Top 15 Kdrama 2020

Such a tough and challenging COVID year for us all but thanks to kdramas, we remained to have an entertaining 2020. Here’s my top 15 list this year…

backstreet rookie kdrama15 . Backstreet Rookie – rated 8 stars

Choi Dae Hyun runs a convenience store and badly needs a part-timer to help him out. Jung Saet Byul applies for the job and she really works hard to improve the sales. Jung Saet Byul actually likes Choi Dae Hyun since they met 3 years ago. She was still a bad-ass high school student back then and now that she is in college, she needs a part-time job and tries to work for the person that she has a crush on.

with Kim Yoo Jung & Ji Chang Wook

dinner mate kdrama14. Dinner Mate – rated 8 stars

On her trip to Jeju and after being dumped by her boyfriend, Woo Do Hee meets Kim Hae Kyung, a psychiatrist who happens to be in the island to treat a patient. They share a dinner together. Without high expectation that they’ll meet again, the two find each other and share another meal at a fish market in Seoul. Once again they part without exchanging contact details and leave it to fate to find each other once more.

with Song Seung Hun & Seo Ji Hye

zombie detective kdrama13. Zombie Detective – rated 8 stars

Kim Moo Young had been living in a village as a zombie for the past two years and learned how to move and act like a real live person. He moves to the city and takes over the identity of a dead detective. While starting his detective work, he meets Gong Sun Ji, who takes an interest working as a detective assistant.

with Choi Jin Hyuk & Park Joo Hyun

tale of the nine tailed fox kdrama12. The Tale of the Nine-Tailed – rated 8 stars

Lee Yun is a thousand year old gumiho who used to be a mountain spirit who could control the air and the rain. In return for the reincarnation of his human first love, he gave up being the ruler of nature. Lee Yun now lives in the present world dedicating his life getting rid of evil spirits roaming around the human world. He meets Nam Ji Ah, a TV show producer, who totally looks like his past love.

with Lee Dong Wook & Jo Bo Ah

alice kdrama11. Alice – rated 8 stars

Park Jin Gyum is a police detective finding out about people traveling from the future through a place called Alice. The main purpose of Alice is to provide healing for clients in the future who had some bad experiences in the past. So they get to travel back to fix it. While investigating, Park Jin Gyum meets a woman who totally looks like his dead mom.

with Kim Hee Sun & Joo Won

tell me what you saw kdrama10 . Tell Me What You Saw – rated 8 stars

A lady constable from the countryside, Cha Soo Young, tries to join RIU using her special ability to memorize what she sees in detail, as her passport to get a job as a detective. She starts working with the lady head of RIU after her ability was being noticed. She is then introduced to a famous profiler, Oh Hyun Jae and gets her skills tested.

with Jang Hyuk & Choi Soo Young

the king eternal monarch kdrama9. The King: Eternal Monarch – rated 8 stars

King Lee Gon of the Kingdom of Corea, a parallel world of the Republic of Korea, crosses dimension chasing after a person who he thinks was his savior when he was a little boy who was about to get killed. He finally meets Jung Tae Eul, a detective in the other world, who he thinks was his saviour but she doesn’t have a recollection of him. In his constant trip to the other side, King Lee Gon realizes the two worlds are messed up due to the doing of his traitor uncle Lee Rim. So he is finding a way to fix it.

with Lee Min Ho & Kim Go Eun

record of youth kdrama8. Record of Youth – rated 8.5 stars

Sa Hye Jun has been working as a model for 7 years but what he really wants is to become an actor. He is always compared to his close friend, Won Hae Hyo, who is also a model and comes from a rich family. Through their work, Sa Hye Jun and Won Hae Hyo get acquainted with a professional makeup artist, Han Jung Ha, who is a huge fan of Sa Hye Jun.

with Park Bo Gum & Park So Dam

itaewon class kdrama7. Itaewon Class – rated 8.5 stars

Park Sae Royi, after losing his father and who did not get justice from it, promises himself to take revenge against the people who did him wrong. After some years serving in prison and later working very hard to raise some money, he finally manages to own a pub in Itaewon, an area in Seoul popular for its nightlife and restaurants.

with Park Seo Joon & Kim Da Mi

The-World-of-the-Married kdrama6. The World of the Married – rated 8.5 stars

Ji Sun Woo is a successful doctor and she seems to have everything including a happy marriage and family but she realizes that all around her is full of lies and she painfully discovers one after the other including her husband’s infidelity.

with Kim Hee Ae & Park Hae Joon

i'll find you on a beautiful day kdrama5. I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day – rated 8.5 stars

After a failed teaching career in Seoul, Mok Hae Won goes back to the countryside where she grew up and studied. She meets again her former classmate Im Eun Sub who now owns a bookshop and is quite content with his life in the village. Little did she know that Im Eun Sub liked her a lot even when they were still young but opted to admire her from the far.

with Park Min Young & Seo Kang Joon

startup kdrama4. Start-Up – rated 8.5 stars

In order to impress her estranged, rich mum and sister, Seo Dal Mi quits her job to start her own business. She meets Nam Do San, the founder of NamSan Tech, who she thinks was her long time pen pal. They team up to join the hackathon for start ups which is run by a company called Sandbox.

with Bae Suzy & Nam Joo Hyuk

flower of evil kdrama3. Flower of Evil – rated 9 stars

Cha Ji Won is a competent detective who is married to Baek Hee Sung, a metal craftsman who hides a dark secret. They have been living together peacefully with an adorable daughter. Cha Ji Won is clueless what kind of person her husband truly is but after a couple of incidents that involved him, she is slowly able to put the puzzle pieces together.

with Lee Joon Ki & Moon Chae Won

its okay to not be okay kdrama2. It’s Okay to Not be Okay – rated 9 stars

Moon Kang Tae works as a psychiatric caregiver and also takes care of his grown up brother who has special needs. He is great at his job but he doesn’t stay long in one hospital or employer. Due to a childhood trauma, he moves around with his brother a lot. Moon Kang Tae meets Ko Moon Young, a popular, successful and eccentric kids book author. Ko Moon Young takes a liking to Moon Kang Tae and starts following him around.

with Kim Soo Hyun & Seo Ye Ji

1. Crash Landing on You – rated 9 stars

A South Korean heiress lands in North Korea by accident when she was paragliding. She is captured by a North Korean soldier who treats her well and helps her get out of the country safely. But the more time she spends longer with her captor, the more she is falling for him.

with Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin

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