 resident of a famous hospital who genuinely cares for him. Follow their struggles and challenges as doctors. “Doctor John was just talented and sexy!”

with Ji Sung & Lee Se Young

vip kdrama6. VIP – rated 8.5 stars

Wife founds out infidelity of her husband with someone who works with them in the office and tries to handle things her own way.  Watch how she keeps her sanity and deals with the ugly truth. “Such a well-written script. Very thrilling drama with such brilliant cast!”

with Jang Na Ra & Lee Sang Yoon

touch-your-heart kdrama5. Touch Your Heart – rated 8.5 stars

An actress tries to learn about legal stuff to prepare for her comeback drama but then meets boss super handsome, snobbish lawyer who is not so cool about her working for him. “Was so excited for this loveteam!”

with Lee Dong Wook & Yoo In Na

arthdal chronicles kdrama4. Arthdal Chronicles – rated 9 stars

A story of an ancient city called Arthdal and its people. How it came to into being, how it is ruled by few and how other people outside its city walls are drawn to it or in unfortunate cases, dragged into it. “I was so immersed in the Arthdal world!”

with Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun & Kim Ji Won

memories of the alhambra kdrama3. Memories of the Alhambra – rated 9 stars

A CEO of a gaming company literally got stuck inside a new game that was about to be released. Things got pretty complicated and his only hope was the sister of the game creator. “Story was very intriguing, couldn’t stop watching!”

with Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye

2. The Crowned Clown – rated 9 stars

The throne has put some weight on the King of Joseon so he badly needs some rest and orders a clown, who just looks like him, to take over the throne. However, the clown turns out to be a better king! “Superb acting by Yeo Jin Goo!”

with Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Se Young

hotel del luna kdrama1. Hotel del Luna – rated 9.5 stars

Hotel del Luna, a place of comfort for the dead before heading to the afterlife, managed by a thousand-year-old Man Wol who’s been waiting to be released from her punishment and who hired a new hotel manager who will finally send her off to the afterlife. “It was just sooo good – with goosebumps and everything! Even the cameos!”

with IU & Yeo Jin Goo

Top 15 Kdramas 2019