Upcoming Kdrama in September 2020

Check out the upcoming kdramas this September! I’m eyeing to watch two from this list…


Genre: Music, Romantic Comedy

with Go Ah Ra & Lee Jae Wook

A story about a pianist, Go Ra Ra who is financially struggling but getting
through her situation with a bright personality. She then meets Sun Woo Joon
at a piano academy who is a free spirit, working part-time jobs and doesn’t
really have a long-term goal in life.

lies of lies kdramaLIES OF LIES

Genre: Melodrama, Romance

with Lee Yoo Ri  & Yeon Jung Hoon

Ji Eun Soo is a daughter-in-law of a powerful chaebol family but she killed
her husband, went to prison and lost her daughter. When she was released,
she tries to get her daughter back by approaching the man (Kang Ji Min) who
had adopted her. Ji Eun Soo plans to marry Kang Ji Min so she can be with
her daughter.


zombie detective kdramaZOMBIE DETECTIVE

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Comedy

with Choi Jin Hyuk & Park Joo Hyun

Kim Moo Young has been living in a village as a zombie for the past 2 years.
He is surviving in the human world by pretending to be a real, live human.
He then moves to the city and opens an office to work as a private detective.
That’s where he meets Gong Sun Ji, a reporter who just quits her job. She takes
a part-time job at Kim Moo Young detective office not knowing he’s a zombie.


eighteen again kdramaEIGHTEEN AGAIN

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

with Kim Ha Neul & Yoon Sang Hyun

Jung Da Jung and Hong Dae Young are married. They have two grown-up kids. Jung Da Jung is a good and warm-hearted person who works hard as an
announcer but she is completely fed up with her husband who is a jobless
man. She is going to divorce him. Meanwhile Hong Dae Young regrets his life
but then something strange happens, he turns back into his 18-year-old self.
He is starting to live a new life under the name, Go Woo Young.


record of youth kdramaRECORD OF YOUTH

Genre: Family, Melodrama, Youth

with Park So Dam & Park Bo Gum

A drama about young people who strive to achieve their dreams and love.
Sa Hye Joon is a popular model, he is handsome and smart. He wants to become
an actor but even after so many tries in casting, he doesn’t find any luck.
Meanwhile, Ahn Jung Ha is a makeup artist. She shows a bright and cheerful
personality but she is actually lonely inside.


private lives kdramaPRIVATE LIVES

Genre: Crime, Romance

with Go Gyung Pyo & Seohyun

This drama is about a con artist who got unintentionally involved in a
bigger corporate crime. Cha Joo Eun is a swindler who supports herself
by deceiving others. She’s got a sweet and innocent looks that supports
the job that she does. Meanwhile, Lee Jung Hwan is a team leader of a
major corporation. He is a mysterious figure.


more than friends kdramaMORE THAN FRIENDS

Genre: Romantic Comedy

with Ong Sung Woo & Shin Ye Eun

Lee Soo is a photographer and a very good-looking man. No doubt his
friend Kyung Woo Yeon, who is working as a calligrapher, has a crush on
him for the past 10 years. Little that Kyung Woo Yeon knows that Lee Soo
too has a crush on her for quite a while now.


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