Upcoming Kdramas in October 2020

Check out this great list which we can all enjoy this October. Definitely would watch 3 from this list!

tale of the nine tailed fox kdramaTALE OF THE NINE-TAILED

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Action

With Lee Dong Wook & Jo Bo Ah

Lee Yun is a nine-tailed fox travelling between the mortal world and
afterlife. While trying to settle in the human world, he meets an ambitous
TV producer, Nam Ji Ah, who upon knowing his identity, wants him to guest
in her TV show. But someone else comes into the scene and that’s Lee Rang,
the step-brother of Lee Yun, who is known to be dangerous.

startup kdramaSTART-UP

Genre: Romance, Comedy

with Bae Suzy & Nam Joo Hyuk

Seo Dal Mi is a chaebol who wants to be independent from her family’s
fortune so she decides to start her own company. She meets Nam Do San,
who owns his tech business but not really making money from it. With
Seo Da Mi’s skills, she’ll help Nam Do San achieve the success that he deserves.

the spy wo loved me kdramaTHE SPY WHO LOVED ME

Genre: Action, Spy, Thriller

with Eric, Yoo In Na & Im Joo Hwan

Kang Ah Reum is a wedding dress designer who used to be married to
Jun Ji Hoon, who disguised himself as a travel writer but actually a spy.
Kang Ah Reum never knew the true identity of her first husband. She
then later marries Derek Hyun, who works as a diplomatic official but
actually also a spy.

search kdramaSEARCH

Genre: Thriller

with Jang Dong Yoon & Krystal Jung

A specialized search party is sent to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to uncover
the truth behind some murders and mysterious disapperance cases.
Yong Dong Jin and Son Ye Rim are among the troop members who are
assigned for the mission.

the school nurse files kdramaTHE SCHOOL NURSE FILES

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Medical, Mystery, Supernatural

with Jeong Yoo Mi & Nam Joo Hyuk

An Eun Young is a school nurse who has a special ability to see and
eradicate ghost by performing an exorcism. Mysterious things are
happening in the school where she works so she’s been busy dealing
with them her way. At the same school works Hong In Pyo, a traditional
Korean teacher who is very influential because the school was founded
by his grandfather.

my dangerous wife kdramaMY DANGEROUS WIFE

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

with Choi Won Young & Kim Jung Eun

Kim Yoon Chul is a popular chef and has been married to Sim Jae Kyung
for 6 years. Kim Yoon Chul thinks his wife is bored with their marriage but
to the contrary, she’s been actually happy with the marriage, just that, she is
involved with a mysterious kidnapping case.


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