Upcoming Kdramas in November 2020

Another list of exciting kdramas to heat up your cold November…

kairos kdramaKAIROS

Genre: Action, Thriller, Romance, Fantasy

with Shin Sung Rok & Lee Se Young

Kim Seo Jin is a successful man. He has a wife and a daughter and is happy
with them but one day his daughter goes missing. To change the fate of
his daughter, he contacts Han Ae Ri, a woman in the past.


the penthouse kdramaTHE PENTHOUSE

Genre: Suspense

with Kim So Yun, Eugene & Lee Ji Ah

A story of a woman who does everything to achieve her goal of becoming
the queen of a penthouse in Gangnam, which is the pinnacle of success for her.

phoenix kdramaPHOENIX

Genre: Romance

with Lee Jae Woo & Hong Soo Ah

A story of a rich woman who marries a poor man for love but their marriage
ends up in divorce. She later reunites with him. He is already successful and
is engaged to be married to another woman.

fly dragon kdramaFLY DRAGON

Genre: Legal

with Kwon Sang Woo & Bae Sung Woo

Park Tae Yong is a lawyer who teams up with Park Sam Soo, a reporter
to serve justice to those who have been falsely accused by the judicial system.

birtcare center kdramaBIRTHCARE CENTER

Genre: Family, Melodrama

with Jang Hye Jin, Uhm Ji Won & Park Ha Sun

Oh Hyun Jin is a successful career woman who just gave birth to her
baby. From the hospital, she moves to an exclusive birthcare center to get
postpartum care. There she meets other women who are far more
knowledgeable than her when it comes to child care.

live on kdramaLIVE ON

Genre: Youth, School

with Hwang Min Hyun & Jung Da Bin

In order to find the person who tries to reveal her secret, Baek Ho Rang joins
the broadcasting club of her high school. There she meets Go Eun Taek , the
leader of the club.

get revenge kdramaGET REVENGE

Genre: Melodrama, Mystery, Revenge

with Yoon Hyun Min & Kim Sa Rang

Kang Hae Ra is an influencer reporter who gets into a phone scandal which
ruins her career. She vows to get revenge on the people who hurt her. She
meets Cha Min Joon, a terrific lawyer who might be able to help her with her case.

 the uncanny counter kdramaTHE UNCANNY COUNTER

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

with Yum Hye Ran, Jo Byung Kyu, Kim Se Jung & Yoo Joon Sang

Counters are demon hunters who disguise as employees of a noodle restaurant. Armed with special abilities, they capture evil spirits in order to achieve eternal life.


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