Upcoming Kdramas in December 2020

Year 2020 is almost over but our list of kdramas lining up for December is super rich!

awaken kdramaAWAKEN

Genre: Romance, Mystery

with Nam Goong Min, Seol Hyun & Lee Chung Ah

Detective Do Jung Woo together with two lady police officers tries to solve a serial killing case that’s all connected to an event from a village 28 years ago.


cheat on me if you can kdramaCHEAT ON ME, IF YOU CAN

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Thriller

with Jo Yeo Jung & Go Joon

Kang Yeo Joo is a mystery, thriller novelist who earns a living through her writing on how to kill people . Her husband is a lawyer who wrote a memorandum, “If you cheat, you die”!


true beauty kdramaTRUE BEAUTY

Genre: Romance, Comedy, School

with Moon Ga Young & Cha Eun Woo

Im Joo Kyung is a high school student who has problems with her facial skin. She learns how to hide her facial flaws by putting makeup on. She becomes popular at school but scared someone will see her bare face.


hush kdramaHUSH

Genre: Comedy, Office

with Hwang Jung Min & Yoona

Han Joon Hyuk is a veteran reporter for a newspaper. He became a reporter to pursue justice but is now conflicted between idealism and pragmatism.


mr queen kdramaMR. QUEEN

Genre: Historical, Comedy, Fantasy

with Shin Hye Sun & Kim Jung Hyun

In the modern times, the soul of a male chef finds its way into the body of a Joseon royalty, Queen Cheorin. Luckily, King Cheoljong is a gentle and easy going person who has a different side too.


run on kdramaRUN ON

Genre: Romance, Sport

with Im Si Wan & Shin Se Kyung

A love story between a former sprinter, Ki Sun Kyum, who wants to work as a sports agent and Oh Mi Joo who is a subtitle translator.

Secret-Royal-Inspect kdramaSECRET ROYAL INSPECTOR

Genre: Historical, Comedy, Mystery, Romance

with L & Nara

Set in the Joseon Dynasty, Sung Yi Kyum is reassigned as a secret royal inspector to investigatethe corrupt public officers. He’s helped by a female inspector, Hong Da In.


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